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what-was-that-all-about-zits.jpgWhat Was

That All About!


Why is that all of us at one time in our lives are/or will be teenagers and yet when we grow up and have kids of our own and they become teenagers we are completely baffled by them?


Speaking as a parent of two kids: one boy and one girl, who (thankfully are grown up) I dealt with teenagers.  I even taught high school so I dealt with a plethora of teenagers of all temperaments and types.


Teenagers are confusing, compulsive, contradictory in their behavior, sometimes callous and always, always, a conundrum.


And yet they can be the most loving, caring, thoughtful and compassionate people at times.  They drive you crazy!


For 20 years Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman have examined, sweat over and portrayed teenagers with all their foibles, faults and strengths in their awesome ‘Zits’ comic strip.


The star of the strip: Jeremy Duncan, is the perfect vehicle by which Scott and Borgman were, and are, able to demonstrate the complexity and contradictions of a typical teenager.


Join Jeremy and his friends as they confuse their parents, confound their teachers and offer insight into the minds of teenagers.


In ‘What Was That All About?’ the creative team offers readers the very best of ‘Zits!’ over the past 20 years and a very personal and up-front look at their own lives.


Readers will discover where the duo met, how they came up with the idea for ’Zits!’, the teenagers in their own lives, the strips publishing history, its up and downs and excerpts from their sketchbooks.


The deluxe hardbound book with die-cut front panel, spotlighting Jeremy, is a real treasure that ‘Zits!’ fans will love and cherish, from Andrews McMeel Publishing.

snoopy.jpgCelebrating Snoopy


Charles Schulz was a genius and was responsible in no small part for making reading newspaper comic strips a respected pastime and American art form.


Although he did not invent the comic strip his ‘Peanuts’ comic strip brought a whole new level of sophistication to comic strip humor.


No longer were characters mere caricatures of humans or animals.


Each of Schulz’s ‘Peanuts’ cast has a distinct personality and philosophical outlook on life.


There was Charlie Brown, the perpetual optimist who suffered though perpetual pessimistic circumstances, Linus, the boy philosopher straddled with a complex set of phobias and Lucy his domineering and opinionated sister and other memorable characters in the tiny tot universe.


Then there was Snoopy. 


Snoopy was Charlie Brown’s pet beagle who embraced life, possessed a vivid imagination, unbridled ambition, a unique outlook and who represented the unspoken and un-acted upon opinions and pent-up wishes of the common man.


Snoopy was, and is, by far, my favorite ‘Peanuts’ character.


Andrews McMeel Publishing presents ‘Celebrating Snoopy’ the ultimate Snoopy compilation of comic strips beginning with Snoopy’s humble start as a simply pet to his resounding finale as the voice of a whole generation.


This massive collection comes in a HUGE hardbound book, complete with slipcase, both decorated with the image of a dancing Snoopy.


For 50 years Snoopy delighted fans and comic strip readers with his inexplicable, outrageous and hilarious hi-jinx accompanied by the ‘Peanuts’ cast, a perplexed Charlie, a befuddled Linus, a infuriated Lucy and his best-bud: Woodstock the bird.


Who can forget his Red Baron adventures, Joe College, ice-skating on a birdbath and dozens of other adventures and schemes?


Literally thousands of ‘Peanuts’ strips featuring Snoopy and insightful commentaries and observations of the ‘Peanuts’ strips’ 50 year heritage are included. 


This is Snoopy at his finest and will make a stellar addition to any ‘Peanuts’ fan’s collection.


Top Secret, Art, Bible and Beatles


Talk about diversity!  Chartwell Books presents four new books from about the most diverse range of subjects imaginable: WWII, Art Supplies, The Bible and The Beatles!


Author William B. Breuer examines WWII in a unique an intriguing new way: by writing about the little mentioned facet of the war; top secrets and secret weapons.


World War II was the war that determined the survival of Western civilization—or at least a free democratic Western world, and undoubtedly with the rest of the known world as well.


To put it blunt-war is nasty and often even the good guys have to use some pretty questionable tactics to win.


