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eliminator.jpgZZ Top Eliminator


What do you get when you combine a Rock and Roll group with a classic car?Why, the ZZ Top Eliminator of course!


Revell presents the 1/24 Scale, Level 4 (12 years and up) ZZ Top Eliminator (í33 Ford Coupe) plastic model kit.


ZZ Top guitarist Billy F. Gibbons commissioned Don Thelanís Buffalo Motors in 1976 to create the street legal Eliminator car to be showcased on ZZ Topís latest album cover.


The model kit faithfully recreates the classic R&R hotrod beginning with a solid red car chassis.Accessories are included on a chrome parts tree and the kit also includes a windshield/light parts tree, a decal sheet and complete assembly/decal and paint instructions. Four rubber tires are also included.


Once completed take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this four-wheel beast.


With its chrome trim and grill, low profile, full chrome undercarriage, maxed out motor with chrome trim, twin seats, full instrumentation, large swept fenders, seamless trunk and all the other accesory goodies, this is car really does rock and roll!


Parts fit snuggly together with little or no flashing, paint and decals are easy to apply using the instructions as a guide and before you know it you have a classic car front, back, top and bottom.


Millennium-Falcon,-Tie-Fighter,-X-Wing-Fighter,-At-M6-Walker,-Scooby-Doo-Bi-Plane-and-Ford-Fusion.jpgMillennium Falcon, Tie Fighter, X-Wing Fighter, At-M6 Walker, Scooby-Doo Bi Plane and Ford Fusion


Fans are super-excited about next Star Wars movie coming out: The Last Jedi.


Revell Models, in celebration of the upcoming movie release, has produced four new Star Wars The Last Jedi Build & Play SnapTite Model Kits.


They include the ĎFirst Order Heavy Assault AT-M6 Walkerí, ĎPoeís Boosted X-Wing Fighterí, ĎKylo Renís Tie Fighterí and the ĎMillennium Falconí.


Each and every model perfectly captures the exact look of the space vehicles from Kylo Renís Tie Fighterís sinister wing configuration and weaponry to the X-Wing Fighterís characteristic black and yellow fuselage and extra large engines and pilot and the AT-W6 Walker with its massive legs, heavy armor, impressive fire power and formidable appearance.


The X-Wing Fighter features takeoff, blaster and BB-8 Astromech Droid sounds, acockpit canopy that opens and closes, a battle ready pilot, wings that open into "Attack" mode and removable, retractable landing gear.


The Walker has a light up Cannon Blaster, battle action sounds, a full-motion positionable head and positionable legs and feet.


The Tie Fighter boasts a Kylo Ren figure, a light up engine, battle action sound and an opening cockpit hatch.


Each model requires no glue, paint or decals and also feature special lights and sounds characteristic of the craft they represent.Kids from eight years old and up can easily assemble each model with no fuss or muss.



Wait a minute!Didnít I say that there were four Star Wars model kits?Yep!I saved the best for last:my all-time favorite Star Wars spaceship: the Millennium Falcon.


Like the previous Star Wars model kits the Millennium Falcon comes in a box decorated with images from the upcoming movie, along with complete back panel and interior instructions for assembly.


sw2.jpgNow this is my kind of model kit!No glue, no paint and no decals.Everything is detailed, decorated and ready to snap together.


And what a snap it is!Within a few minutes I had a perfect 1/164 Scale Millennium Falcon including battle action sounds (from small machine gun fire and heavy-duty blasters to a roaring takeoff through hyperspace) lighted Hyper Drive Motivator, retractable landing gear, movable Laser Cannons and a positional antenna.


sw3.jpgRemove the battery protector slip, push one of the exhaust vents and the Falcon lights up and makes Hyper Drive and blasting sounds!Just like in the movies!


I didnít know that Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine Gang have a bi-plane!?But they do.





sw4.jpgThe SnapTite ĎScooby-Doo Bi Planeí model kit is as every bit as colorful as the Mystery Machine van.


Itís bright blue fuselage and wings, red and tail fin highlights, single prop, twin-seat and stationary wheels also comes with Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and Velma figures also in full color matching their trademark attire.


Did I mention it also features a spinning prop, functioning wheels, twin machine guns, and easy to apply stickers?Scooby even ears a pilotís cap!


In a snap model-makers can send Scooby, Shaggy and Velma on an airborne adventure.I wonder what type of spooky flying monster theyíll encounter.


From Revellís Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series comes í10 Danica Patrickís Aspen Dental Ford Fusioní, 1/24 Scale, Level 5, Ages 18+ model car kit.


Danika has made quite a name for herself as one of only a few female NASCAR drivers.Her driving skills have won her numerous awards.


The Aspen Dental ford Fusion model kits recreates in perfect detail the famous ĎTooth Fairyí racer with its characteristic blue and light grey chassis, low profile, NASCAR equipped and modified interior and frame, high performance engine and all the exterior and interior details you expect from Revell.


This isnít not kidís model kit it takes a real pro to put this high-performance baby together.Check out the awesome engine assembly, intricate interior cage and safety features, transmission, drivetrain and special wheels and tires.


Itís a miniature monster of a machine that is sure to be a big favorite of model car kit enthusiasts.



Norton-and-ARV.jpgNorton and ARV


This time around I will attempt to assemble Italeriís 1/9 Scale ĎNorton 750 Commando PRí motorcycle model kit.


Iím opting out of painting or dealing the model, as my photos indicate, the Norton motorcycle model kit comes with several color-coded parts, making it much easier to assemble and identify parts.

The Norton 750 Commando PR motorcycle helped re-launch and reinvigorate the British motorcycle companyís flagging sales back in 1967.

With its parallel twin cylinder 750cc engine with two valves per cylinder, higher displacement and the tilted forward cylinders and Isolastic anti-vibration system it increased the comfort, maneuverability and ease of use tremendously over previous Norton motorcycles.

Instantly popular in Britain, and soon after all the over the world, it managed to win the coveted Motor Cycle News ďMachine of the YearĒ award consecutively for five years.

Coveted by motorcycle enthusiasts the Commando is given high marks for its shape, fuel tank design, handlebars and back cover.

norton-1.jpgAssembly of the model begins with the engine.Careful attention must be given to the instructions as it is very easy to mismatch parts.Chrome parts give the engine a visual pop.

Small screws of various sizes come with the model kit.The silver/chrome screws add to the visual look of the motorcycle.They also can be a bit of a problem if your vision is a bit blurred like mine.

The small screws gave me a bit of a problem picking up, positioning and screwing in place.I tried using tweezers and I still had difficulty positioning the screws.Younger eyes and hands are definitely a must.

norton-2.jpgHereís a solution.Since the screws are not necessary to hold the motor and chassis together, as they are primarily decoration, glue is the primary binding agent.

I suggest buying a small bottle of silver or chrome paint.Using a number 2 bristle brush simply take a small amount of paint on the end of the brush and where the screws would normally be placed touch the paint on the location.Viola!Instant screws for those visually and dexterity challenged!

I wonít tell anyone if you donít.

norton complete.jpgThe Commando model is a very precise and accurate scaled down version of the real motorcycle.It is challenging to assemble but ultimately satisfying.

Proceeding on with the model I am determined to finish it.But, with some assistance.

A neighbor of mine is a proficient model maker.Heís one of those guys that makes a novice like myself look like the amateur I am.

Heís assembled some pretty impressive and complicated models including some of Italeriís semi-truck models-talk about complicated.

Iíve come across a few roadblocks that I need to clear up before I proceed.

First, I am no mechanic.When it comes to things mechanical, especially cars and motorcycles I am completely blind-sided.

I plan on purchasing or taking out of the library some reference books on vehicles-specifically about how they are built.That should give me a one-up when it comes to assembling model kits.

Second, it is very obvious that I need some more precise tools, specifically manipulating tools such as small screwdrivers, pointed pliers and a good, strong magnifying glass set-up-preferably one with clips and adjustable height capabilities.

The Commando motorcycle model is a marvel of miniaturization.I have never seen a model that has tubing, screws, moving parts, chassis, wheels and other accessories that are so precisely modeled and manufactured.

Hopefully, with some assistance and a little research I will finish the model.Iím anxious to learn the tricks of the trade, so to speak.

I cannot emphasis enough how easy it was to identify parts, cleanly clip them from part tress and follow the instructions.

The only drawbacks are my own clumsiness, failing eyesight and lack of proper tools-all of which I plan on rectifying.Wish me luck.

The 1/35 Scale ĎM32B1 Armored Recovery Vehicleí model kit is a military model makerís dream come true.

Talk about details--from its gluable tracks to its working crane assembly with cable the M32B1 delivers on all fronts!

Just look at the details!Full tread assembly, pivoting turret, rear equipment storage, and an exterior bristling with equipment and towing paraphernalia, weapons, twin entry hatches and much more pile on the authentic details that duplicate the complexity of the real WWII vehicle.

Built on the hulls of existing armored vehicles the ARV recovered and repaired damaged military vehicles.

Its reinforced Chassis enabled it to lift and move damaged vehicles-even tanks!

Totally equipped to handle most repair situation the M32B1 came with a huge cache of tools and spare parts.It could even replace a tank engine.

So versatile was the vehicle that it stayed in service after during the Korean conflict and in use in some parts of the world until the 1990s.

Three decal versions are available.



Legacy,-Seaking-and-Storch.jpgLegacy, Seaking and Storch


The 1/24 Scale ĎSubaru Legacy GT Touring Wagoní Limited Edition Hasegawa Hobby Kitsí model is my first attempt at assembling a car model.


With any luck it will be easier than putting together the tank, motorcycle and aircraft models I tried to put together in my earlier attempts.


The more I get into model-making the more I realize that it is a true art.It takes a lot of determination, patience and attention to detail to make a model kit.



Legacy-1.jpgSure, you can glue together some parts, slap on some paint and haphazardly apply decals but it take a real pro to make a model look like the real aircraft, military vehicle or car it is fashioned after.


Hats off to model makers! You have my undying respect.


The Subaru GT Touring Wagon is a jack of all trades: transportation, transport and mini-shuttle.



