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Link Strike and Code Of The Duelist

For all you Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game enthusiasts out there you’re in for a big surprise with not just one, but two, new releases to brighten up your day and make your YGO game play even more fun and challenging!

The YGO Link Strike Starter Deck from Konami includes 43 cards:

38 Common Cards
2 Ultra Rare Cards
3 Super Rare Cards
1 Beginner’s Guide
1 updated Game Mat with new Extra Monster Zones

Get ready to control monsters to the graveyard.  Learn how to play your cards and when to play them.  It’s a whole new way to play!

The YGO Code Of The Duelist Booster Foil Packs includes nine Cards per Pack.

Code Of The Duelist is the newest 100-Card YGO Booster Set.

It combines Fusion, Ritual, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum, and the brand-new Link Monsters.

A new era of Dueling is introduced where the position of your cards matters just as much as the cards you play.

Look for Link Monsters and how to incorporate your Code Of The Duelist Cards with Link Strike.


lights.jpgBattles Of Legend

What comes in a Foil Pack and consists of 5 Cards?

What offers hours of excitement and challenges that combines, martial arts, science, magic and a plethora of monsters, creatures and humans battling it out?

What provides fun for gamers 6 years old and up and makes for a great way for family and friends to get together--and—features stunning Foil artwork?

Go on, guess!

That’s right! Konami’s new Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game: Battles Of Legend Light’s Revenge incorporates famous Duels from the animated YGO series and championship cards from real-life Minerva.

Fantasy and reality combine to bring a whole new level of excitement to Yu-Gi-Oh!

Look for some very special Cards along with Cards from GX D/D/D monsters and more.

If you love playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Then you’re sure to get excited when you open each 5 Card Booster Pack.

Look at what you can get:

Total of 80 all-foil cards-- 60 Ultra Rares and 20 Rares.
Secret Link Strike--introduces the highly anticipated Link Monsters, and features 43 cards (38 Commons, 2 Ultra Rares, 3 Super Rares), a Beginner’s Guide and an updated Game Mat with new Extra Monster Zones.

Escape Room the GameEscape Room The Game

Do you like playing games but are tired of board games the offer little more than rolling dice and moving game pieces!

Do role-playing games test your patience when they drag on for hour, days and sometimes weeks and are so complicated they take all the fun of competition?

Are you tired of video games that drain all the imagination out of players, instead only offering stunning graphics and pre-determined outcomes?

If so, then Escape Room The Game from Spin Master (Identity Games International BV) is the game for you to end those boring game blues!

In Escape Room time is either your friend or enemy depending if you put in the right code in the Chrono Decoder.  Put in the wrong code and you loose precious minutes.  Put in the right code and you’ll proceed to part 2 and in part 3 you can even stop time itself!

Four keys are needed for each section.  Put them in the right order and you proceed.  Put them in the wrong order and time suddenly slips away!

No man is an island, as you’ll quickly learn, as players must work together to solve puzzles and find clues.

The Chrono Decoder starts ticking off 60 minutes.  Will you take away your time or add to it.  The intensity increases as players rush to move from part 1 to part 2 to part 3 and ultimately win the game. 

Will you escape during a ‘Prison Break’? Avoid the ‘Virus’?  Successfully outrun the “Nuclear Countdown’? Or find your way out of the ‘Temple Of The Aztec’?

Be sure to examine every clue from important documents to puzzles and floor plans so you can successfully escape and proceed to an even harder level.

With a little teamwork, quick wit and few hints dropped here and there you’ll survive—maybe.

Included with the game are:

An Electronic Chrono Decoder

A Hint Card Decoder

16 Keys

32 Hint Cards

4 Different Adventure Pack

Game Rules.

Additional Expansion Sets will be available in 2017.  And don’t forget the download the Escape Room App for some real ‘mood’ music.


Jeopardy!, Tension,

This That & Everything and Urban Myth

Has your 'life' become nothing more than a 'trivial pursuit'?  Has your time become 'monopolized' and mundane?  Are you ready to take a 'risk' and take-on a new 'operation'?

The best way to do that is to expand your mind, face new challenges and increase your knowledge.

Forget TV, movies and video games.  What you need is a good old-fashioned dose of game play and Outset Media has just the games for you!

Each and everyone is guaranteed to test your knowledge, perfect your gaming skills and hone your competitive edge.

Four new games will challenge you and your entire family, ages 12 and up.

My wife and I are big fans of the TV show Jeopardy!.  Most evenings we sit and watch and match our knowledge against the contestants.  Unfortunately Jeopardy! only comes on once a day so its not always convenient for us to watch as we may have other things to do that take up our schedules.

Never fear! Outset Media has the answer with its new Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition that proves every bit as exciting and challenging as the TV version.

One player is the host while other players take on the tough questions derived from all different areas of knowledge such as history, popular culture, etc.

Just like the TV series players play Jeopardy!, Double Jeopardy! and Final Jeopardy!-all of which are timed.  The game includes 252 Cards, 6 Game Stands and 1 Bell.     

