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Fighting Clowns, Golden Age Of Radio

and Rod Taylor


There’s radio comedy and then there’s The Firesign Theatre’s radio comedy.


Most of us have heard about classic radio comics such as Jack Benny, Bob Hope and the like but nothing could prepare us for The Firesign Theatre!


Take four guys, wicked sensibilities and humor, a no-hold-barred, in-your-face sarcastic and poignant jabs at current trends, politics, societal norms and conventions and you get The Firesign Theatre.


In David Ossman’s memoir: Fighting Clowns Of Hollywood he lets readers in on the latest and greatest comedy sketches and homage with such sketches as Owl & Octopus Show, Nick Danger and many more tongue-planted-firmly-in-their cheeks parodies and tributes in a hilarious romp sure to please The Firesign Theatre legion of fans.


Written by John Rayburn and published by BearManor Media, Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear: The Golden Age Of Radio takes readers back to the roots of early broadcast humor, intrigue, Westerns and other radio genre.


Comprised of personal recollections from both the author and old time radio personalitie,s the book brings the heyday of broadcast radio dramas, comedies and the like to life.


Long before TV and movies captivated audiences with their visual magic classic radio shows left it up to listeners to use their imaginations to fill in the gaps.


It is a delightful book that recaptures the long gone era of family entertainment that dominated living rooms for over a quarter of a century.


My all-time favorite, classic science fiction movie is George Pal’s The Time Machine.  Well over 50 years ago I remember sitting in a movie theater and being totally captivated by the film’s premise.  The film’ star: Rod Taylor totally owned his role as the world-weary time traveler.


Rod Taylor An Aussie In Hollywood, by Stephen Vagg, delves into Taylor's illustrious acting career.  Manyrefer to him as the premiere Australian actor in Hollywood.


For decades Taylor starred in an impressive line of movies such as The Birds, The VIPS and more.  He was one of only a few actors who successfully starred in both movies and on TV.


His range as an actor ranged from action and adventure to love stories.


The book is an absorbing tale of a young Sydney boy who dared to take on Hollywood and beat it at its own game.


Considered one of the most professional and respected actors in Tinsel Town, Rod Taylor also had his own share of demons, alcohol and ego among them.


Yet through it all he managed to survive and consistently turn out outstanding performances in high profile films. 


It is a wonderful look at the actor’s life, complete with the blemishes, and what effect his career had on the newest string of Australian actors.  


Will Bear Share? and Will Sheep Sleep?


Having raised two children of our own and now baby-sitting a one year old grandson my wife and I pride ourselves on knowing what it takes to raise children.


By far one of the most important things to teach children involve books.


When dealing with small tykes it is important to select books that contain large and colorful illustrations and minimal text.


Kids 0 to 3 years old are developing their cognitive skills during this time period and it is imperative that books challenge both the visual and auditory skills of children.


Author/artist Hilary Leung and Scholastic Books recognize how critical it is to teach children beginning at an early age.


Leung recently released two books that fill the criteria mentioned above.


Both books are small, hardbound volumes with thick pages making it easy for young children to hold and turn pages.


Both books are durable, easily cleaned and perfect for small kids.


Will Bear Share? and Will Sheep Sleep? contain delightful and colorful illustrations accompanied by short, direct text that make it possible for children to follow along.


Ask any parent and they’ll tell you children tend to have short attention spans.  Both books address this issue by offering concise, to-the-point, simplified text and primary and secondary colorful illustrations that immediately draw young children’s attention.


Sleep and sharing are subjects young kids easily identify with and the books make both concepts easy to understand.



previews-may-2018.jpgPreviews, May




Archie Meets Batman ‘66 #1 l ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS

Hellina: Ravening #1 l BOUNDLESS COMICS

Disney’s Gravity Falls: Lost Legends HC l DISNEY PRESS

I, Rene Tardi, Prisoner of War in Stalag IIb HC l FANTAGRAPHICS



Best of Overstreet Comic Book Marketplace Volume 1 SC l GEMSTONE PUBLISHING

Smiley’s Dream Book HC l GRAPHIX

Horrorhound #72 l HORRORHOUND LTD

Illustration Magazine #61 l ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE

The Long Con #1 l ONI PRESS INC.

Stabbity Bunny TPl SCOUT COMICS

Doctor Who: Road the the Thirteenth Doctor: Tenth Doctor Special #1 l TITAN COMICS

Tank Girl Coloring Book l TITAN COMICS

Ant Man & The Wasp Official Magazine l TITAN COMICS


Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome #1 l VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC


Undead Messiah Volume 1 GN l TOKYOPOP

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Volume 1 GN l VIZ LLC

Fruits Basket Another Volume1 GN l YEN PRESS

Urotsukidojj: Legend of the Overfiend Volume 1 GN l FAKKU BOOKS

Attack On Titan Character Encyclopedia SC l KODANSHA COMICS

Grand Blue Dreaming Volume 1 GN l KODANSHA COMICS


DC Gallery: The Batman Who Laughs PVC Statue l DIAMOND SELECT TOYS & COLLECTIBLES

Batman Animated: Batman 1/6-Scale Collectible Figure l BATMAN

Injustice: Harley Quinn Deluxe Statue l DC HEROES

GI Joe 2.5-Inch Vinyl Figures l GI JOE

The Legend of Zelda 12-Inch Plushes l LEGEND OF ZELDA

Barbie: Tomb Raider: Lara Croft Doll l TOMB RAIDER

Mystery Mini Godzilla Vinyl Figure 3-Pack l FUNKO

POP! Marvel Deadpool Vinyl Figures l FUNKO

VYNL Marvel Comics: Deadpool & Cable Vinyl Figure 2-Pack l FUNKO


Avengers: Infinity War S.H.Figuarts Figures l MARVEL HEROES

Kingsman: Secret Service: Gary Eggsy Unwin MAF EX Figure l MOVIE/TV

Naruto Shippuden: Grandista Shinobi Relations: Kakashi Figure l NARUTO

Overwatch: Widowmaker Figma l OVERWATCH

Sailor Chibi Moon: Prism Heart Compact Proplica l SAILOR MOON


Dc Harley Quinn Liquid Reactive Color Changing Umbrella l DC HEROES

Marvel Deadpool Liquid Reactive Color Changing Umbrella l MARVEL HEROES

Rick And Morty Space Cruiser Motion Lamp l RICK AND MORTY

One Punch Man Saitama Fist Table Lamp l ANIME

Loz Keychain Back Pack Buddies 24pc Bmb Ds Ser 2 l VIDEO GAMES


Highlander Board Game l ALC STUDIO

Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook l PAIZO INC

Magic the Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria Board Game l WIZKIDS/NECA


Topps 2018 Big League Baseball Trading Cards l TOPPS COMPANY

Topps 2018 Star Wars Archives Signature Series Trading Cards l NON-SPORTS CARDS


Avengers Infinity War: “I Am Iron Spider” Navy T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Black Panther: “Moonlit” Blue Dusk T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Deadpool: “Logo Splatter” Cardinal T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Star Wars: Solo: “Chewie/Star Wars Split” Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Star Wars: Solo: “Flying Solo” Grey T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Gotham City Athletic Dept. Hoodie l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS

Star Wars: Han Solo In Carbonite Inflatable Costume l OUTFIT OF THE MONTH #OOTM


The James Bond Omnibus 002.jpgJames Bond and
Tomb Raider


Get ready to be ‘terribly British’ as Titan Books presents two books about two British superstars that live their lives fraught with danger.


Did you know the James Bond also starred in comic strips?


In fact, the comic strips adapted James Bond’s author: Ian Fleming’s novels much more faithfully than the James Bond movies.


In The James Bond Omnibus 002 readers are treated to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, You Only Live Twice, the Man With The Golden Gun, The Living Daylights, Octopussy, The Hildebrand Rarity and The Spy Who Loved Me in full, living black and white!


It’s quite remarkable to read the collection and see the differences between the comic strip adaptations as compared to the films.


The comic strips are much more faithful to the novels and manage to pack action, danger, excitement, intrigue and suspense in just two to three panels each.


Tomb Raider The Art And Making Of The Film.jpgAsk any video game player who Lara Croft is and they can tell you, “She’s Tomb Raider.”


For the past three decades Lara has thrilled video game players, comic book readers and film buffs.


Angelina Jolie was the first to portray Lara in film. Now newcomer Alicia Uthaug takes up the tough and resourceful role of Lara Croft.


In Sharon Gosling’s new book, Tomb Raider The Art And Making Of The Film, readers learn about the massive undertaking of translating Lara’s exploits to film.


The film explores Lara’s slow transformation into the intrepid explorer she is known as today. 