Moms and dads love it for hauling the kids around to soccer, dance class, Little League and a dozen other kid-centric activities.


Built to last, fuel efficient and a great looking ride the Subaru Legacy Wagon is an all-around great vehicle for families, couples and travelers.


Legacy-3.jpgI decided on the onset not to paint the model in order to show how pieces are in different colors which make it easier to find them and assemble the model.


Since I didnít paint the model I also opted out of applying the metal-etched decals.You can see the small decal sheet lying next to finished model.


I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to assemble the undercarriage.


Legacy-4.jpgThe suspension, exhaust and wheels assemblies fit together nicely with no slip-ups or mismatched pieces.Even though some of the parts were small Iím getting pretty adept at using tweezers and not over-applying glue.


I had no problem with glue application and the small holes, slots and cradle pieces made it easy to fit the parts together using them as a guide.


The body was easier to put together than the chassis.The windshield and other clear plastic pieces required a minimum of glue as each piece fit perfectly into their allotted spots.


Legacy-5.jpgThe windshield wipers were a bit of a challenge since they were delicate as were the roof cargo and baggage carrier.But, like all the other pieces they went together with little muss and fuss.


In my younger years I put together quite a few automobile model kits and they tended to frustrate me because many overdid the details and small parts.


The Subaru Wagon model kit had just enough parts to make it challenging without frustrating me.


It was a fun model to assemble.Parts fit perfectly together, the instructions were precise and the decal and color guides made painting and decal application easy.


This is a good model for the beginner and mid-range model-maker to assemble.

Model making pros will have little problem assembling the kit in one sitting once the parts are painted.††††


The 1/48 ĎSea King HAR. Mk.3 "Falklands"í Limited Edition model kit faithfully recreates the British helicopter used in Falklands for transporting troops and supplies.


So essential was the helicopter that it was even used as a decoy for missiles and used in anti-submarine maneuvers.


For years after the war the helicopter distinguished itself with search and rescue operations.


The model set consists of eight part trees, photo-etched parts, decals and an instruction sheet.


As with all Hasegawa Hobby Kits the model has easy to detach parts with little flashing, perfectly scaled pieces and full easy-to-follow instructions for assemble, painting and decals.


Full interior details included complete two-pilot cockpit details, cargo hold and engine assembly.


Exterior body details feature windows, landing gear, rotary blades, weapons and electronics.


Pay particular attention to the rotaries and landing gear.The attention to detail is amazing.


The 1/32 Scale ĎFieseler Fi 156C Storch "Schlachtgeschwader 1"í Limited Edition WWII light aircraft model kit looks as agile and maneuverable as its namesake.


Primarily an observation, artillery-spotting and transport its main claim to fame is that it transported Mussolini.


The model kit comes with three sets of decals and features a strut reinforced single, upper-body wing, oversize landing gear and propeller.


The twin passenger aircraft model kit can challenge the best model maker when it comes to assembling its various struts and delicate parts.Especially challenging is placing the large cockpit windows in place without getting glue on their clear surfaces.


Each model kits boasts precision and sized parts that detach easily form part trees with little or no flashing.Instruction guide model makers through assembly, paint and decal application and come with historical text.




Get ready for some down and dirty, car-jumping, hill-climbing, dirt-flinging, motorized mayhem with Revell Modelsí new ĎMonster Jam MAX-D Maximum Destructioní Snaptite Build & Play Model Kit!


Itís a huge tires, heavy-duty chassis, near-indestructible frame and multi-coil, strut and shock absorber, motorized mayhem


Made for 8 years old and up, it snaps together with no glue or paint and scaled for easy handling, the Monster Jam MAX-D Maximum Destruction truck is the perfect miniaturized, mechanized monster.


Check this monster out!Four HUGE tires, multiple shock absorbers and struts, body spikes, enormous wheels and tires, killer decals and a shocking paint scheme that includes two 3D fire eye and mouth metallic heads decorating each side.


Snap it together, add the cool decals and listen as the MAX-D sounds off with real Monster Jam truck sounds!


What could be better?Itís easy to assemble and decal and whooshÖ


ÖBefore you know it you have a realistic-sounding Monster Jam truck ready to take on all challengers!




Kettenkrad, Hydrostat, Jagopanzer IV,
Apache, Intruder and Space Cab


OK, deep breath!Iím about to embark on the most difficult plastic model kit Iíve ever assembled.Italeriís 1:9 Scale ĎKettenkrad Sd KFZ 2í troop or supply transport model.


To say Iím intimidated is an understatement.But, if I expect to improve my model making skills itís a challenge I must accept.


Just looking at its nine, massive part trees and ultra-detailed assembly, painting and decal instructions is enough to set my nerves on edge.Itís a good thing I have the ultimate confidence in Italeriís easy-to-understand instructions and the assurance that all the parts will fit together perfectly with little or no flashing or trimming.


At this point Iím not sure if Iíll opt out of painting the model to specifications but I will try to apply the decals.If I do decide to paint it I need to purchase some Italeriís spray paint in the appropriate color.


Wish me luck.All I need is good vision, a steady hand and patience.Hey, two out of three isnít bad!Iíll leave to you to decide which two.




Before I get started here is a little historical information about the Kettenkrad.


The Germans designed the Kettenkrad as a small, armored vehicle that could carry two passengers or transport weapons and supplies.


At first glance the vehicle appears to have the front end of a motorcycle with handlebars and single wheel.


Thatís where the similarities end.


The rear end of the vehicle looks like a scaled down tank with six wheels and tank treads.Remarkably, despite its cumbersome appearance, it could top out at around 70 mph courtesy of its OHV inline-four Opel water-cooling engine.


It could also tow small cannon and artillery, as well as additional supplies.


Adapted to transport in all sorts of the terrain the Kettenkrad was used on all fronts.Later it was used in the Germanís jet fighter and bomber programs.


Starting off with the tread base pieces I had a little trouble with the springs-mainly getting them correctly in place.It took a little finagling but once I got the hand of it the pieces went together easily.


A helpful hint:When assembling a model kit.Especially one this size, itís best to have a marker or highlighter on hand.


Since the part trees in this particular model are given a letter designation, the parts are listed by number on the instruction sheet-not the parts themselves.




How do you keep track?Easy, whenever you use a part simple cross it through on the instruction sheet.That way you can keep a track of parts and know which you used.


I think Iíve bitten off more than I can chew.


Thereís nothing wrong with the model kit.Itís my own ineptitude and clumsy fingers.




The chassis of the Kettenkrad went together easily enough but when it came time to put the wheels on, thatís where I had problems.




The wheels themselves fit together perfectly.My only problem was is that I had a difficult time placing them side-by-side in overlapping order as my less than adept fingers betrayed me.


Iím sure with a little more practice and manipulation the parts will fit together fine.As I said before the model kit itself is not at fault-the pieces are perfectly scaled and trim with very little fuss.


Iíve decided to skip forward a little bit and tackle the engine, driver compartment and other components leaving the wheels and treads to the last-or at least until it is necessary to put them together to complete the model.


Looking over the instructions and part trees I am amazed at the complexity and attention to detail given the engine, steering mechanism and tracks.There are a lot of parts, necessary to give the detail required.


Hereís hoping I make it through.I have a whole new respect for model makers and model kit manufacturers and designers.Itís not as simple as applying a little glue, some paint and decals.There is so much more involved.


It is a true art.Not to discourage anyone.In fact I want to recommend taking up model-making.It promotes patience, perseverance, creative thinking, problem solving and a keen eye for detail.


Italeri model kits are some the best designed and manufactured kits around with excellent instructions, precision engineered parts and attention to detail.


This has been a very humbling experience.Even though I am an artist and designer Iíve discovered that it does not necessarily make me a model-maker and proficient at 3D model making construction.


I will continue working on the model kit on my own but for the sake of time I will leave you with photos of what the model should look like when it is completed.


finished model 2.jpgfinished model.jpg


A couple more assembly tips: Use food skewer sticks commonly used in preparing Japanese or Chinese food.The small point tips can be used to hold pieces for painting by inserting the tips in to part holes.


Pick up pieces on the end of the sticks with poster stick-em which is tacky enough to pick up or hold pieces, but detaches easily once glue is applied and the parts are put in place.


I can only say that those who take up model making take up a long established and revered hobby-one that I have a whole new level of respect and admiration for.


Besides the KettenKrad, Italeri generously provided five additional models that Iíd like to talk about.They include two armored vehicles, two aircraft and a semi-truck.


The Soviet/Russian ĎKV-1/KV-2 Tankí began development in 1938, with a KV-1 prototype produced in 1939.During 1940-1942 the tank saw mass production and in 1940 a heavy duty version (the KV-2) ended production in 1941 with a total of 334 units.


Medium in size, the KV series of tanks distinguished itself with its maneuverability, speed and impressive fire-power.Considered the workhorse of the Soviet military it was eventually replaced by larger tanks.


The ĎWorld Of Tanksí Roll-Out KV-1í model kit, scaled at 1:56, also includes in-game tips for the ĎWorld Of Tanksí online game.Additional codes can be obtained as well as special edition tank modifications.


Cement, a Tank Guide, decals and much more are included with the KV-2 model kit.


Just as impressive is the ĎWorld Of Tanks Roll Out Jagdpanzer IVí model kit that recreates in perfect 1:35 Scale the massive German tank destroyer of WWII.


Included with the kit are liquid cement, a tank guide, decals and invite and bonus codes.


The basic construction of the medium tank destroyer was used as the framework for tank destroyers to follow.


While its armament and maneuverability are impressive its firepower was limited to fairly close range as the penetration power of its artillery at long distances was minimal.


Although lacking in destruction at a distance the tank destroyer was capable of firing at a rapid rate while its quick mobility and low profile made it a difficult target to hit.


The model kit comes with full assembly, decal and paint application instructions.The paint instructions also come in color making it easy for modelers to get the correct color combination and pattern.


Parts come on three part trees, detach easily with little or no flashing, and fit snuggly with no gaps.