So too do the bad guys.


In this fascinating book: ‘Top Secret Tales OF World War II’, the author delves into the hidden corners and crevices of the war and explores the shadowy worlds of espionage, assassination, deadly weapons and other darker and sinister aspects of the war.


It’s a fascinating study and examination of the part of war most people seldom see and for good reason.


As former art teacher and artist and designer myself I’m always looking for new art techniques and media with which I can express myself or complete a project.


‘The Complete Guide To Art Materials & Techniques’ is an invaluable resource for any new or veteran artist.


Illustrators, painters and designers are privy to a plethora of new and old art materials, their uses, advantage and disadvantages.


Full color photos offer easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by examples of each medium and technique.


Everything from pencils to watercolor and oil painting are explained in full detail accompanied by handy tips and tricks.


As a Christian I’ve found it hard to find a book that explains in simple and clear terms the history of the Scriptures.


In ‘The Illustrated Guide To The Bible’ author J.R. Porter uses period art, photos and other visual aids along with captivating and researched text to carry readers through the Bible.


It makes for a satisfying trek through the Holy Word as it brings the Bible alive with references, art depicting Bible times and explanations of the significance of events and how they tie into ancient and modern times.


I look forward to absorbing every page and sharing my new found knowledge with fellow Believers.


What was it like to be a member of The Beatles?  How did they spend their days both in front of the public eye and alone?


The Fab Four were a world-wide phenomenon with everyone wanting a piece of them.  Imagine the tremendous pressure put on the members of the band and how hectic their lives must have been.


In author Richard Harver's new book: ‘The Beatles The days Of Their Life’ readers get a rare behind-the-scenes look into the day-to-day activities of the famous quartet.


From the earliest days to their breakup the book follows the band members as they deal with fans, family, friends and their own personal struggles.


It’s a delightful and personal look at the four young men who changed music forever and influenced society in the 20th Century.  Changes felt even today.


Filled with photos, documents and interesting insights the book is a treasure trove of information about the band that changed the world.



its alive.jpgIt’s Alive!


Kirk Hammett is my kind of collector.  He loves classic horror and sci-fi movie posters.


Kirk Hammett of the Rock and Roll group: Metallica is a huge fan of classic horror and sci-fi films and his collection is impressive.


Starting with such classics as Dracula, Frankenstein and other films

from the Universal Studio monster classics film series the book proceeds to travel through the decades and examines classic Cold War monster films, sexy sixties sci-fi fantasies and all the way up to present day with such films as Alien.


As a lover of monster and sci-fi films I am thrilled to have the opportunity to read and absorb the fascinating text and see the classic posters.


The book is a real visual treat and if you’re anyone like me it brings back many childhood and young adolescent memories.


They just don’t make films like that anymore.  More’s the pity!

comic-book-story-aliens-robots-movies.jpgMovies, Aliens, Robots, Cyborgs, Heroes and Story


Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am a HUGE comic book and movie fan.


In fact, at one point in my life I considered being a comic book artist (yes, I can draw) and/or becoming part of the movie industry.


The problems I encounter with many of the books about how to draw for comic books or create characters is that the books tend to be overboard when it comes to explaining how to do each.


There really isn’t that much involved.  You simply have to know how to draw (almost anything) and how to tell a story using panels.


Comic book illustration is much like staging a film, only artists use paper, not film.


The Rosen Publishing Group Company, Inc./PowerKids presents two books about how to draw and tell stories that simplifies matter in fun and entertaining ways.


Mark Bergin’s ‘How To Draw Comic Book Heroes’ is a great resource for up-and-coming comic book artists.


The book explains in easy-to-understand text and clear, concise drawings everything a young artist needs to know to get started.


Subjects covered begin with perspective, drawing materials, creating heroes of all shapes, sizes and types using simple geometric shapes and ending with full illustrations.


So what do you do with your characters?


Frank Lee writes and illustrates a very compelling sequence explaining the elements of the page, panels, composition, telling a story and much more in his ‘Telling A Story In Your Graphic Novel’.


