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bluemuffs.pngKids HearMuffs


Call me old-fashioned but I don’t remember the amount of loud noises everywhere when I was growing up.


It seems nowadays that wherever you go there are noise-lots of them-loud noises-unnecessary loud noises.


Radios blasting, movies that shake the theater with their soundtracks, traffic, sporting events, and shopping malls—there’s no escaping loud noises.


As adults we tend to tune-out most of the noises-or at least we try to.


But, what about young children?  Do they need to be bombarded from sound every second of every day?  Whatever happened to quiet times?


kidmuffs.jpgAs a former teacher and a parent and grandparent I constantly warn kids (and their parents) that loud noises are detrimental to their child’s (and their own hearing). 


If I child is raised around loud noises from an early age it WILL have an effect on their hearing when they get older.


I can’t count the times I used to have to repeat myself to my students because they could not hear me.  And when I say repeat-I mean repeat what I said it loudly!


There is a solution, or least part of a solution.


The most logical solution is to avoid loud noise as much as possible.  If that is not possible all the time then parents should consider Lucid Audio’s Kids HearMuffs.


Here’s how they work. 


The smooth adjustable foam headphones slip over a child’s head.  They are adjustable for growing children and are made of kid safe material.


The padded ear phones muffle and tone down loud noises when cupped over a child’s ears.


Made for kids five to ten years old the HearMuffs are perfect for keeping loud noises out at sporting events, concerts, movies or for establishing quiet times.


If it’s important to parents that their child’s hearing is preserved.  The HearMuffs muffle noise and ensure that when the child grows to adulthood they continue to have great hearing.



Spearhead VR Over-Ear Headphones


WOW!  I don’t know what else to say.  I’ve seen some pretty impressive headphones in my day but 1MORE’s Spearhead VR Over-Ear Headphones has to take top honors.


And I’m not just talking about the headphones themselves.  I’m talking about the entire package.


1-more-headphones.jpgLet me start with that first.


As a former professional graphic designer and package designer I have to say I am impressed.


When I received the headphones the first thing I noticed was that the box they came in.  Consisting of heavy-duty card stock the box features a three-fold lid and silk tabs for easy opening.


On the solid black box cover is a side view of the contained headphones super-imposed over an over-sized 1MORE logo.  Both are spot varnished to really make them pop visually.


Upon opening the flip-lid box you can see the headphones nestled in their protective form-fitting, hard plastic, vacuum-shaped display sleeve.  On each side of the sleeve are Velcro silk straps that hold the headphones securely in place.


Protecting the headphones is a three-tabbed, clear-plastic over-sleeve.


Inside, behind the headphones and sleeve, is small black box containing instructions, cables, a USB cable, a sticker, a product pamphlet and a sold-black, draw-string, heavy vinyl bag for transporting the headphones.


Now that’s product packaging and protection!


1-more-headphones-out-of-box.jpgOn to the headphones themselves.


Billed as the ‘world’s first THX headphones’ the Spearhead VR Over-Ear Headphones deliver incredible sound quality for video games, VR and through other audio devices.


I even used them with my computer when surfing the internet and watching videos and movie clips, watching DVDs or listening to music. 


I even used them with my Smart TV for unbelievable sound quality with 7.1 Channel Surround Sound for those times I want to watch a movie without disturbing other members of my family.


Other enhancements include a 50MM Maglev Graphene Driver for super-realistic sound and bass, Environmental Noise Cancelling for crystal clear communication without distracting background noise and the headphone’s solid steel construction and cushioned headband and adjustment steel arch guarantees the headphones will last long an remain comfortable.

Plug-in ports and controls are easy to access on one side of the headphones.  Look for Microphone controls, Vibrating Effect and a Retractable LED Lighting Tube.

The vivid LED Display offers 16 million customizable colors for your personal gaming preferences and the 3.5 MM Connector and USB Connector provide you with a wide range of connection possibilities for mobile devices, game consoles and computers.


For computer use be sure to download the Spearhead driver off the 1MORE website for full 7.1 surround-sound, super-bass VR shock wave, and customizable LED for your PC.


Although the instructions are not in English they are easy to follow with the illustrations provided.  English instructions can be found online on the 1MORE website.


If you love playing video games, listening to music, watching movies or just plugging into your TV these are the headphones for you.


Clean, crisp and dynamic sound quality is like nothing you’ve experienced before.



Professional Acrylics

For nearly four decades I made my living as a graphic designer and artist.


If there was one thing I learned it is that an artist is only good as the supplies he or she uses.


Shoddy pencils, low-grade paints and inferior paper can ruin a piece of art.


Golden Paints is a high-quality, paint manufacturing company that puts out excellent acrylic paints.


When choosing acrylic paints there are a few, important things I consider.


Golden Artist Colors’ ‘6 Professional Acrylics’ successfully qualifies for each.


Paint ease of use and application is important.  The 6 Professional Acrylics squeeze out in an even flow from the tubes and spread smoothly when using a paint brush and/or a palette knife.


Colors dilute smoothly with water and blending colors is even with no clumps or dark and light spots.


Paints of various colors easily blend or can be laid over each other offering complete opacity.


Too often acrylic paints tend to dry out too fast.  Golden Artist Colors’ acrylics keep moist long enough for blending and manipulation.  Adding a little water or extender lengthens drying time.


The intensity of the colors and their consistency from tube to tube is important especially with projects requiring large amounts of paint.


After reading up on Golden I am confident that their manufacturing and color consistency is topnotch.


Creating a painting with a palette knife requires paint that is easy to move about and once dried keeps its color and texture.  Golden Artist Colors’ acrylic paints do just that.


Overall I am both impressed and satisfied with the quality, consistency and ease of use of Golden Artist Colors’ 6 Professional Acrylics.  Thumbs up.