Each facet of the film is explored: from choosing the actors, scouting out locations, costume and set designs, practical and special effects, pre and post production, concept art and so much more.


Every stage of the film’s production is chronicled complemented by production art, candid and staged photos, diagrams, lighting, stunts, set dressings, weapons, and transportation-the works.


It’s a remarkable book about a remarkable film that breathes life into the one of the most iconic pop culture figures in recent history.


prisoner-guide(1).jpgThe Prisoner
The Essential Guide


Back in the 1960s two of my all-time favorite British TV series were The Avengers and The Prisoner.


The Avengers was a tongue-in-cheek, very British, fantasy spy series that never really took itself seriously.


While the episodes were good they never required viewers to ponder or question their context.


On the other hand The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, respected viewers’ intellects, challenged the status quo and often left questions unanswered, relying more on the viewers’ interpretations of the events shown.


While the show's run was relatively short it is considered by many to be one of the all-time great TV shows ever made.


I have a number of books about The Prisoner and they’re all good: informative, interesting and thorough.


But, what I really like about author Rick Davy’s The Prisoner The Essential Guide, published by Quoit Media Limited, is that is concise and gets to the meat and bones of the series.


While the book goes into detail it’s isn’t ponderous and overwhelming.


It is as it its name implies: an essential guide.  And it’s just plain fun to read and look at.


Everything about the series is covered:  its conception, execution, characters, settings, direction, credits, production and there’s even an episode guide.


It’s easy to navigate, filled with fun facts and ‘insider info’ and a wonderful way to spend a leisurely afternoon reading it through.


What a great vehicle by which those new to The Prisoner can discover all the fun facts about the series and to those who are The Prisoner veterans who hunger for more goodies about the cult classic.  Bravo!



Video Games, RAF and WWI


I’ll be the first to admit I’m lousy at playing video games.  I have neither the manual dexterity nor quick reflexes to play most modern video games.


My idea of a challenge is a rousing game of Monopoly.


My son, on the other hand, is a pro.  Growing up he zipped through video games at a frantic rate-which didn’t help my wallet.


Some of my fondest memories were of him and me playing Mario, Earthworm Jim and Goldeneye.


In fact I still have our Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo game consoles and a box full of games for both.


I have the Super Nintendo connected to my flat screen TV and every once in a while I play Mario.  It’s still a lot of fun.


I’m no video game expert by the furthest stretch of the imagination.


When I taught high school video games were always a part of the conversation and many of my students were huge video game fans.


I’m sure they would get a big kick out of Carlton Books new book: A History Of Video Games, by Iain Simons and James Newman,


From consoles, handheld, classic games, joysticks, accessories and everything in between the book offers a deluge of information about videogames complete with color photos and engrossing text that really gets into the meat and bones of the videogame phenomenon.


If you’re ‘digitally’ inclined then this is the book for you to take a ‘byte’ out of.


England’s Royal Air Force (RAF) has been around almost from the dawn off aviation.


In 1918-2018 RAF 100 The Official Story, author James Holland celebrates the Centennial of the Royal Air Force with a wonderful and fascinating new book.


The beautifully bound, hardback book traces the genesis of the RAF starting with WWI up until modern times.


Packed with archival photos the book allows readers to follow the RAF through several wars and peace time.


Key battles, breakout innovations, state-of-the-art technology and aircraft design and much more are all chronicled.


Important historical military and civilian personnel are given their just credit along with the unsung heroes of the RAF.


It’s an inspiring and thought-provoking examination of one of the most famous and successful Air Forces in the world.


It was the war to end all wars.  WWI was one of the bloodiest and costliest wars of all time and unfortunately it was not the last.


WWI tossed conventional warfare tactics out the window as everything changed.  Advances in weaponry, the introduction of heavy tanks and mobilized weapons and aircraft drastically changed the face of war.


In The First World War, in association with the Imperial War Museums, author Gary Sheffield’s book examines how the war started its long and bloody years (1914 to 1918) and its turbulent end.


Packed full of historical document recreations, archival photos and battle maps the book goes into extensive detail about the key players, command figures and strategies used throughout the war.


It’s a remarkable book that never candy-coats the ugly reality of war.  I found it to be an absolutely absorbing read that made me feel as if it I was in the midst of battle.


I felt the pain, heartache and fear of the troops while comprehending the sheer audacity and determination by leaders to claim victory despite the cost.


WWI shaped the world we live in perhaps more than any other war.



bttfpop.jpgBack To The Future


My all-time favorite sci-fi/fantasy/comedy film is the original Back To The Future starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.


I love the entire Back To The Future Trilogy of films, but the original is my favorite.


There’s something fascinating about the story of a teenage boy in 1985 traveling back it time to 1955, meeting his parents when they were in high school and attempting to ignite their romance so he and his siblings don’t cease to exist.


There’s lots of action, excitement, comedy and most of all edge-of-your-seat suspense.


Quirk Books and illustrator Kim Smith present a POP Classics version of the Back To the Future.


Readers both old and young will get a kick out the cartoon adaptation of the ultimate time travel movie.


The illustrations are spot-on and beautifully done.


The story is abbreviated but still retains the flavor of the original film. 


It makes for a heartfelt trip down Memory Lane albeit with a 21st century twist. 


Walt Kelly And Pogo.jpgWalt Kelly And Pogo


Politics and social issues.  There was a time in the United States when political and social warrior opponents were actually civil to one another.


They agreed to disagree and when they did debate common courtesy usually prevailed. 


There were heated discussions but they were usually relegated to meetings and hearings.


Often opponents would socialize afterwards.  Their positions never changed but they realized that compromise was possible.


Not so nowadays.  Political parties and social cause proponents not only disagree, they are determined to eliminate any naysayers.


Back in the middle of the last century massive changes were occurring. 


With the proliferation of mass media-newspapers, radio and TV, voters had huge amounts of information at their fingertips-more so than ever before.


Political and social satire was commonplace.  Most of it was laced with innuendo.  Some was biting.  TV and radio had their share.


One of the biggest areas of satire came from comic strips and one of its biggest and most popular satirists was cartoonist Walt Kelly.


Kelly’s Pogo-a strip about swamp animals-poked fun at politics, politicians and American and world events.


Not bad for a comic character that started out in comic books and migrated to daily and Sunday comic strips read in hundreds of newspapers across the country,


Walt Kelly And Pogo: The Art Of The Political Swamp, written and compiled by James Eric Black and published by McFarland Publishing, delves into the life of the quiet and unassuming Walt Kelly.


Through his Pogo strip Kelly tackled McCarthyism, the Cold War and other political and social events taking place at that time.


The book, aided by Kelly’s Pogo strips, digs deep into Kelly’s life and satire via Pogo.


It makes for a fascinating read about how a simple, quiet man molded and shaped American’s opinions.


Damsels In Design.jpgDamsels In Design


Regrettably and to the detriment of American manufacturing, women designers seldom received credit for their incredible work during the middle of the 20th Century.


The American automotive industry was a man’s game and women were seldom asked to participate.


And yet, if it were not for women designers of that era many of the innovative, practical and eye-pleasing designs of automobile interiors and exteriors would not have existed.


Unlike most men whose ideas of an automobile tended to be on the more practical and barebones side, women designers paid to attention to the aesthetics.


Color and fabric selection, eye and feel appeal of dashes, seats, interior details, exterior accessories such as chrome and body style and many more design considerations were pioneered by women designers.


With the ever increasing inclusion of women in the work force, a higher standard of living, free time and wages that afforded small luxuries women obtained a larger say in everyday purchases and drove manufacturers to cater to their wants and needs.


Men may have been the breadwinners but women ruled the roost and the household budget.


In author Constance A Smith’s new book: Damsels In Design, from Schiffer Books, readers are taken on a trip back in time to witness women pioneers in the automotive industry from 1939 to 1959.


Key women designers are given full credit for their creations and contributions accompanied by fascinating text, lots of vintage photographs, concept sketches and illustrations and close-ups of car interiors and exteriors designed by women.


It is an absolutely fascinating book of a bygone era where the seeds of change had been planted to eventually bloom to full blossom in the decades to follow.


Beautiful and Everyday Scenes


No one can deny that Japanese Anime and Manga have had a huge impact on the American comic book and animation industries.


beautiful scenes.jpgOver the pass 20-plus years the design and techniques of Anime and Manga art have transformed much of what American readers of comic books and viewers of animated films see.


All it takes is too look at the incredible attention given to detail in both comic books and animated films to see how each have been impacted.


Lush backgrounds abound with careful attention given to every minute detail.  Colors (both subtle and dynamic) proliferate in print and film.


everyday scenes.jpgSoft, water color-like, realistic hues and shades give illustrations a feel of reality despite being located in a city, countryside or alien vista.