Feeling a little tense?  You ain't seen nothing yet! The Tension game ups the ante as it challenges you to make 10 correct matches in under 60 seconds!

All gamers have to do is match the answers on game cards!  It's fast, fun, frantic and frustrating!  It's Tension. Two hundred Double-sided Cards, an Answer Tracker, a 1 Minute Sand Timer, a Game Board and 2 Pawns are included.

Is your team up to the challenge?

So you think you know it all?  Want to prove it?  This That & Everything will put your knowledge to the test as you attempt to describe six people, places and things in 30 seconds!

It takes a real team effort and lightening fast answers to win this game.  Do you have the brains to pull it off?

Game contents include 396 Cards, a Score Pad, a 30-Second Timer and Instructions.

Are you ready for the truth?  The truth is in here with Urban Myth.

Not everything you've heard or read it true.  Many of the things we take as facts are nothing more than hearsay and products of overactive imaginations.

In Urban Myth you're tested to determine if you can tell the truth from myth.

Two or more players must differentiate between pop-culture myth and fact in a game that is sure to challenge just how savvy gamers are.

Completely unique, Urban Myth includes 6 Game tokens, 6 True/Myth Voting Cards, 500 Game Cards, 1 Game Board and 1 Instruction sheet.

As with all the new Outset Media games Urban Myth comes packaged in a heavy paper stock box that will stand up to years of play, colorful game pieces and cards and easy-to-follow instructions.

I can't wait to play each game with my friends and family.  All the game provide a great way to learn new facts while having a wonderful time with those we love.


Dice Heist, Octo Dice and

Doomtown Saddlebag Expansion

Are you up for a little larceny?  Is you inner thief peeking its ugly head into your consciousness?  Does the thought of ill-gotten gain get your blood stirring?

Do you succumb? After all what's a little thievery among friends?

In Alderac Entertainment Group's (AEG) Dice Heist game two to five players take on the roles of international thieves who individually set out to heist valuable artifacts, gems and other assorted fabulous riches.

It's thief pitted against thief as you recruit Sidekicks (or go it alone), steal the precious items before the other thieves in the game do and make your successful escape. 

Who will be the premiere thief and get the goods?  The role of the dice determines who goes first and with the flip and play of the cards you choose a location and its treasure to heist, pick a Sidekick and attempt the heist.

Rolls of the dice also determine the security of said location and if you succeed or fail.

At the end of the game players tally up their heists, artifacts, gems and paintings.  Whoever has the highest score wins!

Included in the game are 15 Dice, 56 Cards and a Rulebook.

The nice things about AEG Games are they are easy to understand, simple to set up and yet provide strategy challenges, exciting game play and accessibility for all ages.

No long drawn-out dice or card combinations, precise calculations and seemingly endless rules and memorization. 

Equally fun is Octo Dice.

In this game you take on the role of deep-sea researchers, age 14 and up with a total of four players.

Something has gone wrong at the underwater research station AquaSphere.

Tools and bots have stopped working. Players must find out what is wrong and fix it-quick, before the competition does.

Lab expansion, crystal analysis, submarine docking, bot repair and activation and the capture of Octobots must be done as quickly as possible.

But, there may be spies making your accumulation of knowledge fraught with danger. Role the dice, refer to lab tiles and markers and tally up your score to see who wins.

It's all-out undersea action and intrigue that is fast-paced and can hit players like a tsunami!

A Scoring pad, 6 Dice, 9 Tiles, 16 Makers and Rulebook are included.

History has changed, the Confederacy has survived, the Indian Nations are in an uprising, monsters and other ghosts and ghoulies room The Old West and the super fuel Ghost Rock has advanced technology to a dangerous level in a primitive land.

Soon there arise heroes to fight the growing number of the evil. Gomorra (Doomtown) has a huge strike of Ghost Rock, which brings with every type of fortune hunter (good and bad) out of the woodwork.

It's up to the law in Ghost Town to keep law and order-and that's a 'tall' order.

Choose your side, your characters, your claim, your weapons and make your play.

You decide your strategy with a little magic and subterfuge thrown in for good measure.

It's the Old West like you've never seen it before.

Be sure to pick up Doomtown Saddlebag Expansion: The Curtain Rises the offers Doomtown's sheriff a new ally against the evil Fourth Ring Circus.  But is it too little or too late?

A Story Sheet and 84 beautifully illustrated Game Cards are included.

Draw partner!


chronicles-of-darknessChronicles Of Darkness Revised Storytelling System Rulebook

Have you ever gone into an empty room and thought you saw something or someone out of the corner of your eye?  Have you seen indistinguishable shapes lingering in the shadows?

Have you ever heard unusual sounds that you know emanate from nothing animal or human?  Are there monsters under your bed or in your closet?  Do witches, warlocks, demons, monsters and other ghoulies exist?

I for one believe they do.  As a Christian I know there are unseen evil forces at work that if witnessed would chill your blood and send your heart racing.