It's not often that I give such a 'glowing' review...and tasty too!


'Light up' any holiday or special event with GlowCicles™, the frozen party treat in six glowing colors, one great taste, that are sure to please and entertain kids and party goers.


You can even have them personalized!


Turn out the lights and watch them glow!


Buy the party pack and really 'light up' any party with the included glow sticks that will 'brighten up' your GlowCicle™  display.  Glow sticks make perfect necklaces, headbands and bracelets.  Glow sticks are not edible.


Things really 'get 'bright' starting this month.  Be sure to support GlowCicle™  on Kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/glowcicle.

Extreme-magicOpener---mO-DSC_0616+¦¦+The Extreme
Magic Opener

OK, OK, I get it.  I can hear it now from fellow collectors, "Why in the world are you reviewing of all things a bottle and can opener?"  "What has it got to do with collecting?"

Well, duh!  As a collector and all around nerd I tend to sequester myself in my own little collector cave and grab food now and again.  Comic books, books, toys, trading cards, video games, games-we're talking major junk food junkie here.  Sodas, canned foods-you get the drift.

And what better way to open these assorted goodies?  The Extreme Magic Opener of course!

Shaped like a yellow soda bottle The Extreme Magic Opener can open just about any food or liquid container.  No really!

Just flip it over and there are a can opener, small, medium and large plastic screw off caps grippers and a metal caped bottle opener.

Extra added goodies include a magnetic back for securing to a refrigerator and with its smooth ergonomic design it takes all the strain and pain out of opening containers.

Use it at home, work or play-it's the perfect opener!  

paiSpray Paint and
Paint Marker

It’s no secret that Liquitex sets the standard when it comes to artist acrylic paints and prep materials.  Known for its high quality products Liquitex has never rested on its laurels.  It introduces new and improved products on a consistent basic.

Two such new products are its Spray Paint and Paint Markers.

Liquitex’s Spray Paint is water-based, non-eye or skin irritant and dries permanently.

Utilizing Liquitex’s Color Spectrum ithe Spray Paint applies smoothly, allows artists to combine colors unlike traditional spray paint and can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Paint Markers use the same Color Spectrum, are water-based, apply smoothly and dry permanently.

Available in two tip sizes Liquitex’s Paint Markers allow artists to apply acrylic paint with precision and with their replaceable nibs and low odor Liquitex Paint Markers make Acrylic painting even more enjoyable.


As an art teacher and designer I primarily use Prismacolor’s color pencils for all my own, and classroom’s, color pencil needs.

I’ve always found Prismacolor color pencils to be the best-of-the-best when it comes to smooth, clean application, intensity of color and quality.

But did you know that Prismacolor is more than color pencils-much more?

Here are a few examples.

Prismacolor Premier brush two-tip markers compete head to head with some of the ‘other’ high-end markers.  (They know who they are!)  Colors flow easily from the fibers and brush tips with no residue, bleed over or sloppy lines. 

Prismacolor’s fine point markers offer clean, crisp and sharp lines in a variety of colors and the hard, yet flexible tips ensure consistent line width and no breakdown of fibers resulting in scratchy broken lines.

Prismacolor’s metallic pens provide a clean flow of metallic ink with no blotting or chunking of ink (no easy task considering the liquidity of metallic ink).

All of Prismacolor’s pen, ink and marker products offer high quality, clean and smooth application, just like its fantastic color pencils.

hobbitmusic12 Hole Tenor
Ocarina "The Hobbit"

“What is an Ocarina?” you ask.  To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure myself until STL Ocarina presented me with a sample.  Simply put, an Ocarina is a small, handheld, porcelain, musical instrument perforated with holes.  Think of it as compact flute.

I don’t pretend to be a musician.  As the saying goes< “I can’t play a radio.” But I can appreciate a fine piece of artwork, albeit a musical instrument.

STL Ocarina has just released a new set of Ocarina’s inspired by the hobbit films.  The sample I received is about 5 to 6 inches in length, has 12 holes, scroll decoration on a light green base color, a gold strip around its short mouthpiece and a deep brown cord for keeping the instrument secure in your hand and for securing to your person.

The Hobbit Ocarina is tuned in the key of C Major, with a pitch range of 13 notes. It also has the capability of performing sharps and flats.

Be sure to pick up a copy STL Ocarina’s ‘The Art of Ocarina” beginner’s Guide Volume 1 for C-Major 12 Hole Ocarina.  A demonstration CD is also included.

Lessons take you through 50 songs.  I’m excited!  I can’t wait to get started on my lessons.  I suddenly feel confident I can master the Ocarina and that’s quite a boast for a person who can’t hold a tune in a bucket.

crayola anniversaryCrayola Gold Medal

One hundred and ten years ago a simple yellow and green box containing eight colored wax sticks covered in paper premiered.  That box would change the world more than anyone thought possible.

That box contained the first set of crayons ever created and that simple box, created by Binney & Smith Co. opened a whole new world of color for children all over the world.  Often copied but never duplicated, Crayola crayons has changed a lot since then.  Hundreds of new colors have been created, color pencils, markers, drawing kits and so much more has sprung from eight color crayons.

Crayola has transformed from simplicity to immensity and evolved into a worldwide industry and phenomenon.

To celebrate 110 years of color, Crayola asked consumers to create new names for its original eight crayons.  A limited edition eight crayon commemorative box of crayons was created to house the crayons and can be purchased through Crayola's Facebook page.

Listed below are the eight original names along with their 21st Century nicknames:

·         Red - Ladybug

·         Orange  - Freshly Squeezed

·         Yellow - Sunny Side Up

·         Green - Jalapeno 

·         Blue - BeYOUtiful Blue

·         Purple - Peace, Love & Purple

·         Brown - Freckle

·         Black - Night Owl



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