For some high-flying, model making fun check out Italeriís fully upgraded molds ĎAH-64D Longbow Apacheí attack helicopter.ĎImpressive, most impressive!í

Decals come with the model kit for five different versions, along with a color instruction sheet.


The ĎApache AH-64D Longbowí is the ultimate helicopter.Good for frontline, anti-tank and helicopter, assault and support missions, regardless of weather conditions, the Apache delivers.


The ĎLongbowí version sports sophisticated radar and targeting systems, missiles, a chain gun, rockets and more.


Take a look at its dragonfly configuration suited for two pilots, oversize propellers, large rear tail fin, twin stabilizing propellers, undercarriage firepower, back landing gear, radar packet, heavy armor, side-mounted weapon pylons and chassis bristling with sophisticated hardware and electronics.


Just as impressive are the interior cockpit instrumentation, rear compartment and storage compartment.


At 1:48 Scale the model kit comes on three part trees with instruction sheet, decals and some interesting Apache Longbow information and stats.


The ĎA-6E Tram Intruderí Gulf War fighter jet saw action in the mid-1960s as a carrier based aircraft.


The twin-engine, medium size jet was as well-suited for all weather conditions due to its robust construction and two-seat, side-by-side configuration.


With its state-of-the-art guidance, avionics and attack systems, its laser target capabilities made it a formidable foe despite weather conditions.


Specifically designed to carry missiles and bombs of various configurations the TRAM saw a long and illustrious career in military campaigns.


The 1:72 Scale model kit consists of three part trees, instructions and decals (for two versions).


Long and lean, like an arrow with wings, the TRAM personifies speed and maneuverability. Its intimidating weapon array, oversize detecting electronics and sophisticated interior controls and cockpit configuration give the TRAM a predator profile best avoided by enemy aircraft.


Ask any trucker and theyíll tell you that comfort, reliability and durability are the three main ingredients they look for in a semi-truck.


The ĎDAF 3600 Space Cabí delivers on all accounts.


The Dutch truck featured an aerodynamic design, incredible comfort, fuel economy and an 11.6 liter engine capable of providing 373 HP.


The model kit showcases the Space Cabís impressive exterior with oversize grill, heavy chrome bumpers, extended side mirrors, front and roof light arrays, roof horns, large cab, full-view front and side windows, over the front wheel cab configuration, heavy chassis with side-mount gas tanks, easy to attach trailer slide disk, heavy and durable wheels and tires and equally impressive interior with plush seats, fully instrumentation, sleeping silo and plenty of room.


Recreated in 1:24 Scale the model kit includes an instruction sheet, decals, seven part trees in different color designations and eleven rubber tires.


Speaking to a friend who made a similar semi-truck model kit from Italeri I can testify that this model kit requires skill and patience to assemble.Like the truck it is fashioned after the Space Cab model kit has a large number of parts and complicated, working components.


However, once completed the Space Cab is sure to be the prize model of any model makerís collection



Sabre, Corolla and Yugumo


Before I totally embarrass myself by my less than veteran model making capabilities Iíd like to talk a little bit about the model I will be tackling this time around.


The Hasegawa Model Kits Limited Edition Egg Plane F-86 Sabre "Taiwan Air Force" model kit is based on a Manga/Animie design popular with the younger generation.†††††††††††††††††††


The swept-wing "Sabrejet" was well known for its fighting prowess against Chinese forces in the Korean War.


After the war ended the Taiwan Air Force pressed the Sabre into service when it received over 320 of the aircraft, including some AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles.


The Taiwanese were well prepared when the Second Taiwan Crisis occurred in 1958 as the Sabreís and their missiles provided a deterrent against the Chinese MiG-15s and MiG-17s.


While the model Ďcompressesí the look of the Sabreís impressive design the original aircraft profile can be spotted despite its squat appearance.




The kit comes with three part trees and easily removable parts, with little flashing along, with an instruction sheet and decal sheet.


Opening the model kit box I noticed only a few parts were necessary to assemble the model.While the parts were few they featured lots of detail.


I removed the parts with a special snipping tool, cleaned off what little flashing remained and after about an hour I had the entire model assembled.


It was easy to put together following the detailed instructions.






Over the past several models Iíve assembled Iíve discovered that applying glue should be done sparsely as it is easy to use too much, requiring the model to wiped off and leaving slight rough areas on the pieces if not done quickly.


I opted out of painting the model silver (mainly because I didnít have any silver paint).That and a few other items I need to purchase for future model making.


I painted the interiors of both the front jet intake and rear vent and three tires.


On this particular model it was easier to paint the details once the model was assembled.Iím sure on other larger models pieces may need to be painted before assembly.


On to the decals.I filled a small bowl with water and submerged each decal in the water as needed.Itís best to clip each decal from the decal sheet and submerge one at a time as needed.


It was a little awkward applying some of the decals (especially the smaller ones).I did manage to tear a couple, but was able to piece them together so as not to notice.


This is where tweezers come in handy, some cotton swabs and a small paintbrush allowed to position, dry and maneuver the decals.


I discovered by watching a YouTube tutorial that here are two liquids necessary for good decal placement.


One liquid put on the spot where a decal is to placed allows model makers to move the decal about more freely in a larger segment of time.


The other liquid applied to the surface of the placed decals partly softens the decals and allows the decal to conform better to the surface of the model picking up small surface features such as rivets, seams, etc.




All-in-all Iím pleased with the final model.It certainly came together better than my last attempt.There were a few mistakes but Iím learning as I go.


Once I purchase the additional items I need my next model will be more complicated.Wish me luck.


The 1/24 Scale Toyota Corolla WRC 1998 Monte Carlo Rally Winner Limited Edition model kit recreates in perfect detail the champion design of driver Carlos Sainzís winning vehicle.


While he won first prize in the initial heat he failed to win top honors instead placing in the top level finishes.He later would go on to win other awards.


The Toyota Corolla WRC is a bundle of power with its short streamline design, low profile and impressive horsepower for such a small vehicle.


The hobby kit consists of eight part trees and a chassis.


Parts detach easily from part trees requiring very little trimming and fit snuggly together with no gaps or mismatches.


Parts are precise, accurate and easy to assemble using the assembly instructions as a guide.


Paint and a plethora of decals apply smoothly with a little extra care necessary for the decals.


Rubber tires and full interior and exterior details make this a fine addition to any auto loverís collection.


Had it not been for the fact that much of the U.S. Navyís fleet were out in the open sea when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the world may have been a very different place, especially in the United States.


For a small country Japan boasted an impressive Navy, Army and Air Force.


One of its most impressive assets was the Japanese Navy Destroyer Yugumo.


Recreated in 1/700 Scale the Yugumo limited edition model kit from Hasegawa Hobby Kits is impressive, even in such a small scale.


Seven part trees and the shipís body make up the small kit, but the details are huge.


Deck guns, conning towers, railings, smoke stacks and other deck and body details are many-all done in perfect scaled down detail.


Model makers need to have a delicate touch when assembling the model taking special care to not damage the small parts.


The original Yugomo made many transport runs in its naval career.First to land troops and retrieve retreating forces the ship fought in many war campaigns until she saw a thunderous end via gunfire and torpedo strikes.


Despite being an enemy ship the Yugumo deserves the respect for its ĎValor beyond question.í



Komet, Churchill, Claire Frost and Nutcracker


I am excited about assembling Hasegawa Hobby Kitsí 1/32 Scale Messerschmitt Me163B Komet "EJG2" Limited Edition German revolutionary rocket-powered fighter!


While the model kit is not especially hard to assemble I see a bit of a challenge when it comes to painting its camouflage colors.




Conceived and designed in the early 1940s the Komet has the distinction of being the only Ďoperationalí rocket-powered aircraft successfully completed by the Germans.


Clocking out at an amazing 698 mph the aircraft was limited by its short flight time.Try to imagine what the outcome of the war would have been if all 370 Komets were put into play with longer flight times and fully armed.


Conventional Allied aircraft would have been decimated.Considering the time era the aircraft was made it was a remarkably advanced aircraft.


Somewhat bulky and short, the Komet was single pilot aircraft and if it had been outfitted with armament and bombs it would have been unstoppable.Two decals options are available:


Luftwaffe 14./EJG2 White 54 Germany 1945
Luftwaffe 14./EJG2 White 42 Germany 1945


Following the detailed instructions I began assembling the engine assembly.



I had a little bit of a problem with small pieces until I started using tweezers.


Glue application had to be sparse as the pieces were so small.Still, I managed to get every part in the right place and moved onto the cockpit assembly.


A tool that I found especially handy was the ĎHigh Precision Diagonal Cutterí from Hobbico.Using it I was able to cleanly snip out pieces from the part trees and trim unnecessary flashing.An X-Acto knife also came in handy.


I also need to note that small files or sandpaper pieces came in handy when for cleaning up the pieces.



I proceeded to assemble the skid assembly and moved on to the fuselage and cockpit-all which went together with very little adjustment.Still, I had to be careful to match up the pieces so they fit together snuggly.


I went ahead and taped out the wings for painting and attached them to the fuselage and installed the engine.


Assembling the complete fuselage and attaching the wheels along with finishing the cockpit went smoothly although I had a little bit of difficulty fitting the front and rear fuselage together which were a tight fit.But, once I lined them up properly they went into lace snuggly.


Placing the cockpit clear windows took a bit of doing as to not get any glue on the pieces.A pair of tweezers came in handy.


Once I assembled the entire aircraft I noticed a few pieces that I missed-mostly from the engine compartment-nothing large-but very small.I need to pay closer attention to the instructions next time.Itís easy to overlook something if you donít pay close attention.




The pieces did not affect the look of the Komet so I left the model as is.


I decided not to paint the interior of the Komet specifically because the area is so small it would be difficult to notice.


Plus, my painting skills were not up to par and I felt I may make a mess.

The aircraft body was another matter.


Tackling the body painting and decaling showed me that I have a lot to work on when it comes to both.


I used Italeriís paints and application was smooth and coverage only took one coat.