Publisher PIE International recently released two gorgeous books with examples of Anime and Manga background scenes by the industry’s top veteran and newcomer artists.


Everyday Scenes From A Parallel World and Beautiful Scenes From A Fantasy World present ‘Background Illustration And Scenes From Anime and Manga Works’.


Exquisite, breath-taking, provocative and lush illustrations fill the pages of each book along with concept sketches and step-by-step spot illustrations and studies leading up to the final illustrations.


As a graphic designer and artist I am completely blown away by the quality, expertise execution and technical know how demonstrated in each piece.


The subtle use of color, selected palettes and use of light and shadow are impressive and combine to make truly outstanding pieces of art.


previewsapril-2018.jpgPreviews, April




Lost City Explorers #1 l AFTERSHOCK COMICS

Carson of Venus: Fear on Four Worlds #1 l AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS

Archie’s Super Teens vs. Crusaders #1 l ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS

Solo: A Star Wars Story: The Official Guide HC l DK PUBLISHING CO

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 48 SC/HC l GEMSTONE PUBLISHING

Mae Volume 1 TP l LION FORGE

A Tale of a Thousand and One Nights: Hasib & The Queen of Serpents HC l NBM

Shadow Roads #1 l ONI PRESS INC.

The Little Book of Hulk Flexicover l TASCHEN AMERICA L.L.C.

The Little Book of Iron Man Flexicover l TASCHEN AMERICA L.L.C.

The Little Book of X-Men Flexicover l TASCHEN AMERICA L.L.C.

Tank Girl All Stars #1 l TITAN COMICS

Mike Hammer #1 l TITAN COMICS

Tyler Cross: Black Rock Hc l TITAN COMICS

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Official Collector’s Magazine l TITAN COMICS

Avengers Infinity War: Official Collector’s Magazine l TITAN COMICS




RWBY: Official Manga Anthology Volume 1 GN l VIZ MEDIA LLC

Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle Volume 1 GN l VIZ MEDIA LLC

Shibuya Goldfish Volume 1 GN l YEN PRESS

Udon Noodle Soup: Little Tales for Little Things GN l FANFARE PRESENTS PONENT MON

Tokyo Tarareba Girls Volume 1 GN l KODANSHA COMICS

Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection HC l SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC





Art of Olivia 2019 Wall Calendar l CALENDARS

Boris Vallejo/Julie Bell Fantasy 2019 Wall Calendar l CALENDARS

Deadpool 2019 Wall Calendar l CALENDARS

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2019 Wall Calendar l CALENDARS

Vintage DC Comics 2019 Wall Calendar l CALENDARS

Rick and Morty 2019 Wall Calendar l CALENDARS

Women of Marvel 2019 Wall Calendar l CALENDARS

Wonder Woman 2019 Wall Calendar l CALENDARS


Marvel Milestones: Avengers Infinity War: Hulkbuster Statue l DIAMOND SELECT TOYS & COLLECTIBLES

Harley Quinn: Finders Keypers Classic Vinyl Keychain Figure l DC HEROES

One-12 Collective: Marvel: Black Panther Action Figure l MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE

Marvel Classics: Deadpool Ultimate 1/4-Scale Action Figure l MARVEL HEROES

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Alucard Statue l VIDEO GAMES

World of Warcraft: Illidan 24-Inch Statue l VIDEO GAMES

World of Warcraft: Sylvanas 18-Inch Statue l VIDEO GAMES


Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts Kai: Cyclops Figure l MARVEL HEROES

DC TV: Green Arrow 1/8-Scale Action Figure l DC HEROES

Ninja Batman: Batman S.H.Figuarts l DC HEROES

Ninja Batman: The Joker Demon King S.H.Figuarts l DC HEROES

James Bond: Live and Let Die 1/6-Scale Collector Figures l JAMES BOND

Naruto Shippuden: Grandista Shinobi Relations: Naruto Figure l NARUTO

Transformers Masterpiece: Prowl Action Figure l TRANSFORMERS

Marvel: Deadpool Meisho Manga Realization Figure l MARVEL HEROES

Sailor Moon Super: Sailor Neptune Proplica l SAILOR MOON

Sailor Moon Super: Sailor Uranus Proplica l SAILOR MOON


Gund DC 7-Inch Plush Backpack Clips l DC HEROES

Overwatch: Sombra Pillow l BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT

Rick and Morty Lapel Pins l RICK AND MORTY

Star Wars: Chewbacca Plush Headphones l STAR WARS


The Tea Dragon Society Card Game l RENEGADE GAME STUDIO

Killer Bunnies and The Ultimate Odyssey l ULTRA PRO INTERNATIONAL

Magic the Gathering TCG: Battlebond l WIZARDS OF THE COAST


Topps 2018 Baseball Trading Cards Complete Set l TOPPS COMPANY

Topps 2018 Stadium Club Baseball Trading Cards l TOPPS COMPANY


Avengers: Infinity War: “Poster Group” Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Black Panther: “Jungle Lord” Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Marvel: “Thor/Rocket/Groot” Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Doomsday Clock II T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS

Batman: “Camo Symbol” T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS


Everybody Goes Nighty-Night.jpgEverybody Goes



My grandson is eleven months old and he absolutely loves picture books.


Scholastic Books new Everybody Goes Nighty-Night picture book by Sandra Magsamen is one of his favorites-and for good reason.


This adorable heavy paper-stock, colorful book features a barnyard of animals.


Simple text and delightful illustrations lead children on a night time adventure where all the animals have gone to bed.


The Rabbits are covered by a carrot bed sheet, the cow loves her daisy decorated quilt, the Cat and Dog snuggle under a stripped blanket, the Ladybugs gather under a starry comforter and all the animals congregate under a bed covering decorated with a heart.


Each blanket, sheet, etc. flips open to reveal the animals underneath and a felt blanket flips open on the cover revealing all the animals huddled together in slumber.


It’s a clever and fun to play with book that little tykes are sure to love.


jack lord.jpgAn Acting Life Jack Lord


The first time I witnessed Jack Lord acting was way back in the early 1960s when he starred in the TV Western Stoney Burke.

Although the show only lasted one season, Jack’s acting and presence stuck with me.


As I grew older and watched more ‘mature’ movies I was surprised to see Jack Lord playing C.I.A. agent Felix Leiter in the first James Bond movie: Dr. No.


During the sixties I continued to see Lord in a number of small TV roles.


It wasn’t until Hawaii Five-O came out in 1968 that I really got to witness Jack’s acting chops.


The man was incredible as Steve McGarrett, head of the special crime-fighting force of Hawaii.


Over the 12 year run of the series Jack perfected the role and went on to be an international star.


Sadly in the late 1990s Jack passed away from dementia or Alzheimer’s.


Although primarily know as McGarrett Jack’s career as an actor spanned the stage, film and TV. 


He was known as a consummate perfectionist expecting only the best out of performers-including himself.  He did not tolerate fools lightly and yet he was a generous (it somewhat volatile) man who loved Hawaii and its people and became a huge promoter of the islands.


In author Sylvia D. Lynch’s new book: An Acting Life Jack Lord, published by McFarland Publishing, Jack’s impressive acting career is chronicled.


From his early days as bit player to his super-stardom as Steve McGarrett he never lost his focus or professionalism.


Drawn from Jack Lord’s personal archives the book reveals the man behind the actor, his life, his career, his family and the impact he had on those around him and the acting community.


tv spies.jpgcracked.jpg

Cracked and TV Spies


If you’re a fan of TV Spy shows you’ve heard of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., I Spy, The Avengers, Secret Agent Man and several other cult classics.


But, it may surprise you to know (it sure did me) that there were/are literally dozens of shows of the same genre dating all the way back to 1951 up until now.


I’m a sucker for a good spy/thriller TV series.  Exotic locations, beautiful women, nefarious and deadly bad guys, clever weapons and gadgets, fast cars and all the other trappings of the Spy genre are guaranteed to keep you entertained.


Author Wesley Britton and BearManor Media presents the ultimate reference book for each and every Spy TV series ever created in their wonderful, fun and fact-filled book: The Encyclopedia Of TV Spies.


Shows are listed in alphabetical order and descriptions include a complete synopsis of each show, tidbits about cast and crew and some interesting and little known insider facts that will keep readers glued to each page.


Black and white photographs are liberally sprinkled throughout the book.  This is the book TV Spy show fans have been waiting for and it is well worth the wait.


I found it fascinating, eye-opening and a great read.


You’ve heard of MAD Magazine-the satirical publication that pokes fun and everything and everyone.  It’s still in print today and (for now) dominates the satire magazine niche.


However not that long ago MAD magazine had a serious contender that was every bit as funny, topical and hilarious.  Cracked magazine features some great art, clever stories and a colorful publication history.