I have to tell you this book is probably the best example of how to draw comics that is easy to comprehend and understand.


Movies, ya gotta luv ‘em!


I especially love Monster and Science fiction movies.


And what make them so interesting?  Throw in some Aliens, Robots and Cyborgs and you are guaranteed a good time at the movie theater.


David Kassnoff in his ‘Robots and Cyborgs’ book, part of the ‘Greatest Movie Monsters’ series, delves into the mechanical monstrosities that fascinate movie goers.


Starting with classic creations such as Maria from Metropolis, Robby The Robot from Forbidden Planet and other mechanized marvels such as The Terminators, the Star Wars Droids, The Transformers and many more the book is a tour-de-force of technological terrors.


Equally impressive is Greg Roza’s ‘Aliens’ book with such creatures as Aliens, Gort, Martians, The Thing and many more outer space monsters.


Both books are filled with fascinating text and black and white and full color photos and offer fun reads.


For the hopeful movie director check out Mary R. Dunn’s ‘I Want To Make Movies'.


The small hardback book offers a short and concise glimpse of what many would consider a ‘Dream Job’.


Kids will get a kick out of seeing their favorite stars, characters and movies along with tips on costuming, directing, sets and much, much more movie magic.



PreviewsAugust-2017.jpgPreviews, August



Animosity: Evolution #1 l AFTERSHOCK COMICS

Namwolf Volume 1: Heart of Darkness TP l ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS

Lumberjanes: Unicorn Power! Illustrated Novel HC l AMULET BOOKS

Lady Mechanika Volume 1 Oversized HC l BENITEZ PRODUCTIONS

Rugrats #1 l BOOM! STUDIOS


Walter Simonson’s Battlestar Galactica Artist Edition HC l D. E./DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast #1 l HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE

Akira 35th Anniversary HC Box Set l KODANSHA COMICS

Whiteout Compendium GN l ONI PRESS INC.

Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch Gold Edition HC l SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC

The Fighting American #1 l TITAN COMICS

Dan Dare #1 l TITAN COMICS


Tokyo Ghoul:Re Volume 1 GN l VIZ MEDIA LLC

The Mortal Instruments Volume 1 GN l YEN PRESgem-August-2017.jpg



Comic Shop: The Retail Mavericks Who Gave Us a New Geek Culture HC l COMICS

The Flash: Hocus Pocus Novel l COMICS

The Marvel Age of Comics 1961-1978 HC l COMICS

Wonder Woman: Ambassador of Truth HC l COMICS

Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies HC l MOVIE/TV

Totally Awesome: The Greatest Cartoons of the 80s HC l MOVIE/TV


Comics Revue Presents October 2017 l COMICS

Horrorhound 2017 Fall Annual Special l HORROR

Justice League Magazine Official Collector Edition l SUPER-HEROES


Topps 2017 Update Series Baseball Trading Cards l TOPPS COMPANY

Topps 2017 The Walking Dead Evolution Trading Cards l NON-SPORTS CARDS


Guardians of the Galaxy Logo 9Twenty Dad Cap l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Marvel: “Spidey Think” Red Foil/Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Marvel: “Wolvey Fist” Silver Foil/Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Star Wars: “Vader Bust” Red Glow-in-the-Dark/Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Dark Nights: JLA by Greg Capullo T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS

Wonder Woman II Movie Symbol T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS


Marvel Gallery: Thor Ragnarok: Hulk PVC Figure l DIAMOND SELECT TOYS & COLLECTIBLES

Batman: The Animated Series Figure Collection #1: Batman l EAGLEMOSS

Batman: The Animated Series Figure Collection #2: The Penguin l EAGLEMOSS

DC Super Powers Collection: Harley Quinn 19-Inch Maquette l DC HEROES

Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection: Wonder Woman 1/6 PVC Figure l DC HEROES