I followed the paint schematics as best as possible but my coverage looked amateurish at best.I need to study how to match colors, brush techniques and masking.




I used paint masking tape but there was still some bleed-thru.Camouflage paint application needed more feathering and tonal variation.


Decals separated from their decal sheets easily enough with a little water.But, as with the small model pieces, I had a little difficulty placing them.Talk about detail!


Still, the model went together easily and if my expertise in model making was better the model would have turned out better.I consider this a learning lesson and I already know some things I will do differently my next model kit.


The 1/72 Scale Churchill Mk.I/II & Daimler Mk.II "Dieppe Raid" (2 kits) Limited Edition two-for-one model kit is a great deal for your hard-earned cash.


Commemorating the disaster of the Battle of Dieppe Raid the model kits recreates the two key Canadian tanks left as wreckage on the beaches after the horrible defeat for the Canadian/Allied forces


Both the Churchill and Daimler tanks were medium armored vehicles not suited for a beach assault.


Each vehicle is modeled with full details from turrets, armored bodies, equipment bays, treads and tires and hatches.


Full decals are included as is a very comprehensive instruction manual which includes historical text.


For a different type of tank/armored vehicle check out the 1/35 Scale P.K.H. Nutcracker Maschinen Krieger Limited Edition.


The hover tank is all armor and armament as recreated from the original concept by artist Kow Yokoyama as part of his sci-fi series Maschinen Krieger in the early 1980s


Itís a beauty of a war weapon with heavy armor, impressive weapons and communication array, exterior details- including rails and a choice of four camouflage paint schemes.


The decal option is the Strahl Defense Force, Kampgruppe BALCK, s.Pz.Abt.503.


If you love sci-fi, futuristic weapons and one cool looking futuristic mechanism then the Nutcracker is for you.


The 1/24 Scale Wild Egg Girls Pkw.K1 KŁbelwagen Type 82 "Claire Frost" w/Figure Limited Edition all-terrain German vehicle is made with an Anime/Manga twist.


The Egg Plane Girls love their The KŁbelwagen even though it hailed from WWII.


Used throughout the war on many fronts the KŁbelwagen had its share of advances and withdrawals


Highly reliable and versatile it was a mainstay of the German army with a production number over 50,000.


You got to love its open cabin with fold-back canvas roof, easily accessible engine and storage trunk and its heavy chassis, large wheel wells, practical design and overall cool look.


The kit features two sets of decals and Claire Frost figure.


All of the model kits feature finely crafted parts that detach easily from part trees and any extra flashing is easy to trim.


Historical and mechanical details are spot on and by using the easy to understand instructions sheets each will go together easily.Unless of course you miss a couple pieces like did on the Komet.


Paint and decal descriptions are accurate and easy to duplicate.


Hasegawa Hobby Kits are some of the most detailed and well-crafted model kits on the market and I highly recommend them.


Next time Iíll up the ante and attempt to assemble an even more difficult model.

Now that Iím learning several tricks of the trade, model assembly is becoming easy and less time-consuming.


scooby-1.jpgLightning McQueen and
The Mystery Wagon


Finally!A model I can put together without totally screwing it up!


Revell must have heard my pleas and whines of anguish and sent me two model kits that even I can do.


Designated as six years and up skill level the pre-painted, no-glue, snap together Scooby-Doo Mystery Wagon is one sweet model.


In fact if it were food Scooby-Doo and Shaggy would probably eat it.


scooby-2.jpg††† scooby-3.jpg†††††scooby-4.jpg

This exact replica is a perfect match for the famous Mystery Wagon as seen on so many Scooby-Doo adventure animated cartoons.


I can even follow the simple instructions to put it together!


A few snaps, a little decal/sticker application and before you know it you have a full-fledged Mystery Wagon complete with Scooby-Doo, Freddy and Velma articulated figures.


Itís a beauty of a combination and I plan on displaying it with pride in my Man Cave.Finally, one model that I can call my own, with not goof-ups!Imagine that!


Equally impressive is the Junior Kit Lightning McQueen car as seen in the Pixar Cars Trilogy computer animated features.


Complete with 21 body parts,Lightning goes together using 24 nuts and screws (a screwdriver is included!).


Pre-painted and easy to assemble Lightning is sure to dazzle Cars fans especially after you apply the custom decal/stickers, including the mix and match facial expressions!


Lightning even lights up and makes sounds.Kids five and up can assemble, disassemble and reassemble Lightning as many times as they want.

Get ready for some high speed modeling fun as only Revell can provide it!


tigerstaghound-1.jpgStaghound MK. I Late Versions and F-5E Tiger ll


Hereís how Italeri describes the WWII Staghound MK. 1 Armored Car:


ďThe Staghound armored car was conceived in the US at the start of WW2, based on a British specification which required a wheeled reconnaissance vehicle with a high level of protection, therefore armor plated, well-armed, and highly mobile.


The Chevrolet design proposed a large armored car which, following an extended program of assessment and testing, went into production in late 1942, too late to be sent to British forces engaged in North Africa.Allied forces were to receive the Staghound in the Spring of 1943 and they were used in the Italian campaign by British and Polish armies


In spite of the impressive performance of this vehicle it was not adopted by the US army and so the 3,000 units produced were used solely by British and Commonwealth forces. Post war the Staghound was widely issued to the new European armies where some examples were in use into the 1970s.Ē


I took it upon myself to assemble (or at least attempt to) Italeriís Staghund MK. I Late Version WWII armored car.


As to the assembling of the model kit, I now have a whole new respect for model makers.It is far more than just assembling pieces with glue.It involves meticulous preparation of pieces with trimming and careful (oh so careful!) assembly using tweezers and other precision tools.


While I did have a few crucial tools for putting the model together, because of the precision work there were several other tools (available on Italeriís website) that I needed to purchase.




Trimming and especially detaching parts from the part trees and picking up small pieces require some pretty intense careful manipulation.


Gluing is no walk in the park.A little too much adhesive and you have yourself a mess and not to mention a smudged or uneven surfaces when parts fit together.


I never realized how complicated a piece of equipment it is (if the number of parts in the model kit are any indication).


I carefully set all the part trees out, set the glue aside, found my tweezers and X-Acto Knife, small snipping scissors, magnifying lens and small LED light.


Opening the first page of highly detailed and comprehensive assembly instructions I began assembling the chassis.


It was pretty easy until I got to the axle assemblies and the many small parts that accompanied them.


I have large hands and manipulating small model pieces is not easy.


Fortunately the parts were easy to identify on the part trees and with a little snip and tug most of the parts came off the trees easily.


Unfortunately being the clumsy klutz that I am I managed to mangle a few pieces and get a little messy with the glue.


It was not the model kits fault-all of the pieces are accurate to size and, and if careful, fit snuggly together with no gaps or mismatches.


Wheels and tires were a breeze to assemble since they are large parts.The small stuff-thatís another matter.


This is where true talent comes in.Veteran model makers make it look so easy.And it is if you have the right tools and know all the tricks.


Paint and decals will have to come later.













Iíve included a series of photos showing my progress on the model.It is not completed yet as I need to get some more tools, the proper paint (also available on italeriís website) and do some research so I can hone up on my model-making skills.




All-in-all, Iíve enjoyed myself despite the fact that Iím all thumbs.


The detail to attention both mechanically and historically on the model is spot-on and I highly recommend you give Italeriís model a try.


The F-5E Tiger ll Patrouille Suissse multi-role fighter jet premiered in the 1970s as a low cost and easy to maintain aircraft used by NATO countries. Its predecessor, the Northrop F-5 was developed in the 1960s.


The F-5E Tiger ll sported more powerful turbo-jet engines and a lengthened and larger fuselage provided greater thrust and maneuverability.


Capable of longer flights, equipped with the latest avionic system, heavier armor, two 20 mm. guns in its nose and able to carry air-to-air missiles the F-5E Tiger II made for a formidable foe.


Sleek (almost arrow-like) the aircraft features a long, pointed fuselage, small, swept-back main swings with rear wings half the size of the main wings and a large tailfin, the aircraft practically splits the air.

The Italeri model kit captures the F-5E Tiger II in perfect 1/72 Scale and includes full paint, decal and assembly instructions so you can proudly display this 50th Anniversary fighter jet with pride.



Arras and Hellcat

Iíve never claimed to be the best model maker.In fact, up until recently I made very few models-mainly because of lack of time.

hellcat2Now that Iíve retired I thought Iíd try my hand at putting together some models.I admit Iím a little rusty.

Recently Italeri sent me two model kits to review.

I decided to take the plunge and start out slow by assembling the M18 Hellcat at 1/56 Scale and part of the Warlord Games series.

Upon opening the box the first thing I looked at were the instructions.They were concise, to the point and easy-to-follow.

hellcat1Using a small set of snippet scissors, X-actor knife and tweezers I detached the pieces that I needed and was careful to select the correct numbers as indicative on the part trees.

Wheels and treads went together without a hitch and with a little finagling (small parts, big hands) I began assembling the turret and gun.

The rest of the model assembled fairly easily since it consisted mainly of add-ons and surface details.

hellcat3As you can see by the photographs the partially assembled tank matched the instruction sheet illustrations.Easy peezy!

One thing I failed to do was select the proper paints for the model as the standard off the shelf acrylic model paints do not match precisely the Italeri model colors.

Still I proceeded without paints and I slowly gained confidence as I detached the parts, trimmed the excess flashing and carefully assembled the parts with tweezers.

Iíve not completed the model as of yet, I have a few more pieces to put together and the decals to apply but so far-so good.

Overall the model-making process has been pleasant and surprisingly a lot of fun.

Over the last couple of months Iíve met some fellow model makers.I am so jealous of their talent-especially when it comes to detailing and making dioramas.

I hope to persuade a few of them to assemble a few of the models I will provide them to get their perspectives.

As the saying goes, ďYouíre never too young to learn.ĒI hope to learn from the expertise.

I mentioned that I started out small with the Hellcat.

Italeri was kind enough to send another Ďlargerí model and itís a doozy!

The 1/72 Scale BattleSet Battle Of Arras Rommelís Offensive 1940 is a massive model kit that is sure to challenge and delight the veteran model-maker.