Mark Arnold’s If You’re Cracked You’re Happy A History Of The World’s 2nd Greatest Humor Magazine! Volume 1: The Early Years delves into the genesis of the humor magazine starting with its conception.


Cracked was a direct competitor of MAD Magazine and was only one of several dozen titles put out by its ‘adult-themed’ publisher.


From its humble beginnings the magazine soon garnered top-notch writers and artists and a solid fan base.


As the years progressed Cracked evolved into a top-tier humor magazine and continued to be published for many years.


In the book the early genesis of Cracked is examined.  Writers, artists, production people, the editorial staff all contribute memories of the magazine and a full publication history is also provided including dates, articles and more.


The book is everything it’s ‘cracked’ up to be and makes a fine addition to any comic book or humor magazine fan’s library.


floundering fathers.jpgFloundering Fathers


I’m proud to be an American.  I’m also proud of our heritage and of our founding fathers.


But, they would be turning over in their graves if they caught a glimpse of the cartoon cast of A Pearl Before Swine’s in the Floundering Fathers book from Andrews McMeel Publishing.


Get ready for a history lesson like none you’ve seen before as Rat, Pig, Zebra, Croc and a host of other wacky and wild humans and animals set history on its collective ear.


Here are just a few things you can expect: coupons you can really use, subjects that generate the most complaints, tennis, social cues, a clown congressman, illegal immigrants, a Tapas Bar, Rat President, neighbors and much more.


Nothing or no one is sacred.  Think of it as an equal opportunity insults.


Whatever you care to name it Floundering Fathers is downright hilarious and so fun of puns and clever one-liners that the comedy union had to put a stop to it.



FSF736.jpgThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, #736, March/April





The Satyr Of Brandenburg

Deep Sea Fish

Hideous Flowerpots

A Dog Of Wo


The Next To The Last Mohicans

The Beast From Below

A Swim And A Crawl

The Harmonic Resonance Of Ejiro AnaBorhi

Down Where Sound Comes Blunt         


After The Wolf



Books to Look For        

Musing On Books        

Films: The Shape Of Things Coming Soon       

Plumage from Pegasus: The Varley Corps Wants You

Science: Naked-Eye Astronomy

Coming Attractions      



previewsmarch-2018.jpgPreviews, March




Adventure Time: The Beginning of the End #1 l BOOM! STUDIOS

Lumberjanes #50 l BOOM! STUDIOS

Jungle Fantasy Secrets #0 l BOUNDLESS COMICS

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #110 l BROADSWORD COMICS

The Many Deaths of Scott Koblish HC l CHRONICLE BOOKS


Sherlock Holmes: The Vanishing Man #1 l D. E./DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT


Hellboy: Into The Silent Sea Studio Edition l FLESK PUBLICATIONS

Made Men Volume 1: Getting the Gang Back Together TP l ONI PRESS INC.

The Legend of Tank Girl HC l TITAN COMICS

Dark Souls: Age of Fire #1 l TITAN COMICS

The Nightmare Before Chirstmas: Zero’s Journey #1 l TOKYOPOP

Retrofan Magazine #1 l TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING


Fullmetal Alchemist: Fullmetal Edition Volume 1 HCl VIZ MEDIA LLC

Vagrant Queen #1 l VAULT COMICS

Star Wars: Lost Stars Volume 1 GN l YEN PRESS





Justice League: 100 Greatest Moments HC l COMICS

Rise of the Superheroes: The Greatest Silver Age Comic Books HC l COMICS

Doctor Who: Who-Ology Regenerated Edition HC l DOCTOR WHO / TORCHWOOD

I Am Gandhi: A Graphic Biography SC/HC l YOUNG READERS


Illustrators Magazine #22 l ART BOOKS


Topps 2018 Star Wars Episode 8 Series 2 Trading Cards l STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS


Marvel Netflix: The Punisher Poster Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Star Wars: Tatooine Take Off Stripe White-Orange T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Action #1000 Superman T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS

Dark Nights Metal: The Batman Who Laughs T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS


DC Gallery: Suicide Squad Harley Quinn PVC Figure l DIAMOND SELECT TOYS & COLLECTIBLES

DC Super Powers Collection: Martian Manhunter 18-Inch Maquette l DC HEROES

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Finders Keypers DC Rebirth Mini Vinyl Keychain Figures l DC HEROES

Finders Keypers Deadpool Compact Vinyl Keychain Figure l MARVEL HEROES

Doctor Strange Bust Bank l MARVEL HEROES

Rick and Morty: Spaceship Die-Cut Lunch Box l RICK AND MORTY


Deadpool Monopoly l HASBRO TOY GROUP

Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth Expedition Game l OSPREY PUBLISHING

Dark Souls Card Game l STEAM FORGED GAMES

Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time Daring Adventure Game l USAOPOLY

DC HeroClix: Batman The Animated Series l WIZKIDS/NECAtwilight-zone-and-mystery.jpgForgotten Gems and Mystery


A long time ago in 1959 when I was six years old my Mom made the mistake of letting me stay up one night to watch a new TV show called The Twilight Zone, created by Rod Serling.


I can remember the first broadcast episode like it was yesterday.  It was called ‘Where Is Everybody?’.


The episode featured a man who wanders into a small American town.  He soon discovers that there is no one there even though he can hear voices and music and manages to arrive in different stores only to find half-smoked cigarettes and partially eaten food.


It freaked me out!  And yet, I faithfully watched The Twilight Zone through its entire network run.


Through it all I experienced fear, shock, surprise and even humor.  I was never disappointed and to this day I am still a big fan of the original series.


Andrew Ramage edits a collection of Twilight Zone scripts lovingly recreated in their entirety courtesy of BearManor Media.


In Forgotten Gems From The Twilight Zone Volumes 1 & 2, twelve classic episode scripts (plus one revised final act and one revised shooting script) are included in the two books.


Relive such classic episodes like ‘Long Distance Call’, I Dream Of Genie’, ‘Dreamflight’ and more that invite you to take a trip to the unexpected and shadowy world of The Twilight Zone.


Forewords and script descriptions bring the episodes to life by providing special highlights, little known facts and interesting tidbits of information.


“You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”


Get ready to relive ‘100 Wonderful Television Mysteries From The Seventies’ in Donna Marie Nowak’s new Mad About Mystery book.


I don’t much care for the modern TV mysteries. 


Oh sure, there are few bright spots like N.C.I.S. and a smattering of others, including British Mysteries, but none of them compare to the TV Mysteries of the 1970s.


How could they?  Just look at what TV had to offer: Cannon, Charlie’s Angels, Columbo, Ironside, Hawaii Five-O, Mannix, McCloud, Rockford Files and over a dozen more classic series.


And let’s not forget the Made-For-TV Mystery movies.  Literally dozens exist.


It was a great time to be a Mystery fan.  I know, I was there.


Characters and shows had class back then.  A clear line between good and evil was carefully defined.


The little guy stood up to the powers that were and in the end-triumphed.  Joe Mannix always got his man as did Cannon, Ironside and the other lone wolf detectives and law enforcement officers.


Social issues were taken on but not in a preachy way.  Viewers were left up to decide their own conclusions.


And…the shows were fun to watch—as a family.  Sure there was violence but not the kind of in-your-face type you see that is prevalent in films and TV today.


Foul language-you never heard it.  Blood and guts-nowhere in sight, only alluded to.


Sure, the shows could be full of fluff and slightly naïve.  But, who wanted reality slapped in their faces each night while watching entertainment TV when bad news was all over the evening news?


What I really enjoy about the book is the interesting, fact-filled, behind-the-scenes goodies provided by the writer and several of the cast and crew behind the series.


It’s a wonderful Mystery Memory Lane excursion that is sure to please fans of the decade and genre.


the_world_of_the_orville_pp.jpgThe World Of The Orville


I was intrigued when I saw the first promotional clip of the Fox Network’s The Orville.


My first impression was that it was a Star Trek parody much like actor Tim Allen’s Galaxy Quest film.


When I found out the Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane was the show’s creator my enthusiasm waned a bit.  I’ve never been a big fan of his work.  I did know he was a HUGE Star Trek fan.


Thursday night rolled around and I thought I’d give the show a look.


I was pleasantly surprised.  While the show does have some comedic moments it is actually a very well-written and acted Science Fiction action/adventure/dramatic TV show worthy of the original Star Trek show but with more of the trappings of the Next Generation.


The special effects are amazing, the stories thought-provoking and for all intents and purposes it is Star Trek.


Ironically a new Paramount Pictures Star Trek series: Discovery, premiered at the same time as The Orville, with much less fanfare and audience enthusiasm.


I am an Orville fan and plan on watching the series for the duration.