Justice League Movie: Aquaman Statue l DC HEROES

Justice League Movie: Batman Statue l DC HEROES

Justice League Movie: The Flash Statue l DC HEROES

Justice League Movie: Tactical Suit Batman Statue l DC HEROES

Justice League Movie: Batarang Letter Opener l DC HEROES

Supergirl TV: Supergirl Statue l DC HEROES

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Legends 6-Inch Action Figure l GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY


DC Comics: Catwoman Artfx Statue l KOTOBUKIYA

Attack on Titan: Commander Erwin Smith Nendoroid l ATTACK ON TITAN

Attack on Titan: Levi Nendoroid l ATTACK ON TITAN

Berserk: Guts “Black Swordsman” Repaint Figma l BERSERK

Justice League Variant Play Arts Kai: Batman Tactical Figure l DC HEROES

Wonder Woman Movie Variant Play Arts Kai: Wonder Woman Figure l DC HEROES

Gigantic Series: Godzilla Vs. King Kong: Godzilla Figure l GODZILLA

Godzilla Kaiju 12-inch Series: Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla Figure l GODZILLA

Marvel: Iron Man Mark V S.H.Figuarts with Hall of Armor l MARVEL HEROES

Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts Kai: Black Panther Figure l SQUARE ENIX PRODUCTIONS

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation: Boruto Figure l NARUTO

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation: Naruto Figure l NARUTO

Kirby’s Dream Land: Kirby Nendoroid l NINTENDO

One Piece 20th-Anniviversary: Going Merry Chogokin l ONE PIECE

Predator: Boar Predator 1/18-Scale Figure l PREDATOR

Predator: Shadow-Snake Predator 1/18-Scale Figure l PREDATOR

Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine Artfx+ Statue l STAR WARS

Dark Souls: Siegmeyer of Catarin 1/6-Scale PVC Figure l VIDEO GAMES


Legend of Zelda: 8-Bit Link Hand Held Teether l FUTURE NERDS

Legend of Zelda: Link Caped Superbib l FUTURE NERDS

Game of Thrones: Dead Man 7-Coin Set l GAME OF THRONES

Lord of the Rings: Elvish Copper Leaf Of Fall Coin Necklace l LORD OF THE RINGS

Deadpool Decal Pack l MARVEL HEROES

Star Trek Ships Enamel Pins l STAR TREK

Wonder Woman Classic Bust Bank l WONDER WOMAN


Jules Verne’s Michael Strogoff Board Game l DEVIR AMERICAS

Starfinder RPG: Alien Archive HC l PAIZO INC

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 Board Game l USAOPOLY

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate Board Game l WIZARDS OF THE COAST

Magic the Gathering TCG Gift Pack l WIZARDS OF THE COAST


chasing secrets.jpgChasing Secrets


I read a lot of books.  Over the years I’ve read a lot of crime and mystery novels.


After awhile they all pretty much read the same and I usually figure out the plot before I finish a book-if I finish a book.


Very seldom do I read a book and find myself surprised-especially when it comes to crime novels.


Lynette Eason’s new ‘Elite Guardians Chasing Secrets’ book from Revell/Baker Publishing Group, surprised me.


I was not expecting to be surprised, but I was.  It was delightful.


To be sure the book has many of the elements of a good romance suspense novel but author Eason managed to use those elements in a new and unique way to craft a story that kept me glued to my seat, soaking in each page.


In ‘Chasing Secrets’ Elite Guardian body guard Haley Callaghan finds herself knee-deep in a mystery.


Someone is trying to kill her, but for what reason?  Does it have something to do with an encounter she had with a vengeful street thug, her shadowy past or is it something else entirely?


Mystery and intrigue abound as Haley slowly pieces together the pieces and finally puts together the puzzle involving her life, her profession and her past.


Along the way a romance blossoms, a tragedy turns to triumph and (here’s the big surprise) God gets the glory!


It is refreshing to read a crime novel where foul language is absent, morals are applauded and God is honored.


I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading others in the series.




Army, Marines, Navy and Special OPS


From Quarto/Hachette/Voyageur/Zenith comes a quartet of books about the U.S. Military.