This beauty of a model kit includes a French House/Shop, 50 German Infantry figures, a Sd. Kfz. 250/3 Tank with crew, a 8.8 cm FLAK 37 AA Gun with crew, a Matilda Mk II Tank with crew and 42 British Infantry figures.WOW!It boggles the mind!

Sounds complicated.But, if you decide to purchase the model kit be not despaired.

The concise assembly, paint and decal instructions guide you through the process and before you know it you will have an incredible WWII diorama that is sure to impress the most die-hard model maker.

Check out the photo of the diorama on the boxís cover and you can imagine the possibilities!One day Iíll tackle such a model.One dayÖ..

Tatsuta and Thunderbolt

In past model kit reviews I generally wrote about model kits from a strictly product information point of view.Thatís important but actually Ďbuildingí a model is far more important.

thunderboltIíd like to talk about how Iíve gone about building Hasegawa Hobby Kitsí 1/72 Scale A-10C Thunderbolt II "104th Fighter Squadron" Limited Edition model kit.

While it would be easy to show the product box or a completed model all nice and painted and detailed I prefer to talk about how I went about assembling the model.

After opening the box I spread out the part trees and larger pieces on a floor mat.I prefer a floor mat because it is heavy enough to held model pieces and sturdy enough so that I can move the entire model assembly if necessary.

Trust me, there is nothing worse than having a model spread out on a floor or table and your spouse insisting that you move it for more necessary things like vacuuming and sitting down for a meal.

Once Iíve familiarized myself with the instruction sheet I checked to make sure all the pieces for the model were present.I neednít worried about it since Hasegawa Hobby Kitsí quality control insures its model kits are packaged complete.

Once I made sure all pieces were present I followed the detailed instructions and began assembling my aircraft (in this case) model kit as instructed.

A special note: Some model makers prefer to paint pieces prior to assembly, others after a model is completed.I prefer a little of both, depending on the model kit.

Using an X-acto Knife or small scissors I trimmed off any excess flashing from the model pieces, carefully making sure I didnít damage any parts.

Smaller pieces usually require tweezers and snips from small trimming scissors or a special trimming tool.

Gluing the parts together can be tedious.Be sure to use minimal glue and let it spread on model piece edges.You donít want any glue oozing over the edges and damaging the pieces.Should you experience any oozing wipe it away quickly with a non-porous material.Tissue and cloth tend to absorb the glue and can spread it over surfaces.

When gluing large pieces together I often use tape or small rubber bands to hold pieces together until they dry.Be especially careful when assembling clear pieces such as windshields.If glue gets on those pieces it is nearly impossible to clean off.

When building a model of any scale or skill level be sure to take your time, donít rush things.

Once assembled and completely dry meticulously begin painting on one color at a time.Use soft easy strokes and cover whatever surface requires paint evenly and smoothly.Again be careful of using too much paint creating sloppy edges and runs.

Once painted decal applications requires a steady hand and tweezers.Prepare the decals, detach one decal at a time from the decal sheet(s) and gingerly apply it to the modelís surface. Allow it to dry and proceed to the next decal.

If you follow the assembly instructions, proceed slowly and meticulously your model will turn out perfectly.

I discovered assembling the A-10C Thunderbolt II "104th Fighter Squadron" Limited Edition model kit to be a lot of fun and I felt a deep sense of accomplishment as I assembled it.I still have a few more things to do on the model but so far everything is going as planned.

The A-10C Thunderbolt II "104th Fighter Squadron" aircraft is known for its many firsts.First to be added to the Maryland Air National Guardsí 175th Fighter Wing.First to be converted and updated 40 years later and the first to fly into combat.

After looking over this impressive aircraft with its huge twin engines, impressive fire power and twin tail wings itís easy to see that its speed, maneuverability and sheer presence make it a classic.

tatsutaFor a model best suited to the seven seas be sure to pick up one of Hasegawa Hobby Kits 1/700 Scale Japanese Navy Cruiser Tatsuta "Super Details" Limited Edition model kit.

Known as the Iron lance of the Imperial Japanese Navy the Tatsuta saw plenty of action during WWII but was eventually was sunk by US forces.Fast, long and thin the Tatsuta was part of the Tenryu class of Japanese destroyers/cruisers.Unfortunately speed and maneuverability were achieved by lightning its armament.

If you are into minute details and have the patience to assemble the Tatsuta youíll discover details galore from its deck guns to its railing, masts and tower.The kit features two sets of decals and full photo-etched parts set.

maachi osprey

Macchi, R89C, Kawasaki, Type 99 and Osprey


How do you deal with outdated engines and light armament?Thatís the dilemma that Italian pilots faced during WWII.


The solution? Install a copy of a V-12 aero-engine by the Germans.Viola!With the more reliable engine, the extra speed made up for the inadequate armor and made every bullet count.


Check out the 1/48 Scale "Shidenkai No Maki" Macchi C.202 Folgore Limited Edition model kit from Hasegawa Hobby Kits.The Da Vinci tiger strip Macchi C.202 Folgore is all business with its single pilot cockpit, sleek design and small profile.


Throw in a little Anime/Manga decoration and influence and you have a model kit that model makers will love, as will Japanese Anime/Manga fans.


Make the most of your Macchi.


The 1/24 Scale YHP Nissan R89C Limited Edition racing car model kit recreates the impressive prototype to the max!


Made from carbon fiber and sporting a twin-turbo V* engine the Nissan R89C had its problems, but Hasegawa Hobby Kits believes in second chances-so the car has a new life as a model kit.


You canít help but be impressed with its body style and shape, twin rear fins, oversize wheels and tires and full interior and exterior details.


Five part trees (and body chassis) are included with easy to detach parts with little of no flashing (like all Hasegawa Hobby Kits). Killer decals come with Assembly Instructions that makes putting this killer model together a real treat.


Where can you get two model kits for the price of one?Thatís easy. Check out Hasegawa Hobby Kitsí 1/200 Scale Kawasaki C-1 Combo (2 kits) Limited Edition model kit set.


Not quite as flashy as the C-2, the Japanese C-1 aircraft was a reliable cargo and transport for the Japanese Air Self Defense Forces for 40 plus years.


Although short ranged, the C-! were extremely reliable, easy to maintain and versatile.

The model kits comes with two kits complete with customized decal sets.

With its over fuselage main wings, twin powerful engines, oversize rear wings and fin and heavy duty landing gear, the C-1 includes a loading platform and side entry hatch.


The model is designed to be displayed with landing gear up or down and makes a fine addition to any aircraft model makerís collection.


Another twin model kit is the 1/72 Scale KI-51 Type 99 Assault Plane (Sonia) and Light Bomber (Lily) (2 kits) Limited Edition aircrafts.


Considered a destructive duo by its opponents both aircraft made for formidable foes.


The Ki-51 and Ki-51B were rough and tough aircraft well suited for low-level missions.


The Ki-48 Ďs speed and agility easily out flew both American and British fighters.†† With a 800 kg bomb load made it a dangerous flying foe with plenty of firepower


Both gray colored aircraft feature segmented cockpits, powerful propeller engines, low profiles and all the exterior and interior details you expect from Hasegawa Hobby Kits.


The 1/72 Scale MV-22B Osprey "VMM-265 Dragons" Limited Edition tilted wings model kit recreates the famous US Marine Corps.


Both a vertical and horizontal turboprop aircraft the Osprey never slacks up on speed during mid-air transformation.

Capable of moving 32 troops and 20,00 lbs of cargo the Osprey is a formidable, multi-purpose aircraft that is part helicopter and plane.


Details include a twin rear wing and fin assembly, twin huge turbo-props, aerodynamic design, bubble cockpit, pilot, troop and cargo doors and loads of piloting aids and armament.

Choose from Dragons or Flying Tigers decals.

Miratge Iraqi Wellington

T-55, Wellington and Mirage III

Two if by air, one if by land!

Italeri presents two modern war machines and one classic WWII aircraft model kits.

The T-55 Iraqi Army Ė Gulf War 25th Anniversary 1/35 Scale Tank means business and has evolved from a WWII tank used by the Soviet Union Red Army and Warsaw Pact.

Known for it heavy armor and impressive firepower the T-55 was relatively inexpensive to produce and reliable mainly due to its ease of maintenance.

It was adopted by countries all over the world and is still in use today.

The model captures perfectly the impressive mobile killing machine with its heavy treads, massive main cannon, support artillery and low profile and heavy armor.

Take a moment to take in the accurate details: canvas cannon cover, antenna array, massive machine guns, reserve barrel tanks, hatches, lights and triple-towing hooks.

Model kit parts come on three part trees with a separate lower body.

Six decal versions are available along with an easy to understand instruction sheet that offers great advice on assembly, painting and decaling.

Scaled at 1/72 the Vickers Wellington Mk IC twin-engine medium bomber was a mainstay of the British Royal Air Force during WWII.

Its geodesic airframe made the Wellington rough and tough with a high level of flight and battle performance.

Its radial engines delivered up to 1,050 hp enabling it to attain and maintain high-speed flight.

It was capable of carrying a crew of six, along with an impressive bomb and equipment load.During its WWII run the Wellington was often modified for use in various environments and situations.

The model comes complete on five part trees including landing gear can be assembled in an up or down configuration. With its twin props and cockpits, wide wingspan, front and rear gun emplacements and large cargo area the Wellington is an impressive aircraft model that looks great at rest or in flight configuration.

Six decal versions are available.


The 1/32 Scale Mirage III E/R fighter jet is one impressive and huge model kit!

Throw in its six decal sheets, color instruction sheet and photo-etched fret, along with its seven part trees, and you have a truly outstanding model.

The Dassault Mirage III has been a part of the French Air Force since the 1960s and is an item of pride for the French people.

Reliable and effective as fighter aircraft, the Mirage III has been sold to several countries.

With its characteristic delta wing and turbojet, the Mirage II is capable of impressive speeds and maneuverability.

Several versions have been introduced from a single pilot to twin pilots.