There are evil forces present all around us, manipulating events and seeking out those they can destroy or coerce.

In The Chronicles Of Darkness Revised Storytelling Rulebook gamers are given a tour of worlds very much like our own (or maybe it is our world) that are populated by things that go bump in the night.

The Rulebook explains to gamers how to create such imaginative worlds, game scenarios, characters and the who, what, where and how of each game campaign.

Certain rules must be adhered to such as limits of powers, abilities and the like.  Storytellers are responsible for creating scenarios and drawing other gamers into their dark realms and continuing to keep the games exciting, involving the gamers and responsible for moving the adventures forward.

Examples and tips in the Rulebook aid both game masters and participants as to the possibilities of the game and what to expect from the unexpected.

Experience, accumulated knowledge and teamwork drives each game scenario forward, encourages more complex game mechanics and ultimately draws both novice and veteran gamers into each exciting excursion into the unknown.

The Chronicles Of Darkness Revised Storytelling Rulebook by Onyx Path Publishing makes for the perfect reference for those about to enter the worlds of the macabre, horrific and mystical.  Are you ready to delve into the dark?


World's Finest Dice Masters

What do you get when you combine the very best of dice games with Collectible Card games?  You get Wizkids/NECA's DC Comics World's Finest Dice Masters game.

Here's the game in a nutshell.  The two-payer games has each player command their group of heroes as represented by the dice.

By rolling the dice players determine what resources they have, buy more dice, send their team members into the game play and strike at the enemy mastermind. 

Who ever has their resources reduced to zero, loses.  Of course there are many facets to the game such as play actions, global abilities, dice strategy and much more but those abilities come about with more game play. 

The enclosed Rulebook in the 2-Play Starter Set goes into extensive detail about the game mechanics and strategy.  The more you play, the more you know, the better your chances of winning.

The 2-Player Starter Set comes with 44 Custom Dice that include: 12 Basic Action Dice, 16 Character Dice and 16 Sidekick Dice.

Thirty nine Cards are also included and they are 24 Character Cards, 10 Basic Action Cards, 4 Color Reminder Cards and 1 Checklist Card. 

A Rulebook and 2 Dice Bags also come with the Starter Set.

Additional Foil Packs can also be purchased each containing 2 Cards and 2 Dice.

No World's Finest Dice Master game can be complete without the official Playmat that has pre-printed sections for Dice and Card placement and a Life Bar.

All of the game components feature colorful DC character art, easy to decipher graphics and eye-catching packaging.  


4birdcageGo Fish!, Old Maid and War

Almost everyone (especially kids) is familiar with the cards games War, Old Maid and Go Fish!  There's nothing particularly difficult about each game.

Gamers play by discarding cards on a stack.  The higher value card wins the opponent's card.  The player who wins the most, or all, of the cards is the winner, with slight variations.

Games are played with a standard card deck of 52 for National Parks and 36 with the Battle Cards.

Fast, easy and predictable...unless you are playing with a Birdcage Press's deck of cards.

Who would ever of thought that simple card games like War, Old Maid and Go Fish! could be educational?

Why settle for ordinary card game when you can learn all about history, important facts and special events-all complemented by beautiful full-color art and photos?

52 amazing Places National Parks offers card players a panoramic tour of the most beautiful spots and awe-inspiring landscapes of U.S. National Parks complete with interesting information.  It's like going on a road trip without leaving your home!

Battle Card sets: Military Jets, Aircraft and Spacecraft not only offer full-color photos, illustrations and interesting facts they also allow game players to take part in historical flights, life or death aerial battles and explore the planets and space!

Each of the War (Battle) card games also comes with a 28-page fact book for even more historical facts and exciting game play.

What a totally unique way to pump new life into classic cards games.  Kids and adults learn as they play. They're great for the whole family!


thwack  heroes & Villains Trivia Game

Thwack and Heroes & Villains

Family Games America FGA Inc. knows what it takes to make great games and puzzles.

There is nothing more satisfying than to play a game that takes brains and strategy to win and a puzzle that challenges your imagination and intuition.

Heroes & Villains Trivia Game is one of five games available through FGA's A Matter Of Fact trivia set of games.

A single small deck of red face cards challenges gamers to solve what comic book villain or heroe is referred to on the white side of the cards.

How difficult are the answers?  Here's a clue: I've been a comic book collector for over 50 years and I still had difficulty answering all of the questions.

The single deck is packaged in a small steel box with instructions on the back for a single player.

Eight puzzles make up FGA's Kapowie Puzzles.

The Thwack puzzle dares puzzle players to release a prized metal ring from its metal entrapment.  Sound easy?  Don't bet on it! 

The solution is included but challenge yourself and try to figure it out.  Talk about a brain teaser!

Thwack is packaged in a metal box with a single clear plastic window at the bottom of the box. 

Both puzzle and game are real challenges, cleverly packaged and make for great fun for your brain.

It's time to put away your video game and mediocre puzzles and take it up a notch with Family Games America FGA Inc.