Three of the books form author Chester G. Hearn and Zenith Press examine three of the branches of the U.S. Military.


The three books offer illustrated histories of the Army, Marines and Navy.


Each of the military branches is given their due with full timelines and historical facts from their inception to the present day.


Key campaigns, famous military figures, important developments, battles, innovations, strategies and their military role and importance are complemented by archive photos and art.


Each book is packed with black and white and color photos which bring history alive.


Intriguing and interesting text chronicling each branch is provided with emphasis put on important dates, campaigns, personnel and weapons and equipment develop are fully detailed.


Each book will make an excellent addition to any military history buff’s library


Author Fred Pushies and Voyageur Press examine the history, weapons and missions of Elite Military Forces in ‘U.S. Special OPS’.


For a thorough examination and explanation of each branch of the military’s special forces the book covers everything from weapons, campaigns, techniques, training, equipment, aircraft, transports, key personnel, officers and non-coms and much more.


It is filled with historical text, hundreds of photos and all the facts about the US Special Ops.


All four books offer a great resource to any hopeful military recruit, history buffs, military archivists and anyone who is interested in the U.S. Military and its illustrious history and mission status.


Alice and The Beatles


wonderland.jpgMany readers and movie goers are discovering the wonderful, whimsical and magical world of Alice.


The children’s classic tales of yesteryear has sparked the imaginations of kids and adults around the globe.


Carlton Book’s Carlton Kids has released a duo of Alice books by author Lewis Carroll as beautifully illustrated by Zdenko Basic and Patricia Moffett.


Both ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ and Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’ feature some of the most breath-taking illustrations to ever grace children’s books.


Colorful, whimsical and ingenious in their page layouts the books also feature action pull-tabs, clever inserts and fold-outs.


looking glass.jpgEach book is as whimsical and magical as the story it contains. 


I absolutely love the clever way the text and illustrations complement and intertwine with each other.


The design of each book captures the spirit of Carroll’s tales and will make a fine addition to any child’s library for generations to come.


Hardbound and of heavy stock the books are perfect for young hands.


I was fortunate enough to have enjoyed The Beatles music as I grew up and the band matured.


beatles songs.jpgI remember the band from the early 1960s during its ‘bubble gum’ era right up to its social relevant and ground-breaking last days.  I even stuck around as each band member went their own individual ways pursuing separate music careers.


In ‘The Complete Beatles Songs’ as written and compiled by Steve Turner, Beatles fans get to go behind the scenes of every song written by the Fab Four.


Black and white and full-color photos and art accompany the lyrics along with informative and historically relevant text that explains the meaning behind each song and how it came about.


It’s a wonderful celebration of the greatest Rock and Roll band of the 20th Century that shaped popular music as it is today.




The Earth is dying.


The average daytime temperature is 120 degrees.  Crops are dying, animals are starving, water is drying up and soon the Earth will be a dry desert wasteland.


Mankind is barely hanging on.  Millions of people are dying from the sun’s radiation and those that do survive are forced to wear protective suits to stave off the heat.


Before long mankind will cease to exist.


But, there is hope: the stars.


A large fleet of spacecraft has been prepared to send hundreds-thousands of people to the stars in search of habitable planets.


Although faster than light speeds have been obtained it will take at least 100 years to reach what is hoped to be an earth-like planet capable of sustaining human life.


As the air grows increasingly stale and food and water diminish a brave group of volunteers prepare to go into suspended animation in the desperate attempt to wake up on a new world and thus save mankind.


There are no guarantees and it is certain a large portion of the volunteers will die.


In ‘The Exo Project’ by author Andrew Deyoung and published by Boyds Mills Press/Highlights, seventeen year old Matthew must make the hardest decision of his young life.


Several years previously Matthew’s father died leaving his mother,

younger sister and Matthew to fend for themselves.


When Matthew’s mother contracts cancer and must be put in suspended animation until a cure is found Matthew decides to volunteer for the one way trip to the stars in order to get the money to cure his mother.


He is chosen, leaving his mother, sister and his home behind him.  Or so he assumed.