Armament includes missiles and much more.Reserve tanks come standard, landing gear can be assembled either up or down, and a pilot ladder is included along with a missile loader ramp.

Details are numerous including a complete cockpit with instrumentation, full interior and exterior fuselage details, full wing assembly, hydraulics, communication and radar assemblies and all the bells and whistles the aircraft is famous for.

This is not your novice model-maker kit.There is a huge collection of parts, precise assembly instructions, several versionscan be created, and with its huge degree of details only the most seasoned veteran model maker will dare to tackle it.

This is true a model-makerís model!Once assembled and displayed it is well worth the effort.

VW Van, Junkers, Superhind

Hasegawa Hobby Kits 1/48 Scale Junkers Ju88A-10 (A-5 Trop) North Africa Limited Edition model kit captures all the excitement and fervor felt by the Axis forces during WWII.

This magnificent aircraft model kit captures in perfect detail the deadly dive-bombing dynamo taunted by the Axis forces as the ultimate dive-bombing, torpedo-bombing and night-fighting, multi-purpose aircraft designed and envisioned by Hitlerís Luftwaffe.

With its impressive 3,000-lb+-bomb payload, destructive firepower and lightning speed the Junkers Ju88A-10 was the terror of the skies over North Africa.

Especially designed to fly in the hot, humid and dusty skies over African battlefields the Junkers was the perfect aircraft for strategic strikes and with its moderate range capabilities could be counted on to support Rommelís Afrikakorps.

The model (like all Hasegawa Hobby Kits) is a marvel of miniature design and implementation.Parts detach easily from part trees with little or no flashing,

Precision tooling guarantees parts fit together snuggly and the easy-to-understand instructions make painting, decal application and assembly a breeze.

For a real feel for the WWII aircraft check out its broad wings, facetted upper and lower cockpit window assemblies, twin-three prop propellers and gun emplacements and careful attention to detail right down to the interior cockpit to the landing gear.

The 1/72 Scale Mi-24/35 Mk.III Superhind Limited Edition helicopter model kit perfectly duplicates, in miniature, the massive size and impressive weapon-laden serious Soviet smack-down fighter helicopter.

With its heavy armor and over-the-top firepower the Superhind is an upgraded aircraft with state-of-the-art weapons and avionics.

Manufactured in the 1970s the Superhind is still in use today!

The five-prop, killer copter comes with missile launchers, heavy artillery, a double-decker cockpit and enough sophisticated electronics and weapons to make the strongest and bravest opponent tuck their tails between their legs.

Imagine stepping into this massive beast with huge fuselage, weapons rippling all over its frame and its huge turbine engine spinning its powerful copter blades!

The model kit features new resin and metal parts.

Enough with war and fighting!Time for a little fun!

The 1/24 Scale Volkswagenģ Type 2 Delivery Van "Girls of Summer" Limited Edition model kit takes a peach to the beach.

This classic VW van comes in a bright color scheme with plenty of Anime and Manga inspired decals.

Get ready for some fun in the sun as you assemble this vintage van that includes the oversize VW front loo panel, a split front windshield, side mirrors, classic VW headlights, turn signals, bumpers and more!

Throw in some chrome trim, custom VW wheels and rims, an enclosed rear van section and its ready to load up suntan lotion, surfboards and beach bunnies for some serious fun.

Churchill countach DAF 95 Canvas
Churchill, Countach 5000 and DAF 95 Canvas

Let's talk about Churchill.No, not Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister during the WWII who was known for being a 'bulldog' when it came to facing off against the Axis Powers.

No, rather let's talk about Italeri's new Churchill WWII armored tank model kit that can be slightly modified, decaled and painted to represent six different armored tanks: Mk. III, Mk. IV, Mk V, Mk III Kingforce, NA 75 and AVRE.

Part of Italeri's Warlord Games collection the solid gray parts come on three part trees, detach easily and neatly and also includes a single human (to scale) figure decal sheet and easy-to-follow instruction for assembly and a full-color paint application guide on the back of the model kit box.

The majority of boys and men at one time in their lives have dreamed of owning and driving a luxury sports car.

Few of us actually can afford to purchase such cars but we can dream.

Well dream time is over. For you 'financially challenged' boys and men out there you may never see or own an actual high dollar sports car but now you have the next best thing.

Italeri's Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvote 1/24 Scale model kit may not be the real thing but it certainly looks like it.

This beautiful model kit features all the Lamborghini bells and whistles you would expert from a luxury sports car minus the price tag.

Molded in sold white and black the model kit feature rubber tires, a plethora of chrome parts, a boatload of interior and exterior details and accessories andlots of windows.

Sleek with a low profile, this beauty has it all including a revved out engine, a luxurious interior and so much more.

Put this baby together and imagine yourself driving down the freeways in Europe in your custom, 'very' expensive sports car that only a few can afford.

It may not be as pretty as a Lamborghini or as luxurious but it's just as impressive and a lot more practical, especially if you drive a truck for a living.

The DAF 95 Canvas semi-truck with trailer is a 'must have' model kit for any truck lover.

At 1/24 Scale this model packs on the details and accessories with its fully equipped cab featuring a roof wind deflector, heavy duty frame and bumpers, integrated headlights and turn signals, twin roof horns, oversize side mirrors and flat face with huge front windshield and side windows.

Just as impressive is its undercarriage, fully-detailed engine, maxed-out interior with full dash, seats and controls and more.

The powerful semi easily pulls along the eight wheel canvas-side trailer with reinforced frame on its sides and back and chrome fenders and bumper.

You'll be equally impressed with its heavy under frame, large cargo hold and engineered modular carriage.

Anyway you drive it, it's a lean, mean, hauling machine that is captured perfectly in miniature.

Follow the detailed instructions, paint it, decal it and assemble it and before long you'll be on the road!

DAF XF105 Smoky Jr.

"East bound and down, loaded up and truckin'
We gonna do what they say can't be done
We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there
I'm east bound, just watch ol' Bandit run"

Are you ready for some serious truckin'?Is the urge to put the pedal to metal and hit the wide open roads almost more than you can bear?Feel like you're whole life is a dead-end street and you're stuck in your current situation?

Never fear!Even though you may be stuck at home or a dead-end job you can still feel some of the thrill of the open road as you hop in your semi-truck cab, fire it up and cruise the highways and byways of America.

Italeri makes it possible (sort of) with its latest Show Trucks 1/24 Scale Semi-Truck model kit release: DAF XF105 Smoky Jr.

Talk about a dream machine!The DF XF105 Smoky Jr. model kit recreates one of the most outstanding semi-trucks ever designed and built.Brimming with chrome from bumper to bed the model kit pours on the details with triple windshield wipers, oversize grill, heavy duty bumpers, wheel fenders, multiple body and roof lights huge front and side windows, sunshield, six tires and one spare, full interior and exterior details right down to the realistic dash, side panels, doors, seats, accessories, full undercarriage and engine recreations, rubber hoses and more, just like a real truck.

Slap on some paint, peel off the adhesive decals and follow the easy-to-understand assembly instructions and before you know it you're on your way to a big rig imagination trip.

Eight part trees and a chassis, with tires, make up the kit.Parts detach easily with no fuss or muss.It's a trucker's dream come true!

mechatrowego20 MechatroWeGo 2

Wouldn't it be cool if you could own a robot that allows you to be a passenger inside and control its movements?

That day is not here yet but Hasegawa Hobby Kits has the next best thing with its 20 MechatroWeGo 2 Mechatrobot humanoid robot.

Used primarily for transporting students to and from school in depopulated areas and for recreation use, the 20 Mechatrobot 2 is recreated in 1/20 Scale.

Pre-colored a bright orange, tan and gray the 20 MechatroWeGo 2 Mechatrobot humanoid robot model kit's parts come on ten part trees.Parts detach easily, with little or no flashing.

Precisely modeled and engineered the parts fit tightly together and once assembled the humanoid robot opens up to house a small human figure included with the model kit.

Arms and legs move, the front hatch swings to open up and snaps into place when closed.

Its a remarkable piece of model-making design and is sure to be a big hit with model makers and Anime and Manga fans.Add a few pieces of chrome to the boots arms, legs, torso and faceplate and you have a model kit that is sure to grab plenty of attention.

Scheer, Curtainside, Le Centaure
and Operation Cobra

As a young boy I loved putting together ship model kits.At the time I could purchase 10-cent ships and within a few minutes have a whole fleet of ships.As I grew older I graduated to larger ship models that required more skill, patience and time to put together.

The Admiral Scheer battleship model kit from Italeri brings back many fond memories.Like the more complicated model kits I assembled as boy the Admiral Scheer is a miniature replica of a famous military ship complete with full hull, deck, accessories and weapons that are all easy to assemble when using the comprehensive directions included with the model.

Paint it up, slap on the decals and before you know it you have a 1/720 Scale ship model that would make any sailor proud.

Take a minute to appreciate the details including deck guns, conning towers, radar, antenna and cranes and other ship's equipment along with a small bi-wing airplane, deck railings and more.

Where would a semi-truck be without its trailer? The Curtainside Trailer "" trailer is a heavy duty (and I do mean heavy!) model kit that features the trademark Schoni red color scheme along with real rubber tires, an undercarriage storage compartment, side panel protection, heavy load capability, a superior brake system, heavy and tough gauge fenders, bumper and wheels and carefully integrated lights and reflectors.

All are built on a rugged frame which are perfectly duplicated in 1/24 Scale.Very little painting is required but look for lots of decals-and I do mean a lot!

Speaking of semi-trucks... The Berliet 356ch/ Renault R360 "Le Centaure" semi-truck is a chromed-out monster truck with so many extras it boggles the mind.

Look for full upper and lower lights, a twin-level bumper, an environmentally designed diesel exhaust pipe, roof-mounted horns and lights, large side mirrors, three windshield wipers, an extended cab, full interior details, ten tires on chrome wheels, a large windshield and side windows, an aerodynamic design that cuts down on wind resistance, a large bed for easy trailer hook-up, a rigid frame with brake and fluid lines and much, much more.