Titan Books and author Jeff Bond celebrate The Orville and its crew with their brand new The World Of The Orville oversize, hardbound book.


The book delves deeply into the making of the series.  Starting with the overall design of the show from sets to costumes, weapons, spacecraft and more the book leaves no details out.


Cast, crew, character, storylines, sets and every aspect of the series are examined. 


Insights from the crew and cast, designers and others associated with The Orville along with insightful observations from the author make journeying through the book much like the mission of the spaceship itself-to explore.


I love the series and The World Of the Orville is a great companion and resource to the series.



Thinking, Dream, Bowls, Space and Medicine


Parragon presents a plethora of printed product that’s sure to please the pickiest of people who peruse print on paper.  Phew!


All kidding aside, Paragon has just released five titles that are guaranteed to boost anyone’s brain power should they decide to read them.


I’m a firm believer that the more subjects you read about, the better it is for your brain, memory and development of skills and knowledge.


Obviously Parragon believes the same thing as evident by the wide-ranging subject matter its books cover for all ages.



The Rainstorm The Learnalots, Preschool Thinking Skills book for ages three to five years old is a great way for kids to learn- a lot.


Filled with stickers, match-ups and other skill augmenting activities the colorful book helps kids development sequencing, spatial recognition and matching along with learning about nature and science.


drream.jpgDream You’ll Be, written by Joseph T. Garcia and beautifully illustrated by Kimberly Barnes, encourages kids to pursue their dreams.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to direct young kids to go after their dreams and ambitions.


The book not only sparks kids’ imagination it also urges them to never give up on their dreams, no matter what they are and to realize the world offers endless possibilities.


Kids will love the colorful and fun illustrations and parents will appreciate the support it offers for kids’ early aspirations.


bowl.jpgFor a different of kind of hunger be sure to check out Love Food’s Bountiful Bowls Fresh, Vibrant, And Nutritious Flavors In A Bowl.


If you are anything like me, you’re culinary skills are lacking.


Point me in the direction of pots and pans, cooking utensils and foodstuffs and I can almost guarantee there will be a disaster.


If only there was a way to have entire meals in one dish, with all the ingredients combined together instead of separate piles and dishes.


Take heart!  There is!  In Bountiful Bowls there are quick and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that combine foods to create not only nutritious meals but meals that are pleasing to eyes, the palate and the senses.


Full color photographs are complemented by detailed recipes that are guaranteed to make the most inept cook look like a seasoned chef.



Discovery Kids offers two new titles that celebrate women in different professions. 


First up is STEM Stars Women Who Rocked Space that traces the long lineage of women throughout history who have contributed to space travel and study.


Photos and biographies of women in space, along with some interesting space facts and tidbits make this small paperback book a ‘must read’ for kids.


Just as impressive is Women Who Rocked Medicine that follows a similar format but centers on the medical profession and the women who contributed to it over the decades.  It also contains photos, interesting text and lots of fun facts.



Star Wars, Star Trek and Justice League


Titan Books takes you to the stars and introduces you to the ‘World’s Greatest Heroes’ with five, oversize, new books that will blow your mind!


Each oversize, hardbound book contains spectacular full color artwork, photos and fascinating text about their respective subjects.


The books’ print quality is amazing with bright, vivid colors printed on heavy paper stock all wrapped up in heavy-duty, paper stock covers complete with slipcases.


Interiors feature full-bleed photos, backgrounds and amazing page designs.


Daniel Wallace’s Star Wars On The Front Lines examines the violent conflicts between good and evil in the Star Wars Universe.


Each and every major battle portrayed in the entire Star Wars Movie Universe is gone over in great details.


Full color illustrations and paintings capture key moments in each battle and personnel, weapons, transports and land, air, water and spec vehicles used in each.


For a real insider look at the wars and battles that shaped the Empire, Rebellion and other factions and civilizations across the galaxy this book fills in the gaps.


The awful, violent and destructive results of war are shown with no apologies.


It’s a part of the Star Wars Universe that tends to be glossed over.  We tend to forget that it is called Star ‘Wars’.


The Justice League: DC Comics’ premiere superhero team consists of the all-stars of the DC Universe: Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Wonder Woman.


DC Comics and Warner Bros. celebrated a big hit with their Justice League movie.  Audiences loved it and DC Comic Book readers were thrilled to see their favorite heroes on the Silver Screen.


Writer Abbie Bernstein celebrates the event with Justice League The Art Of The Film, the new book from Titan Books.


This is one gorgeous book that takes readers on a visual tour of the making of the film starting with pre-production art, conceptual paintings, costume, set and vehicle designs, tech visualizations, character uniforms and special effects.


The art is complemented with photos from the film, close-up examinations of set and costume designs and plethora of images that spotlight the massive effort that went into bringing the DC Universe to film.


It a stunning visual treat that also includes lots of production notes, recollections and a very special foreword and introduction.


Titan Books presents a trio of Star Trek books from the original universe and the Kelvin Timeline.


A couple years ago Titan released a Star Trek book spotlighting the original series.  Artist Juan Ortiz provided his own new, interpretive art representing different classic episodes of the original series.


Ortiz is back and this time he’s providing his own unique artistic vision of classic Star Trek The Next Generation episodes.


The Art Of Juan Ortiz Star Trek The Next Generation contains an amazing compilation of original art create to showcases episodes from the series.


Ortiz’s art is bold and incorporates well thought out and executed graphic representations combining art, text, manipulated photographs, computer generated images with a keen eye for layout.


Besides the oversize page images (more poster art than illustrations) the book also contains notes, sketches and a Q & A from the artist.


As a designer myself, Ortiz’s art fascinates me with its scope, clever designs and carefully juxtaposed images.


To quote Mr. Spock, ‘Fascinating.’


Back in 2009 Paramount Pictures (owners of the Star Trek franchise) and director J. J. Abrams set out to update the Star Trek Universe for a whole new generation of movie goers.


The results was a retelling and revamp of Star Trek by using a clever alternate timeline that presented Star Trek, its characters and settings with a refreshing new twist.


Three ‘Kelvin Timeline’ Star Trek movies have been released with great success.


The Art Of The Kelvin Timeline book presents the completely redesigned Star Trek Universe with new costumes, re-imagined characters, new takes on classic villains and storylines, updated ships and vehicles, spectacular planetary vistas, sate-of-the-art visual and computer effects and exciting new possibilities.


Pre-production and production art, designs, visual reimaging and panoramic sets, environment and space designs fill the book.


It’s exciting to see a new, fresh approach to the classic Star Trek series.  Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, Bones and other classic Star Trek characters have been reborn.


The Starship Enterprise has also gotten a facelift with a sleek new design that pays homage to the original design.


Starfleet, the Klingon, the Romulans and dozens of other species have been given a facelift.


For a mesmerizing tour through the new Kelvin Timeline Star Trek Universe this book delivers.


Part of the Star Trek Beyond movie’s success was its expansive use of alien species.


While the previous two Star Trek movies had aliens they were not as prevalent as in Star Trek Beyond. 


Like many Star Trek movies before the aliens tended to look like humans with masks.


That all changed with Star Trek Beyond primarily because of makeup artist Joel Harlow.


In Star Trek Beyond The Makeup Artistry Of Joel Harlow by Joe Nazzard, the genius of Harlow is on full display.


There are aliens, then there are Joel Harlow aliens.


Fluid, organic, unique and ground-breaking all describe Harlow’s alien makeup.


What’s truly amazing about his designs and technique is that the aliens look like aliens.


Gone is the aliens who looks like a humans with extra parts and funny noses or foreheads.


Harlow’s aliens are almost shocking by their appearances.  It’s hard to believe that people actually wore the makeup and prosthetics.  While most are humanoid they definitely are not human by any stretch of the imagination.


Bones protrude, appendages bend and extend at odd angles from joints, noses, eyes, facial bone structure all have changed and yet through the mastery of color, texturing, flexibility and precise attention to details the creations look real.


They appear as if they could actually exist.


Full color art and photos show each alien design. Sketches, computer concept art and transitional photos all combine to offer a unique creature sneak peek into the mind of a truly remarkable makeup artist.



Dennis The Menace and Monster Squad


If you are familiar with newspaper comic strips then you’re sure to have come across the single-panel adventures of America’s blond hair mischief maker: Dennis The Menace.


Each day Dennis can been seen in all his mischievousness doing everything from pestering his neighbor Mr. Wilson, tormenting his classmate Margaret, paling around with his buddy Joey and playing  with his canine pal Ruff.


My son Harrison reminds me of Dennis.  Harrison was a high maintenance child-constantly on the move and full of mischief.


Like Dennis he had his own unique way of looking at things and people.  He also had/has a heart of gold and genuinely cares about people.  Don’t tell him I told you that.