Meanwhile on a distant planet a young alien girl (Kiva) experiences a vision of visitors from space.


Are the fates and lives of Matthew and the girl intertwined?


Are things are as they appear?  What of ‘The Exo Project’?


When Matthew and Kiva meet what will become of their lives and their worlds!


‘The Exo Project’ surprised me.  The end of mankind is no new concept or fodder for literature.


But, author Andrew Deyoung managed to take what would appear to be a cut and dry ‘end of times’ story and throws in a number of surprises for a remarkably fresh perspective.


pink floyd.jpgroyal navy.jpgPink Floyd and The Royal Navy

Many years ago when I was working at an ad agency the Art Director: Bruce Floyd, was a big music fan, especially of contemporary music.

One of his favorite bands was Pink Floyd-partly because it shared part of his name.

I never was a big music person.  I enjoyed some groups and recording artists like CS&N, America, James Taylor and other singer/songwriters.

To be frank, I knew nothing of Pink Floyd and was not familiar with their music.

Bruce proceeded to educate me and after listening to several of their songs I soon came to realize just how important,  ground-breaking and influential Pink Floyd was and is to this day.

Pink Floyd is the gold standard to which many of today’s bands strive for.

In ‘The Complete Pink Floyd’ oversize, hard back book, written by Glenn Povey and published by Carlton Books, readers get  ’the ultimate reference’ to the groups’ history, songs and much more.

Learn all about the members of the group, their stage shows, concerts, break-ups, reunions, their music and songs (including linear notes) and even get a rundown on their concert timeline, merchandizing and every possible fact to be found about the group, its members and its music.

At one time it was stated that ‘The sun never set on the British Empire.”

History records that England was the most powerful nation in the world almost a century ago.  To obtain such power the British Empire needed a powerful Navy to rule the Seven Seas.

In ‘The Royal Navy’ author Julian Thompson recalls the glory days of The Royal Navy and how it has changed over the centuries.

While the book pays homage to the history of The Royal Navy, its primary focus is on the last 100+ years, starting with WWI.

Analysis, strategy and examination of key battles is provided along with information on the continuing evolution and improvement of the fleet such as new technology and tactics.

Military buffs and historians are sure to get an eyeful in this spectacular hard bound and slip sleeve book that traces the evolution of Britain’s powerful Navy.

Historical documents, maps, charts, archival art and photos are complemented by informative and fascinating text about The Royal Navy complete with reproduced historical documents in special tipped-in envelopes.

Learn all about famous battles and campaigns, war tactics, commanders, crews and everything imaginable about what was once the most powerful naval force in the world.


Justice League, Batman, Superman and Coloring

If you’re as big a fan of DC Comics as I am then you’re going to love this cool selection of fun books from Parragon Books Ltd.

As a kid my favorite DC Comics title was The Justice League of America.

The reason being that I got more bang for my buck.  I mean where else could you get ALL of DC Comics’ top superheroes in one place?  Such a deal!

Paragon’s ‘Justice League’ small hardbound book packs a lot of punch for its size.

First off is its special metal, full color insert of some of the members of the Justice League that decorates the inset cover.

Inside is a thrilling tale of the Justice League taking on one of its oldest bad guys: Starro!

Great art, great story and a pretty cool package!

‘Superman The Man OF Steel’ is more than just muscle.  He’s super intelligent and can solve the most difficult of puzzles.

Superman challenges readers to solve 40 activities/puzzles and even provides two spinning pencil toppers for inspiration.

Solve problems, draw and more with this ‘super’ book.

Batman is by far my favorite DC Comics superhero.  The Caped Crusader manages to solve whatever problem he faces and takes on bad guys of all types and always comes out on top.

In the ‘Batman Activity Book And 2-In-1 Jigsaw Puzzle’ you get to help The Dark Knight solve puzzles, put together a jigsaw puzzle, draw and color.

It’s a nifty square bound, Velcro flap, cavalcade of fun filled with awesome Batman art and all in full color.