Talk about details!Seasoned model makers are sure to love this finely-detailed model.Like all Italeri model kits this truck features precision fittied parts, easy-to-follow instructions and full paint and decal instructions that make putting together this 1/24 Scale model kit a trucker's dream.

Way back, a long time ago, when I was about ten years old, my friends and I used to gather together all our plastic soldiers, play tanks, jeeps and other WWII toys and create huge battle scenes right out of the war.

We'd play for hours eventually gathering up all our separate items and go our merry ways.

As much as we enjoyed playing soldier it was difficult for all of us to get together at one time so we could pool our toy resources.

Never fear! Italeri recognizes the little boy in military model makers.Its 1/72 Scale Operation Cobra 1944 Battle Set has made playing war fun and easy to set up.

Included in the Play Set are two tanks (Sherman and Panther), two Half Tracks, 64 figures (Allied and Nazi) and two French House/Shops.

What a great way to make up a WWII battleground diorama!All it takes issome glue, paint, decals and the willingness to create a scene right out of the war!Allied and Nazi vehicles and soldiers are packed separately from each other in individual plastic bags making them easy to recognize.

Modify the buildings to look whole or bombed out and with a little tabletop shrub and dirt decor its WWII all over again in 1/72 Scale!


Mirage, Tiger and Essex

Italeri takes to the air, land and sea with three new model kits geared for war.

As with all Italeri model kits they feature historically accurate details, easy-to-follow instructions and parts that detach easily from part trees with little or no flashing which fit snuggly together with no gaps or miss fits.

First up from Italeri's World Of Warships Action Stations Online Naval Game series comes the USS Essex aircraft carrier that also includes an exclusive Smith American Destroyer Bonus Code.

Besides the easy-to-paint, glue (included) and decal 1/700 Scale model kit also includes a Ship's Guide of historical references with in-game tips, three Invite Codes and a full-color poster.

Fifteen part trees, ship's hull and five upper decks make up the aircraft carrier model kit.Complete deck and hull accessories (including artillery, towers, deck machinery and railings and aircraft complete the package.

It's a stunning model kit that when completed looks as if it burst off the model kits beautifully illustrated front panel.

From The World Of Tanks Roll Out Online Video Game comes the PZ.KPRW. V1 Tiger Tank model kit at 1/56 Scale.

This massive German WWII killing machine is one of four tanks available in the series.

Included with the model is a Tank Guide containing historical references and in-game tips, decals, liquid cement, three Invite Codes and Bonus Code and three Xbox Bonus Codes.

Over 1,300 Tiger Tanks were produced during the war.The Tiger's treads were protected by an extended hull and sported a wide-ranged turret carrying its 8.8 cm Kw.K 36 L/56 gun.

Its heavy construction and impressive armor and fire power made it the scourge of the Allied Forces.

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Gulf War the French Mirage fighter jet proved to be a formidable air and ground combat craft feared by enemy forces.

With its impressive fire power (that included missiles and more) the Mirage's triangular body and wing configuration made for a fast, maneuverable and deadly combination.

The single pilot fighter, while smaller than most attack aircraft, made up for its size by being one of the most versatile, deadly and capable aircraft during the conflict.

Full assembly, paint and decal instructions are included so you can decorate your model kit as one of three designations: 2000C, 2000EAD or 2000C Orange.

earnhardt-and-johnson#88 and #48

Two of today's NASCAR superstars are represented with two super car SnapTite MAX model kits from Revell Models.

For those of you unfamiliar with SnapTite model kits they require no glue, no paint and no messy decal application.Everything fits together in a snap. The chassis and parts are pre-painted and decals are peel-and stick stickers that apply easily to model surfaces.

SnapTite models are the perfect way to introduce novices to model making (especially young children).In no time at all models are ready for display.

Parts detach easily from part trees with minimal or no flashing. Windshields and windows snap into place and rubber tires slip easily on wheels making for outstanding models.

Revell craftsmanship is numero uno when it comes to tight-fitting parts, attention to detail and ease of assembly. Easy-to-understand instructions make model making a breeze, regardless of skill level.

Two NASCAR high-performance cars from the SnapTite MAX series are sure to thrill racing fans.

The 2016 #48 Jimmie Johnson Lowe's Chevy SS and the 2016 #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Nationwide Chevy SS are beautiful model kits with all the bells and whistles.

Low to the ground, with low set grills and spoilers, both vehicles feature heavy-duty wheels and tires, low body profiles, full NASCAR safety equipment including driver nets and belts with minimal instrumentation and integrated lights and bumpers that complement each car's uni-body construction.

Exterior details are to die for, right down to the underbelly of each vehicle.Regardless of your choice (Why choose? Get both!) each model delivers first-rate fun while building and make for great display pieces that are guaranteed to make any model-maker proud.

Clipper and Falcon

Hasegawa Hobby Kits presents two Limited Edition aircraft model kits.Both kits feature easy-to-follow instructions and precision parts that detach quickly and easily from part trees with little or no flashing.

By following the extremely well-done instructions (that also include historical information about each aircraft) painting, decaling and assembling your models are a snap!

clipperThe 1/200 Scale C-40A Clipper US Navy personnel and cargo transport is a modified Boeing 737-700 commercial aircraft.

As with most military transport aircraft the Clipper transforms from a 121 seat passenger aircraft into a cargo or combination passenger/cargo aircraft quickly and efficiently.

With its long tubular body, twin jet turbines and distinctive oversize rear fin the Clipper glides through the art as swiftly and as smoothly as its naval ship namesake.Two decal options are available.

falconThe 1/48 Scale F-16C Fighting Falcon "CFT" model kit recreates (albeit in miniature form) the lightweight but deadly fighter aircraft Falcon.

Equipped with a gatling cannon and wing-tip missiles when combined with its conformal fuel tanks that reduce drag the Falcon makes for small, almost invisible to radar target that is a quick as it is deadly.

Streamline, compact and beautifully designed the Falcon is small (by most standards) but makes up for its size with its maneuverability, quick-strike capabilities and extended flight capabilities.


Lamborghini, M10, Piranha and Gulf War

Italeri celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the dream car for any auto enthusiast: Lamborghini!

Scaled at 1/35 this Special Edition release features a solid black Lamborghini with all the bells and whistles.

Named the Countach, this glorious and luxurious automobile for the rich and famous features numerous improvements that effectively changed 3,000 of the auto's 8,000 parts.

Made of carbon fiber the Countach was the first to made so.

Air box and air intakes are enlarged and mounted on miniskirts, the suspension modified for greater maneuverability, stability and speed allowing the car to top out at 300 km / h.Designed in 1986 the Countach ceased production in 1990 having been replaced by the Diablo.

The model captures the aerodynamic look of the car to perfection.Every component and part (interior and exterior) are perfectly to scale, feature little or no flashing and detach easily from part trees.Rubber tires, chrome wheels and trim, clear panels for windshield and windows make this a model a perfect miniature match for its namesake.

Follow the comprehensive instructions and in no time at all you'll have your Countach assembled, painted and decaled and ready to display.

The Gulf War 25th Anniversay Battle Set includes M1A1 Abrams and T-62 Tanks and AH-1W SuperCobra and Mi-25 Hind D Helicopters.

At 1/72 Scale all four vehicles recreate the war machines that took part in the Gulf War in 1990.

Both tanks feature heavy armor, impressive firepower, authentic details and shielded treads that move.If properly assembled turrets rotate, weapons tilt and shift and hatches open.

Both helicopters carry equally impressive weapons including rocket launchers and machine guns.

The SuperCobra is more aerodynamic and slightly smaller but more maneuverable while the Hind D is massive with multiple propeller blades, heavier armor, more weapons and lands on tires as opposed to a sled.

Either choice the helicopters are deadly in air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.

All four vehicles are set up to be painted in air and ground camouflage, feature realistic decals and assemble with little muss and fuss if instructions are followed correctly.

Also from the Gulf War comes the LAV-25 Piranha Tank/Armored Vehicle scaled at 1/56.

Featuring eight wheels, a tilted underbelly, heavy suspension and armor, impressive weaponry and equipped for desert maneuvering and sandy terrain the LAV-25 is also amphibious, useful in reconnaissance and close combat and it carries a crew of three and can carry an additional four soldiers.

Once painted a sand tan, decaled and assembled the model looks as threatening as its large counterpart.

Over 50 years earlier a different war was being fought: WWII.

Although not as advanced as Desert Storm tanks the M10 Tank Destroyer lived up to auspicious reputation.

Its small crews were famous for their quick strike and retreat fights that confounded the Nazi war machine.

Small, fast and maneuverable the small tanks had respectable firepower and managed to keep the Axis forces on their toes.

Cramped but lethal the M10 boasted a large turret and cannon, turret mounted machine gun and smaller body as to increase its speed and maneuverability.

Painted a dull green the M-10 Tank Destroyer lived up to its reputation.Part of Italeri's Warlord Games series it makes for the perfect model for the gamer and collector.

on board


U.S. Infantry On Board and A-10 A/C Thunderbolt II

World War II brought about a great deal of innovation and technological advancement both in military hardware and non-military applications.

The United States Army was one of the best equipped and trained fighting forces in the world.

Soldiers were equipped for general survival and combat.Each division of specialty had state-of-the-art equipment specifically made for their individual tasks.

Italeri presents a ten figure, 1/35 Scale collection of U.S. Infantry featuring foot soldiers, flame throwers, bazooka launchers, mortar launchers and various field equipped soldiers ready to take on the enemy.

A back-of-the-box color guide allows model makers to accuracy paint their figures to match military uniform and equipment colors from that time period.

The United States Air Force needed a powerful aircraft that doubled as close air support and ground combat-specifically against tanks and armored vehicles.

With its twin General Electric turbofan engines and its 30 mm. GAU-8/A Avenger Gatling the USAF got exactly what it asked for.

With its impressive payload, tough and rugged construction and speed and maneuverability the A-10 was one of the most effective aircraft in the Gulf War responsible for destroying over 900 enemy tanks.