PocketFullDennisMenace-300x300.jpgIn Pocket Full Of Dennis The Menace, by Mark Arnold and published by BearManor Media, everyone’s favorite mischief maker is given his fair due.


Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey) offers a foreword and tribute. 


Hank Ketcham (Dennis's’ creator) based Dennis on his own son.  Little did he realize that his tike’s likeness would go on to be a world-wide phenomenon and loved by millions.


The book goes into great detail about the origin of Dennis, showcases early Dennis comic strips and follows the long and glorious history of the American comic strip character that has been a small boy for over 50 years.


Archival photographs, early art, vintage merchandise, a look at the Dennis The Menace TV show and movies and more from the Dennis vaults are presented in a fun, entertaining book that also includes a full listing of every Dennis The Menace comic book appearance!


If you love the misadventures of the blond hair boy bombshell then be sure to pick yourself up a copy of the book.


Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy films all have their fair share of monsters.  Whether it’s bug-eyed alien invaders, axe-brandishing madmen, demons or dragons each genre would not be complete without them.


Movie going audiences sometimes forget that the Silver Screen monstrosities don’t just appear out of thin air.


It takes a talented group of people to conceptualize, design, fabricate and ultimately bring each monstrosity to life on the screen.


Monster_squad_front_cover_jdt-300x300.jpgIn Monster Squad Celebrating The Artists Behind Cinema’s Most Memorable Creatures, by Heather A. Wixson, 20 monster makers are given their due.


Interviews with the monster masters include personal insights, past recollections, career spotlights, creature memories and lots of insider information.


Candid photos of the creators and their creatures are also included.


The book is an impressive chronicle of the incredible work and creations of some the Silver Screen’s most memorable monstrosities.


Planet Of The Apes and SpongeBob Squarepants


Way, way back in 1968 when I was 15 years old my friends and I went to watch the first Planet Of The Apes movie starring Charlton Heston.


We knew we were in for a treat when the first scene played where three Earth astronauts crash into an ‘alien’ planet lake.  As the astronauts struggle to escape they watch as their spaceship sinks beneath the waves.


Marooned on an alien planet they decide to take stock of their surrounding and meet up with a band of primitive humans.  Suddenly chaos breaks out as the humans are herded and captured by—intelligent apes!  Wow!


From that point on I was hooked on the Apes movies-all five in the first wave.  Later Tim Burton would offer his own interpretation and eventually a new series of computer generated apes would star in a reboot of the original series.


potapes.jpgAbrams ComicArts presents its Planet Of The Apes The Original Tops Trading Card Series book that beautifully recreates the classic series of Apes trading cards from the original first movie of the series of five films, the TV show and Tim Burton’s version.


After an interesting introduction and history lesson about the cards pages recreates each card in all the series including autograph cards, special inserts and book art.  You’ll go ‘Ape’ over it.


Who loves Spongebob Squarepants?  I know I do and so do millions of other fans of the quirky animated series starring a sponge, a starfish, a crab and other undersea citizens.


Spongebob is so popular that an entire merchandise Mecca has been created, including comic books.


spongebob tc.jpgThe Spongebob Comics Treasure Chest by Stephen Hillenburg includes a select collection of some of the best Spongebob comic book adventures.


What makes the Spongebob comic book stories so unique is each and every one looks different than the other. 


An impressive studio of artists draws Spongeboob’s adventures in a variety of styles using different story structures and perspectives.


Every conceivable art style is used from fine line illustrations to outrageous abstract images.


Regardless of the techniques used each story is hilarious and chock full of fun.


It’s a veritable underwater wonderland of whimsy, wit and wry humor.  I still don’t understand how they can light fires underwater.


The deluxe hardbound book comes in a custom die-cut slipcase that is sure to make it a treasured addition to anyone’s comic book collection. 


previews-february-2018.jpgPreviews, February


Terry Moore: Strangers In Paradise Gallery Edition l ABSTRACT STUDIO

The Brothers Dracul #1 l AFTERSHOCK COMICS


Uber: The Complete First Series Slip Case Set l AVATAR PRESS INC

Robocop: Citizens Arrest #1 l BOOM! STUDIOS

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual #1 l BOOM! STUDIOS

Be Prepared GN/HC l :01 FIRST SECOND

Red Dog: The Complete Graphic Novel TP l 451 MEDIA GROUP

Archer Coe Volume 2: The Way of Dusty Death GN l ONI PRESS INC.


The Beatles: Yellow Submarine HC l TITAN COMICS

The Prisoner #1 l TITAN COMICS

The Art and Making of Tomb Raider HC l TITAN COMICS


Homestuck Book 1: Acts 1 & 2 HC l VIZ MEDIA LLC

Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction Gn Vol 01 l VIZ MEDIA LLC





International Cheesecake: Good Girl Comics from Around the World HC l ART BOOKS

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Imaginarium HC l ART BOOKS

Marvel’s The Avengers: Ultimate Guide Updated Expanded HC l COMICS

Back to the Future Pop Classic Illustrated Storybook HC l MOVIE/TV


Horrorhound 2018 Spring Annual Special l HORROR

Cinefex #158 l MOVIE/TV

Star Wars Insider #180 l STAR WARS


Topps 2018 Baseball Series 2 Trading Cards l TOPPS COMPANY

Topps 2018 The Walking Dead: Road To Alexandria Trading Cards l NON-SPORTS CARDS


Batman: “Utility Belt” Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Deadpool: “Skull Shot” Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Star Wars: TIE Advanced Silver Snow Heather T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR


Superman Universal Symbol T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS



Dc Comics: Rebirth Deathstroke Unmasked Statue l DC HEROES


Black Panther: Movie Black Panther ArtFX Statue l KOTOBUKIYA

Captain America: Civil War EA-028: Black Panther Figure l MARVEL HEROES

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Lucius Malfoy 1/6-Scale Figure l HARRY POTTER

Star Wars: A New Hope: Millennium Falcon 1/72-Scale Model Kit l STAR WARS

Star Wars: Elite Praetorian Guard ArtFX+ Statue 2-Pack l STAR WARS

Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Shizue Isabelle “Winter Outfit” Nendoroid l NENDOROIDS

Overwatch: D.Va “Classic Skin” Nendoroid l NENDOROIDS

A Clockwork Orange: Alex MAF EX Figure l MOVIE/TV

Robocop MAF EX Figure l MOVIE/TV

Crash Bandicoot: Aku Aku Life Size Mask l VIDEO GAMES

Kingdom Hearts II: Keyblade Kingdom Chain Proplica l VIDEO GAMES


Harry Potter: Dumbledore’s Army Light Up Notebook l SD TOYS

Harry Potter: Lord Voldemort Light Up Notebook l SD TOYS

Star Trek: The Next Generation: 30th-Anniversary Poster Set l STAR TREK


Stranger Things: Eggo Card Game l HASBRO TOY GROUP

Stranger Things: Monopoly l HASBRO TOY GROUP

Stranger Things: Ouija Game l HASBRO TOY GROUP

Stranger Things: Screen Test Game l HASBRO TOY GROUP

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game Core Set l MANTIC GAMES



Harvey Comics and The Time Tunnel


When I was about six years old my mother and I visited my aunt in Kentucky.  She lived in the country in a two-story Victorian style home. 


They raised tobacco, corn, cows, pigs and chickens. 


For a small town boy visiting there it was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately other than exploring and hanging around the barn and pastures there wasn’t a lot to do.


About a mile from the farm was a little hamlet consisting of about dozen stores.  One of those stores was Rexall Drugstore.


Besides selling drugs and personal hygiene products the store also had a soda fountain and a magazine rack including two comic book spinner racks. 


About three times a week I walked to the drugstore, bought a coke or ice cream cone and perused the spinner rack.


It was there I discovered Harvey Comic Books.


I was hooked.  I loved reading the adventures of Casper, Wendy, Spooky, Little Lotta, Dot, Richie Rich, Audrey and literally dozens of other characters’ adventures.


Mom loved the Harvey Comics because she considered them ‘safe’ without any violence, sex, dirty words and the like.  I loved them for the stories (I still do).


As the years progressed and my tastes changed and I gravitated to super-heroes (primarily Marvel Comics).  I still occasionally picked up a copy of Harvey Comics.


Over the years I’ve became something of an expert on the history of comic books.  I thought I knew it all.  I even knew that Harvey Comics during its long history published different types of comic books of all genres.  Yeah, I had it all figured out.


Until I picked up a copy of Mark Arnold’s The Harvey Comics Companion, published by BearManor Media.  Boy, did I get an eye-opener!


I tip my hat to the incredible amount of Harvey Comics history writer Mark Arnold has compiled.  I never knew there was so much history, publications and interesting facts about Harvey Comic Books.


