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wedding.jpgRoyal Wedding, 007, Civil War and Star Wars


From Top Trumps comes a very special Limited

Edition collectible trading card game.


brassgothic80saturn.jpgSaturn V, 80s Redux, Modern Gothic
and Model Building With Brass


It’s difficult to believe that the United States landed a man on the Moon almost 50 years ago.


the-cave-front.jpgThe Cave

Imagine yourself as an explorer.  Your name is Seymour E. Blox and while climbing a mountain you discover a mysterious secret cave.



Write And Wipe Get Ready For Pre-K.jpgWrite And Wipe Get Ready For Pre-K


Kids grow up so fast.  It seems like only yesterday that my grandson was born and here he is already 13 months old!




Star Wars Book Of Sith, Lightsabers and Scenes


I’ve seen a lot of books about Star Wars in my time but even I have to admit that Becker & Mayer!’s Star Wars books are cut above the rest.


unicorn-tears-and-boggers.jpgUnicorn Boogers and Tears

What comes packaged in colorful, circular tins with covers, bounces and stretches?



Marvel Legends: Proxima Midnight, Iron Spider, Captain America, Marvel’s Songbird and Black Panther

Courtesy of Hasbro Toys’ Marvel Comics Build A Figure Legend Series comes five new figures that are sure to satisfy the most discerning toy collectors and kids.


magazine-box.jpgMagazine Box


Comic books and magazines. Storing either one can be expensive, especially if you use boxes made by companies that specialize in such things



black panther.jpgBlack Panther


It’s about time!  Ever since he was introduced long ago in the pages of Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four comic book, The Black Panther has been a fan favorite.




mouse.jpgMouse Tooth Box Les Petits Dodos

From the Little Sleepy Ones collection of adorable six-inch stuffed animals in a box, courtesy of Moulin Roty, comes the Mouse Tooth Box.


boxes.jpgCorrugated Boxes


If you’re a collector like myself and are cash conscious then please read what I have to say.

armingwwiigunsbronsonclark.jpgArming America, WWII,
Fastest Guns, Bronson and Clark

Guns, the NRA, gun registration, assault weapons, school shootings, terrorism-they’re big subjects in the news nowadays.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Weapons Of World War II.jpgWeapons Of World War II


Amazing, fantastic, astounding, unbelievable!  Do you get the impression I’m excited?



FSF737.jpgThe Magazine of Fantasy &
Science Fiction, #737, May/June



The Barrens


Argent and Sable

Crash Site

Behold the Child

Batman-ninja.jpgBatman Ninja

Get ready for Batman as you’ve never seen him before.

When Gorilla Grodd’s time displacement machine malfunctions most of Gotham City’s most notorious villains are swept back in to time to Feudal Japan. 

4-movie-posters.jpgMovie Posters X 4


I love movies.  I have my favorites of course.  The whole concept of taking moving pictures to convey stories on a large screen fascinates me as it does millions of other movie-goers.

bloc ville.jpgbloc stamps.jpg

Bloc Ville City Block and Construction Stamps

Building blocks.  I used to spend hours with my kids when they were young helping them build things with their kid-size building blocks.  They loved it. I loved it.  We had a lot of fun.


Asteroid Escape, Squirrels Go Nuts! and IQ Stars


A see a light at the end of the tunnel-no, really, I do!

lair of darkness.pngLair of Darkness


Lair of Darkness is a Structure Deck in the Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game series.




Justice League, Ectomobile,

Totally Awesome, Pacific Rim Uprising

and DC Comics Variant Covers


The Justice League movie has come and gone and is now out on Blu-ray and DVD.  Although the film had mixed reviews, personally I liked it.



Fighting Clowns, Golden Age Of Radio and Rod Taylor


There’s radio comedy and then there’s The Firesign Theatre’s radio comedy.


sheep-bear.jpgWill Bear Share? and Will Sheep Sleep?


Having raised two children of our own and now baby-sitting a one year old grandson my wife and I pride ourselves on knowing what it takes to raise children.


stove set.jpgDeluxe Stove Set

When I was a kid I drove my mom crazy.


I loved food.  I especially loved making up my own concoctions.



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