St. John 3: 16
For God so
loved the world,
that He gave
His only begotten
Son, that whosoever
believeth in
Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.








God Loves You!

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Kung Fu and The Flash

In this age of Netflix, streaming, YouTube and dozen other video download applications it’s hard to find anyone who appreciates classic TV shows and the impact they had on society at the time they aired.


Original Frontier Logs

As a parent I can’t stress enough that it is so important to teach your children how to build things, repair broken items, learn how things work and encourage them to step out and take chances.


Tatsuta and Thunderbolt

In past model kit reviews I generally wrote about model kits from a strictly product information point of view.  That’s important but actually ‘building’ a model is far more important.

Suicide Squad Extended Cut

Get ready for a superhero team-up movie unlike any you’ve ever seen before.  Bad guys are the good guys and (in some cases) the good guys act like the bad guys.

TMNT Ninja Superstars Raphael As Sting

When you think about it the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a lot in common with professional wrestlers.  They have to stay in shape, be familiar with many different fighting styles, dress in elaborate costumes and most of all – have an attitude.


Constantine and SHAZAM!

Although the series lasted only one season on TV the Constantine series still played an important role in the DC TV Universe.  Constantine promises to return in an upcoming movie from Warner Bros.


I’m not a musician or a singer in a choir, but I am observant.


The Flash, Legends and Gotham

If you are a big fan of DC Comics then you are probably aware that DC has a number of TV shows broadcasting that are based on its characters.






Ultra-Tek Snipe

Toy guns and little boys-a match made in heaven.  Oh sure, there are little girls who like toy guns, but let’s face it, predominantly little boys play with toy guns. 

Robin To The Rescue!

Robin The Boy Wonder: Dick Grayson, has his story told from the time he is ‘adopted’ by Bruce Wayne, learns about Bruce’s’ secret of being Batman and dons the familiar red, green and yellow suit as Robin.






Studio Expressions Draw
& Sketch Case Set

I made my living as an artist, or more specifically, as a graphic designer.

Modern Architecture

Buildings-they are everywhere.  We pass by them, admire, live in them, work in them and play in them-they are an integral part of our society

Power Rangers, Doctor Who and Ghostbusters

Many, many years ago when my son was a small boy his all-time favorite TV show was The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Greatest Landscapes

Have you ever visited some place and had your breath taken away by its sheer beauty and scope? 

Super Nova Telescope

I have stars in my eyes-literally.  And it’s all thanks to Alex Brands and Scientific Explorer’s incredible Super Nova Telescope.

Extra Cheesy Zits and Epic Big Nate

My wife and have raised two kids-who are both adults now.

During their early years my wife and I suffered the slings and arrows of parenthood and the excitement, glee and joy of watching them grow-up.

Previews, December


Infinite Seven #1 l ACTION LAB - DANGER ZONE


All New Fathom #1 l ASPEN MLT INC

Star Trek, Marvel and Flash

Fifty years ago the science fiction and television communities bare witness to a new TV series that would eventually go on to worldwide fame.


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My Life With Comic Books


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