Starting from its early days back in the late 1930s the book chronicles the many transformations, changes and ultimately the final publishing of kid-friendly comics Harvey is famous for.


Included in the book is a complete history layout starting with conception and on.  Sketches, book designs, original art, merchandize tie-ins, movie and TV projects-it’s all contained in this HUGE paperback book containing so much comic book goodness that any red-blood comic book collector will love.  It’s a veritable festival of fun stuff that brings back fond memories and childhood fun.


Writer/director/producer Irwin Allen produced, wrote and directed a slew of science fiction TV shows during the 1960s.  They consisted of Lost In Space, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Land Of The Giants and (my favorite) The Time Tunnel.


While I enjoyed the other shows The Time Tunnel held a special attraction to me.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to travel in time?


I’ve always been fascinated with time travel and The Time Tunnel satiated my appetite for traveling to the past and the future.


The story centers on two scientists who become lost in time and the efforts by their fellow scientists to retrieve them. 


Each jump in time sends the scientists into dangerous territory only to be whisked away at the last possible moment to another timeline.


Pirates, aliens, the Old West, a trip to the stars-every possible scenario was explored at breakneck speed.


Although the special visuals effects of the time seem primitive by today’s standards the show’s production were high and producer Irwin Allen always got his money’s worth and it showed on the small screen.


Martin Grams Jr.s’ The Time Tunnel A History Of The Television Program delves deeply into the making of the show.


Readers get a real sense as to the complexity, effort and talent that goes into making a TV program-specifically a sconce fiction show.


The book is filled to the brim with interviews, behind-the-scenes shenanigans and workings, stock and candid photos of cast and crew, insights as to how the special effects were made, production secrets, set designs and so much more.


Each episode is examined from stunts, to special effects, direction, pivotal scenes, bloopers and everything else that had to do with production.


Like the series’ premise the book is a true time travel device taking readers back to a time to the 1960s when some of the greatest TV series were created-The Time Tunnel being one of them.



Giant Lizards, Thunder Lizards, and Prehistoric Reptiles: no matter what you call them humanity has always been fascinated by dinosaurs.

In Dinosaurs 300 Prehistoric Creatures, from Amber Books, dinosaurs and creatures from prehistoric times are given their just due.

Every Herbivore or Carnivore creature from millions of years ago is pictured along with full species information, stats and even the correct pronunciation of their names.

From water to land to the air each and every scale, fur and feather covered beastie is represented with full-color illustrations.

There’s even a section on what the different ages of dinosaurs are.

So the next time you come across a dinosaur pull out this handy dinosaur’s handbook to identify them-provided of course of who sees who first.


Petrocelli and Mannix

There was a time in the late 1960s up until the late 1970s that tough cops, detectives, lawyers and all-around crime-fighters dominated TV screens.

The shows spotlighted rough and tough individuals who were hard on crime, clever, resourceful, usually ladies men and even in some cases disabled, old or physically rotund (Ironsides, Barnaby Jones and Cannon comes to mind).

I loved them all.  They were anti-heroes cut from a different cloth.

One such hero was Anthony J. Petrocelli, a disgruntled East-Coast lawyer who ditched the fast-paced lifestyle for simpler meadows-the West.

What made the Petrocelli series so unique is that’s its star appeared to have clients that were guilty-only Petrocelli always managed to find that one glitch or fact out of place that proved their innocence.

Author Sandra Grabman and BearManor-Media present the ultimate Petrocelli resource with their new book: Petrocelli An Episode Guide And Much More.

The book is far more than an episode guide although it does supply full episode descriptions, cast and crew listing and airdates.

What makes the book especially interesting is the history of the series, personal recollections by cast and crew, behind-the-scenes tidbits and candid photos. There’s even a foreword by show’s star: Barry Newman and commentaries by the costars Susan Howard and Albert Salmi!

My favorite tough guy series starred Mike Connors as Mannix, the no-nonsense, pistol-packing, fist-swinging private eye with the heart of gold and the wit and know-how to stop the most notorious of bad guys.

It seemed like every week Mannix was knocked unconscious, faced off the bad guys in abandoned warehouses and always discovered the truth, got the girl and saved the day.

What can I say-the formula worked!  I loved it`!

And Now, Back To Mannix, written by JoAnn M. Paul, is a loving tribute to the detective with a heart of gold and fists of steel.  For all-out action the series could not be beat.  If you loved bullets flying, fists flashing, cars racing and crime-busting then Mannix was the series to watch.

The book is not an episode book or a behind-the-scenes expose.  Rather it delves into the character of Mannix, the myth, mannerisms, symbolism, character development and the legend of the detective series that dared to be tough and touching at the same time.

To get a real ‘feel’ of what the series was really about take the time to read each and every line as the book successfully unveils the secrets of the series’ success on so many levels.

Mike Connors provided the foreword with a prologue by David Breckman, the mind behind Monk.

wind in the willows.jpegThe Wind In The Willows
and The Brothers Grimm
Fairy Tales

The classics.  When it comes to books, especially children’s’ book, the classics are hard to beat.

In this age of digital magic, mass media, social media and instant gratification taking the time to sit down and read a book is becoming more and more uncommon.

As a society we pride ourselves on our cleverness and scientific and cultural advances.  Pride might be a misleading description.  It’s more like we fool ourselves.

brothers grimm.jpegAll too often we assume just because something was created decades or hundreds of years ago it is primitive and (let’s be honest) not worth our time to read or look at.

I beg to differ.

Long before TV, movies, social media and the like existed there were writers who were masters of their trade.  That’s why so many of the ‘classics’ still hold up today and are required reading for anyone seriously going into writing or journalism.

Thunder Bay Press proudly presents two classic collections of children’s stories both beautifully illustrated by famed artist Arthur Rackham.

The Wind In The Willows introduces young readers to Mr. Toad and other woodland and swamp creatures.

These are the tales that have warmed the hearts and thrilled the minds of children for generations.

Written by Kenneth Grahame, The Wind In the Willows is sure to be a surefire hit with kids.

The imagination inspired tales captivates impressionable young minds and are guaranteed to become a family favorite.

Just as imaginative and inspiring is The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales containing such classic fairy tales as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Tom Thumb and dozens more.

Every child is familiar with the time-honored tales and is sure to love this stellar collection.

Both books are lovingly recreated in its classic style with gold embossed cover text; heavy cloth bound bindings, ribbon bookmarks and containing full-color and black and white illustrations by Rackham.

FSF735.jpgThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, #735, January/February


Jewel of the Heart



Galatea in Utopia

The Donner Party




A List of Forty-Nine Lies           

An Equation of State    

The Equationist

A Feather on Her Cap  


This Way         

Dear Creator    


Books to Look For        


Films: Get Off the Sink and Other Unheeded Commandments   

Plumage from Pegasus: Toy Sorry

Coming Attractions      



Arthur Masear, Bill Long, S. Harris.


Mondolithic Studios for "Galatea In Utopia"


Strange Cinema and Transformers


strange cinema.jpgThere’s strange and then there’s Strange Cinema.  Author Michael Vaughn and Schiffer Books present The Ultimate Guide To Strange Cinema.


There are films so odd, so strange and some so bad that they can’t help but be memorable.


Weird science, off-beat comedies, unlikely romances and every other type of film genre have their share of unusual and non-conformist films.


For lovers of these quirky, weird and ‘unique’ films this book is a must.


Films from all over the world are spotlighted with insider information and tidbits about each, full cast and crew listings, photos and more cover 300 of the strangest films ever made.


Many of today’s top directors, writers and actors starred in or were associated with many of the films. 


Get ready to take a trip and visit cinema at its strangest.


transformers.jpgThe Unofficial Guide To Vintage Transformers looks back on the mechanized toys from the 1980s and 1990s courtesy of writer and researcher J.E. Alvarez.


Transformers toys are as popular as ever even considering the lackluster attendance of the last Transformers movie.


The most sought after Transformers toys are the vintage toys, especially in their original packaging.


Each and every Transformers figure, both small and large and every one in-between, is included. 


Special editions, variants and even other Transformer classic material is included in this huge, hardbound, full-color photographs filled book that is sure to please the most die-hard Transformers fan.


radio shows.jpgThe Top 100 Classic
Radio Shows


Mention radio and most people immediately think of music and talk-radio.


Mention radio to Baby-Boomers, their parents and grandparents and you may get a completely different take.


Long before TV people were entertained by radio.


Families would sit around their living room each evening and listen to the latest comedy act, drama, thriller and just about any other genre prevalent on TV and in movies nowadays.


Without pictures people were required to use their imaginations to fill in the visuals.  Radio was king and people love d it.