For even more Batman challenges be sure to check out the special ‘Batman Tin’ that contains an adventure book, stickers, a cool poster, markers and three books.

The tin features a metal embossed Batman figure on its front with Bat Signals decorating each side.

Take it back to your Batcave and get ready for challenges, activities and just pure fun!

‘Batman Justice In Gotham City’ contains over 40 fun activities in black and white and in full color.

Join Batman, Robin, The Justice League and Batman’s Gallery of Villains in a softbound book that is sure to challenge your detective, artistic and activity skills.

There’s even a cool Batman Magnet included!

If you’re a big kid like me then both the ‘Comic Art Coloring’ and ‘Super Hero Coloring’ books are sure to get your comic book blood stirring.

Each book features actually DC Comics comic book art reproduced in black and white.  Practically ever hero and villain in the DC Universe are featured and they are all yours to color and enjoy.

What I love most about the books is that they feature reproductions of classic and current DC Comics covers, animation art and more!  What’s not to love? 

Each book boasts 120 pages for ‘big kids only’.

Destination: Moonbase Alpha and Titillation

Star Trek was broadcasting only as repeats.  In 1975 audiences were just beginning to pay attention to the Star Trek phenomenon.

TV was a Sci-Fi wasteland.

That’s why in 1975 when the syndicated TV series: Space: 1999 premiered I, along with many other Sci-Fi hungry viewers, jumped on the bandwagon to watch the TV series.

Destination-Moonbase-Alpha.jpgAuthor Robert E. Wood and Telos Publishing examine and chronicle the Gerry Anderson British TV series: Space: 1999 in ‘Destination: Moonbase Alpha the Unofficial Unauthorized Guide To Space: 1999.

The former Mission: Impossible husband and wife team of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain starred in the series along with an excellent mixed race and nationality supporting cast.

The premise of the story is the Moon gets blasted out of orbit by a nuclear explosion and is flung into space.

The residents of Moonbase Alpha must learn to cope with the dangers of space including encountering friendly and hostile alien races, unexpected space phenomena and more.

The book follows the TV series from its inception to its production and episodes.

Learn all about the challenges of putting the ground-breaking Sci-Fi TV series on the air and the many ups and downs of production, cast choices, budget limitations and more.

All of the cast and crew are listed and many offer their own memories of the series.

Plus there’s a section on the concept for a return of the series.

It’s all present and makes for an engrossing read.

Titillation-380x0.jpgI’m a sucker for ‘good girl’, bad girl’ and ‘cheesecake art’ from the Pulp Magazine era.

One of the all-time great Pin-up artists of the era: Peter Driben was one of the most prolific.

‘Titillation The Vintage Pulp Magazine Pin-Up Art Of Peter Driben’ as written and compiled by Stephen James Walker, is a ‘must-have’ for fans of the Pin-Up fan.

The book is filled with full-color painting reproductions of Dribens’ work. 

Beautiful women, dressed in revealing attire and in provocative poses, are shown accompanied by publication dates and listings of the magazines they were featured on.

It’s cheesecake at its best!

for the first time on television.jpgFor The First Time On Television

I am of the generation that first saw the advent of TV.  I was born in 1953 and at that time TV was in its infancy.

TV, especially American TV, was just beginning to show its full potential.

The movie studios and other popular culture phenomena that had previously enthralled society were feeling the crunch of dwindling audiences that had shifted its attention (and money) to TV.

I was there when many of the ‘firsts’ of TV occurred from the first international broadcast, the first TV Western, Sci-fi, Drama and Comedy TV shows to the first broadcast from outer space.

TV has seen and taken part in hundreds of ‘firsts’ and they are all listed in ‘For The First Time On Television’ by author Garry Berman and published by BearManor Media.

From the first news broadcast, the first cartoon show and so much more the book examines not just what was broadcast on TV but the many firsts TV and broadcasting obtained.

