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For God so
loved the world,
that He gave
His only begotten
Son, that whosoever
believeth in
Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


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gettysburg.jpgit came.jpg

Gettysburg and It Came From The Video Isle!


Bruce E. Mowday, G. Craig Caba and Schiffer Books present ‘J. Howard Wert’s Gettysburg A Collection Of The Relics From The Civil War’ book.


bm-and-2-face.jpgThe New Frontier and Batman Vs. Two-Face

One of my all-time DC Comics’ graphic novel mini-series was written and drawn by the late Darwyn Cooke.


jump in.jpgJump In


OOOOOKKKKK!  The animals in Smart Game’s new ‘Jump In’ game are way too cute!


I mean, come on…snuggly bunnies and adorable little foxes!?  Even the red with white polka dots mushrooms are like something out of a kid’s fairytale or Disney movie.


previews-november-2017.jpgPreviews, November



Strangers In Paradise XVX #1 l ABSTRACT STUDIOS

Pestilence Volume 1 TP l AFTERSHOCK COMICS





coco-1.jpgCoco and Frozen


Oh yeah!  I know some nephews, nieces and grandkids that are going to love the new selection of kids’ books I just received from Parragon!


I am about to become a very popular uncle and grandpa!


Mouthguard-Challenge-Fall-2017.pngMouthguard Challenge


“&$(@(^ #(*^^ )(@!&())&%$@)(*(&*%$^#!!!”


Oh, excuse me!  Let me get this mouth guard out of my mouth.  It’s a little bit difficult to talk so people understand me when it’s in.


House Stark Direwolf 3D Mask & Wall Mount.jpgHouse Stark Direwolf


The Game Of Thrones HBO TV series is wildly popular.  Legions of fans are glued to their TV screens when each episode airs.




briks-photo.jpgStrictly Briks

It’s no secret that kids love to build things.  It doesn’t matter how they build it or with what.  Stones, sticks, twigs, dirt, mud-you name it, kids will use it to make wherever their imaginations lead them.


blendy pens.jpgBlendy Pens

Did you ever catch yourself wanting to ‘blend in’?


I’m not talking about blending in with the crowd.  I’m referring to the ability to blend colors together in a drawing or painting.




Get ready for some down and dirty, car-jumping, hill-climbing, dirt-flinging, motorized mayhem with Revell Models’ new ‘Monster Jam MAX-D Maximum Destruction’ Snaptite Build & Play Model Kit!


close encounters.jpgClose Encounters Of The Third Kind


Hot off his huge success directing JAWS for Universal Studios, director Steven Spielberg tackled science fiction with his next film: ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’.



alienmanual.jpgU.S.C.M. ALIEN


The Alien movie franchise is one of the most successful, and lucrative, film series ever produced and filmed.




heroes and villains.jpgHeroes & Villains


Who exactly are cosplayers?


Cosplayers are fans of movies, TV shows, comic books, literary characters, Anime, Manga, toys and video games who love to dress up and pretend they’re their favorite characters in each genre.

Utena-and-Gundam-10517.jpgThe Black Rose Saga and
Gundam Collection One

RightStuf! serves up two new Anime that are about as different from each other as you can possibly imagine.

code-and-dragon.jpgCode Of The Duelist and
Legendary Dragon Decks


Are you ready for double-trouble, pull yourself from the rubble Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game editions courtesy of Konami?  Then you’re in the right spot!




man with a camera.pngMan With A Camera

Long before he became an internationally known actor Charles Bronson guest-starred in a series of TV shows in the 1950s and 1960s and bit parts in ‘B’ movies.


how_to_draw_and_paint_anatomy_5.jpgHow To Draw And Paint Anatomy


When I was teaching drawing at a local high school perhaps the most challenging and often frustrating thing young artists faced was anatomy.



temple connection.jpgTemple Connection


Finally a game for gamers seven years and older, made for one player, that challenges your brain!  Besides being challenging the game throws in some interesting architecture.





spectracube.jpghive mind.png
Hive Mind and Spectracube


Busy as a bee!  Rumble with the bumble….bee!


‘Hive Mind’, the game from Calliope Games is the ‘bees’ knees’.  It’s a ‘honey’ of a game.






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