As a Baby-Boomer myself I remember listening to Bob Hope, Jack Benny, The Lone Ranger and plethora of other radio personalities. 


I caught the tail-end of the radio revolution.  Fortunately a local radio station plays old radio programs on the weekends and I listen when I can.


Authors Carl Amari and Martin Grams Jr., and Portable Press present a compendium of The Top 100 Classic Radio Shows in their book by the same title.


This gorgeous hardbound book features a cover spotlighting several of the famous radio acts of the past and spot varnished radio on its cover. 

Inside readers are treated to classic radio programs lovingly detailed with interesting fact and photos.


Comedy, Dramas, Mystery& Detective, Sci-fi & Kids, Variety and Western & Adventure shows are all represented.


They provide a wonderful stroll down Memory Lane of more innocent times when jokes were clean, the good guy always won and your imagination could run wild.


Three Audio CDs are included containing six shows with an additional 72 shows free as downloads.


Relive yesteryear when radio ruled the airways.



and Squirrels


Disney and Parragon Books Ltd.: a perfect combination.  Mention Disney books and Parragon comes to mind.


Parragon does an outstanding job of translating Disney classics and characters to all sorts of books from story books to activities.


This time around Parragon concentrates on Disney Princesses with a trio of books kids are sure to enjoy, read and to do the activities.


princess-tin.jpgThe Disney Princess Mini Tin stars almost all of Disney’s cinema Princesses in a super-collection that includes a 64-page Activity Book, over 20 Stickers and a Sticker Scenes.


Filled with colorful illustrations, fun activities, puzzles and other fun things to do the activity books offers hours of puzzles to solve, problems to unravel and much more.


To add to the fun a fold-out, full-color magical scenes  lets kids create their own Princess scene using the 20 Stickers.


Everything comes in a colorful, embossed Mini Tin for safe keeping.


The Disney Tangles The Series The Dreamer In Me takes quizzes, diary pages, stickers, puzzles, activities and much, much more to whole new level.


The small, square-bound book features a sparkle cover starring Rapunzel pondering about her Secret Journal.


Wrapped in a protective clear, plastic cover the journal can be removed or left in its protective sleeve.


The sleeve also includes a clever zip tab compartment and tab sleeves in the front flap for sliding in notes, writing supplies and ‘secret’ stuff.


The problem is with most activity books are that they get completed and can never be used again.


wipe-clean.jpgThe Wipe-Clean Activity Book solves that problem in clever and unique way.


Kids can enjoy the Disney Princess activities over and over again using the spiral-bound and maker-included Activity Book.  There’s even a handy handle cut out of the top of the book!


It’s simplicity itself!  Using the Wipe-Clean Marker kids simply wipe their pages clean.  Each page boasts a slick, glossy surface that the Marker easily wipes off of.


Mix and match, puzzle-solving and much more can be repeated over and over. 


All of the Disney Princess Puzzle and Activity Books include answers in the back of each book to every puzzle and activity.


Join two lovable and cute squirrels as they explore the woods and waters around their tree home in a delightful new book: Walk With Me, written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Olivia Chin Mueller.


Young children are sure to love the adventures of the two squirrels as they climb trees, meet other forest and stream animals and fly with their bird friends.


It’s a heartfelt and family-friendly story of two good friends and the importance of home.



Prpreviews-january-2018.jpgeviews, January





Crossed +100: Mimic #1 l AVATAR PRESS INC

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 l BOOM! STUDIOS

Lucy Dreaming #1 l BOOM! STUDIOS


Pathfinder: Spiral of Bones #1 l D. E./DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT

Encounter #1 l LION FORGE

The Ballad of Sang #1 l ONI PRESS INC.

Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection Volume 1 GN l SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LLC

Factory #1 l TITAN COMICS

Sea of Thieves #1 l TITAN COMICS

Dragon Slayer: Folk Tales From Latin America SC/HC l TOON GRAPHICS


Mermaid Boys Volume 1 GN l YEN PRESS




DC Comics Variant Covers: The Complete Visual History l COMICS

Drawn To Purpose: American Women Illustrators and Cartoonists l COMICS

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious HC l COMICS YOUNG READERS

Doctor Who: The Day She Saved the Doctor HC l DOCTOR WHO / TORCHWOOD

Star Wars: The Last Jedi HC l STAR WARS



Scary Monsters 2018 Yearbook Monster Memories l HORROR



Bowman 2018 Baseball Trading Cards l TOPPS COMPANY

Solo: A Star Wars Story Trading Cards l NON-SPORTS CARDS

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 & 2 Trading Cards l CRYPTOZOIC ENTERTAINMENT



Deadpool: Irresponsible Bullets Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Captain America: Captain Leap Navy T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Christmas Zero Red T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

TMNT: Oozey Does It Smoke Heather T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Doctor Who: Monsters Montage Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Doctor Who: Alice X. Zhang Sublimation TARDIS Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR

Justice League: Save The World T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS

Justice League: The Flash Symbol II T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS



Pacific Rim 2 Select Series 2 Action Figure l DIAMOND SELECT TOYS & COLLECTIBLES

DC Bombshells Series 3 Vinyl Figure l CRYPTOZOIC ENTERTAINMENT

Overwatch: Colossal Bastion 8-Inch Vinyl Figure l BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT

One-12 Collective: Thor Ragnarok: Thor Action Figure l MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE

One-12 Collective: Thor Ragnarok: Gladiator Hulk Figure l MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE

MMPR Legacy 1/4-Scale Helmet Collection l POWER RANGERS



Resident Evil Vendetta: Leon S. Kenedy ArtFX Statue l KOTOBUKIYA

Marvel: Captain Marvel Bishoujo Statue l KOTOBUKIYA

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: First Order Stormtrooper Executioner ArtFX+ l KOTOBUKIYA

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight ArtFX+ Statue l KOTOBUKIYA

Thor Ragnarok: Hulk S.H.Figuarts l MARVEL HEROES

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: EA-035: Floating Millennium Falcon Figure l STAR WARS

Dragon Ball Super Dracap Memorial PVC Statues l DRAGONBALL SUPER

Overwatch: Genji “Classic Skin” Nendoroid l NENDOROIDS

Overwatch: Hanzo “Classic Skin” Nendoroid l NENDOROIDS



Batman: Gotham City 4D Mini Puzzle l DC HEROES

Rick and Morty: Ship Bank l MOVIE/TV



Starfinder PRG: Pact Worlds HC l PAIZO INC

Rick and Morty Munchkin l USAOPOLY


almanac.jpg150th Anniversary Edition!
The World Almanac And
Book Of Facts 2018


I enjoy looking stuff up on the internet.  Finding little tidbits of information and using it for research has its advantages.  It also has its share of disadvantages.


The number one disadvantage is using search engines can be somewhat tedious and time-confusing if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.


Facts and figures tend to be dispersed and not always in one place.


Rosen Publishing and the World Almanac have the solution: their 150th Anniversary Edition! The World Almanac And Book Of Facts 2018.


Inside the book is an invaluable cache of information ranging from geography, history, medicine-in fact practically every known science, study and subject tabulated is in the Almanac.


Subjects are logically listed and include charts, maps, photos and a plethora of pertinent information.


To commemorate its 150th Anniversary, the Almanac includes a number of special features such as new topics, 2017 year in pictures, sports statistics and much more.


For a quick, accurate and easy to use reference on just about anything, the 2018 World Almanac is a must.


beastsalinechristmas.jpgPeanuts Christmas, Alien and Fantastic Beasts


What better way to celebrate Christmas than by joining Running Press as it presents ‘The Peanuts Guide To Christmas’?


Snoopy takes center stage on the book’s cover as he holds his candy cane decorated food dish in his mouth.


Inside readers celebrate the holiday season with whole Peanuts gang as they put up Christmas decorations, write Santa, take part in Christmas fun and festivities and much more as illustrated by classic Peanuts comic strips.


It’s a holly, jolly Christmas with everyone’s favorite group of kids with Snoopy and Woodstock along for the ride.


Without a doubt the ‘Alien’ movie changed science fiction and horror movie genres forever.


The ‘Alien Deluxe Mega Kit’ features a miniature Xenomorph head, complete with transparent skull top and jaws that open and extend inner jaws with a slight downward tug on one of its back spines.


The creature howls, screeches and looks as every bit as frightening as its movie namesake.  A small full-color photo mini-book is also included filled with scenes from the classic movie.


A modern day classic film: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, introduced a pre-Harry Potter world populated by magic and monsters.


The ‘Newt Scamander’s Case Deluxe Mega Kit’ includes a miniature suitcase that when opened pops out two beastly clawed hands and shrieks!


It also comes with a small book filled with full-color photos from the movie.


Christmas or creatures—whatever one you choose you can’t lose this holiday season.




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