Filled with interesting historical text and spotlighted with black and white photos the book is a fascinating examination of the technology, individuals and shows that changed the face of mass media across the globe.

manga art.jpgstrictly hollywood.jpg
Osamu Tezuka and Strictly Hollywood

Up until the early 1960s Hollywood produced ‘feel good’ musicals that reflex the particular decade they were produced in.

Carlton Books has released a varnished and ready-to-frame collection of art prints commemorating the great musical of all times.

‘The Poster Collection’ includes eight stunning black and white images from some of the greatest musicals starring such Hollywood luminaries as Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire and others.

West Side Story, Singin’ In The Rain, High Society, On The Town, The Gay Divorcee, Funny Face, Cabaret and Top Hat are all represented in ‘Strictly Hollywood’ with images from each film.’

‘The Manga Art Of Osamu Tezuka’ showcases the spectacular art of one of Japan’s leading Manga artists.

Each of Tezuka’s famous figures is represented such as Astro Boy, The Three-Eyed One, Jungle Emperor Leo, Metropolis and many more.

Manga/Anime lovers are sure to want this full-color collection of varnished prints to display.

Both print sets come in oversize, heavy paper stock presentation envelopes.

Other themed collections are also available.

The Prisoner, The Avengers and Casino Royale

I love British TV series from the 1960s-especially the Spy series.

My two favorites were ‘The Prisoner’ and ‘The Avengers’ with ‘The Avengers’ taking the number one spot.

The Emma Peel and John Steed period was by far my favorite but I enjoyed the series overall. 

Originally created as revenge series the show evolved into a spy thriller starring John Steed and several sexy leading ladies.

After the original series was cancelled it was resurrected in the 1970s as ‘The New Avengers’ and in the 1990’s it hit the Silver Screen.

I have an extensive collection of books about ‘The Avengers’ but they pale in comparison to author Michael Richardson’s ‘Bowler Hats And Kinky Boots: The Unofficial And Unauthorized Guide To The Avengers’, published by Telos Publishing Ltd.

It is the most exhaustive and thoroughly researched book about ‘The Avengers’ I have ever encountered.

Everything there is to know about the show is included such as episode guides, behind-the-scenes tidbits, production notes, sequence of original broadcasts, cast and crew bios and so much more.

There are even sections on commercial merchandise tie-ins, the legacy of the show and spin-offs.

There are spy shows and then there is ‘The Prisoner’ what I consider to be an ‘anti-spy’ TV show.

The series star, Patrick McGoohan had just come off his immensely popular ‘Secret Agent’ TV series, as it was known in the United States.

In a brilliant move to bring an end to his popular spy series, McGoohan created ‘The Prisoner’ which although it did not name the key player, was known by fans as the spy in Secret Agent.

When a British spy resigned he is kidnapped and taken to a location known only as ‘The Village’.

While there he is subjected to various forms of mental manipulations in an attempt to learn his secrets.

It is never made clear whether his kidnappers were from the British government or enemy agents.

The series only lasted one season and successfully brought to a conclusion to the saga of the main character.

‘Fall Out: The Unofficial And Unauthorized Guide To The Prisoner’ written by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore, delves into the enigmatic thriller that changed the face of TV forever.

Filled with pop culture references, utilizing unique storytelling techniques and cleverly managing to keep audiences guessing each week, ‘The Prisoner’ is a cult classic.

Learn all about the series from production secrets to cast and crew bios to episode examinations.

Another British creation made a successful transition to movies from popular novels.

James Bond, the suave and deadly British spy premiered on the Silver Screen in the early 1960s.

Due to a copyright snafu the popular series had a lapse where another production company was able to make its own ‘unofficial’ James Bond film based on ‘Casino Royale’.

Made with tongue securely placed its cheek, ‘Casino Royale’ was more farce that a spy-thriller.

Still it is a James Bond film and although lambasted by ‘true’ James Bond fans it does have a place in cinema history.

‘The Making Of Casino Royale (1967)’ by Michael Richardson takes a good hard look at the James Bond spoof.

Cast and crew bios, production notes, missing scenes, production difficulties and how the film was adapted for the screen and other interesting tidbits fill the pages with information about the cult classic.

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