Italeri recreates the impressive aircraft complete with its under wing arsenal, twin rear engines, twin tailfins and heavily armored pilot cockpit.

Paint it, decal it and put it together and you have one of the most impressive, dynamic and detailed accurate aircraft models around.

As with all Italeri models, parts fit securely and tightly together, instructions are easy-to-understand and putting together the model is a snap.


Vanship and Barbarossa

Anime and Manga fans are sure to get a thrill out of Hasegawa Hobby Kits latest release: the 1/72 Last Exile-Fam, The Silver Wing-Over the Wishes Tatiana's Vanship and Fam's VESPA Kit Combo Limited Edition model kit.†††††††††††

It's the whole new high-flying adventures of Fam and fellow characters as spotlighted in the latest Last Exile series.

Perfectly capturing the likeness of the dieselpunk Tatiana's VANSHIP and Fam's VESPA the model kit also includes two 1/35 Scale pilot figures.

Check out the cool retro look of each craft with all sorts of extrusions, protuberances and pipe and accessory fixtures all looking as if they came straight out of a steam pipe factory.

Figures and vehicles paint up and decal nicely courtesy of the easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

The 1/48 Scale Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2 "Barbarossa" Limited Edition WWII German fighter aircraft means business.

Used in the invasion of Russian: code named Operation Barbarossa, the Luffwaffe used the Bf 109 F-2 to gain total air superiority and no wonder.

A single-pilot, propeller-driven, fighter aircraft the Bf 109 F-2 sported a high powered engine, a deadly arsenal for both ground and air combat coupled with speed and maneuverability.

Like all Hasegawa Hobby Kits the Bf 109 F-2 features part trees with easily detachable parts with little or no flashing, historically accurate decals and easy to follow instructions that guarantees a first-rate model once completed.


Tony, Taiwan and Nachi

Hasegawa Hobby Kits presents a trio of new war machines: two aircraft and one ship.

The 1/48 Scale Kawasaki Ki-61-I Tei Type 3 Fighter Hien (Tony) "Prisoner of War" Limited Edition WWII Japanese fighter aircraft packs a few surprises.

So maneuverable and deadly was the 'Tony' that the American military was hot to get its hands on this lethal non-traditional Japanese fighter.

Equipped with a inline V engine the small aircraft also boasted more armor, heavier and more deadly weapons, fuel tanks that self-sealed and other 'surprises'.

Minimalist in design the 'Tony' didn't appear that unorthodox at first glance.

Small for a fighter the aircraft sat one pilot, had a standard wingspan and a tri-propeller.Everything about the aircraft screamed, "ordinary!"Not so.

The hobby kit duplicates and captures the look of the fighter used by the United States for testing and evaluation.No doubt taking its cue from the 'Tony' the U.S. military incorporated much of what it learned from the aircraft into its own fleet of fighters.

As with all Hasegawa Hobby Kits the 'Tony' kit comes with highly detailed instructions for assembling, painting and decaling and parts detach easily from part trees with little or no flashing and fit together snuggly with no mismatched surfaces.

The 1/48 Scale F-16B Plus Fighting Falcon "Taiwan Airforce Flying Tigers" Limited Edition fighter jet model kit recreates the impressive Taiwan fighter in perfect detail right down to its landing gear.

A superior aircraft that is both light, less expensive than most fighters and capable of impressive aerodynamic capabilities the F-16B is easy to upkeep and ready in an instant for action.

Fast and capable of landing, re-arming and taking off in a short period of time the F-16B is regarded as one of the most versatile aircraft in existence and respected by military forces around the globe.

The model recreates the aircraft in perfect miniature from external tanks, twin cockpit, single engine and deadly arsenal.

I've always been a sucker for large naval vessels-especially vintage WWII heavy cruisers and the like.

So it should come as no surprise that my favorite model of three is the 1/700 Scale Japan Navy Heavy Cruiser Nachi Full Hull Limited Edition model kit.

What a beauty with its full armament, cranes, conning tower, railing, smokestacks and wooden deck.

Part of the Myoko class heavy cruisers the ship served in the Philippines, Its battery of guns: ten 8-inch guns and eight 127 mm guns along with its 12 Type 93 Long Lance Torpedoes made the Nachi a worthy adversary.

Unfortunately minor repairs stuck the ship in the Philippines at the end of the war where it was eventually sunk by the Allies.

The ship model comes with a display stand that showcases the entire ship from tip to tip and propellers to stern.It's an impressive model recreating a time when navies could turn the tide of war.


Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, Tie Fighter and Shuttle

Ever since the Star Wars films were introduced Revell models has been there producing exact miniature duplicates of many of the ships and vehicles seen in the films.

They've always been a big hit with fans and with the premiere of the new Star Wars film: The Force Awakens, Revell has once again outdone itself when it comes to capturing, in miniature, key spacecraft from the film and translating them into plastic model kits.

Revell makes it easy for the young modeler to create thier very own Star Wars vehicles.Revell has taken the muss and fuss away out of model-making with its SnapTite MAX Star Wars models.

No glue, no paint, no decals-each model is pre-painted and decaled, snaps together in (well-a snap!) and are ready to display in no time at all.

Each model comes in a full color box complete with a full-color illustration/painting on its cover of whatever vehicle is inside.Easy-to-understand instructions are also included.

Each model captures perfectly the look and details of each ship right down to the hull lines, surface sensors and equipment, painted and decaled surfaces and more.

Models include ships from The Force Awakens.

After too long an absence the Millennium Falcon returns (a little worse for wear) but just as impressive.Every surface detail is present from the loading bay, pilot cockpit, sensor and shield emitters, weapons and landing gear. It's a beauty that Han Solo would be proud of.

There are two X-Wings: a Resistance X-Wing Fighter and Poe's characteristic silver andyellow X-Wing Fighter.Both are updated versions of the famous fighter with extra engine enhancements and weapons.Either way, they make for formidable foes against The New Order.

The First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter is even more menacing looking than the original Tie Fighter. Accented in red, the new Tie-Fighter is more maneuverable, deadlier and wickedly cool.Check out its weapons, cockpit and redesigned wing panels.

Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle reminds me of the Emperor's Shuttle in Return Of The Jedi.

Kylo Ren's Shuttle has longer wings that extend or retract and fold when in flight or landing.

Equipped with four laser banks, the heavily armored Shuttle is both intimidating and impressive.

All of Revell's Star Wars models look great once assembled and when displayed make perfect dioramas of scenes for the new movie.

Astaco Neo and Type 95 and 97

Hasegawa Hobby Kits has two great new model kits for both the land-dweller and the sky-flier.

Astaco NeoIf you're into heavy-duty earth-moving equipment then get ready to do double duty done right.

With its twin hydraulic arms and protected cab the 1/35 Scale Hitachi Double Arm Working Machine Astaco Neo model kit is both a grabber/digger and snipper.

Considered one of the most versatile constriction tools ever designed it's easy to see why with its impressive movement skills captured perfectly by Hasegawa Hobby Kits sculptors.

Precise to perfection engineering details are present in its exterior mechanical workings and its control cabin interior.Levers, gears, hydraulics-everything right down to its nuts and bolts are perfectly reconstructed in miniature.

Check out its soft tracks, cables, mesh sheet cockpit front, moveable arms and body and a to-scale operator figure.

Follow the easy instructions for assembly and decals.No paint is necessary as the parts are pre-colored to match the original machine.

So what are you waiting for?Get out there and move some dirt!

type 95 97Hasegawa Hobby Kits' 1/72 Scale Type 95 & Type 97 Fighters (2 Kits) Limited Edition model kit recreates the famous IJAAF strike craft.

Both the Type 95 and Type 97 aircraft flew over China before WWII began.

Both the Twin-wing and Monoplane were used to fight against the Chinese, Russians and American Volunteer Group.

No long after the war started both planes were considered obsolete and were relegated to one-way kamikaze aircraft.

By the height of the war both aircraft were primitive in design but during their heyday they were capable aircraft, lethal during combat and state-of-the-art.

Both aircraft feature stationary landing gear, cockpit armament and low-tech communication capabilities.

Choose your decal options and by following the easy-to-understand directions assembly, paint and decal application are a snap!

Super Hornet and LaGG-3

Whether it's a modern jet fighter or a WWII propeller driven fighter aircraft, both are deadly.

lavochkinThe 1/48 Scale Lavochkin LaGG-3 "Japanese Army" Limited Edition WWII aircraft, while decorated with the Rising Sun symbol of Japan, the IJA the original aircraft was constructed by the Russians.

Somehow the Imperial Japanese Army managed to get its hands on one and tested it for combat use in 1942 until the end of the war.

A small aircraft, the LaGG-3 was formidable with its impressive airspeed, deadly weapons and maneuverability.The single pilot fighter was a barebones aircraft designed for fast and deadly air and ground combat.

Like all Hasegawa Hobby Kits the LaGG-3 is finely and historically accurate sculpted, easy to assemble, paint and decal using the very comprehensive instructions and can be constructed with landing gear up or down.

super hornet VFA27The 1/72 Scale F/A-18E Super Hornet "VFA-27 Royal Maces CAG 2015" Limited Edition fighter jet model recreates the famous aircraft in use for fifty years.

Based in Naval Air Station Atsugi they are considered some of the most reliable, effective and versatile aircraft in the U.S. arsenal.

With 20mm cannon and fighter capabilities for both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat the slender and long aircraft is loaded for combat, has extended flight tanks and all the latest and greatest high-tech equipment to take on any contender.

Available in two decal versions, the Super Hornet model is impressive both in its interior and exterior.

Paint it, put it together and decal it and you'll have a very realistic model that will impress both novice and seasoned model makers.

fusion 1fusion 2

Ford Fusions

If you're a novice when it comes to putting together plastic model kits or if a young child shows interest in modeling the hardest things to tackle are assembling, painting and decaling.

Given time and experience novice model-makers mature and master all three areas.But, getting started can be frustrating and many a model-maker wannabe has given up plastic model kit making out of pure frustration.

Never fear! Revell Models understands such a dilemma and has a line of plastic model kits that are pre-painted, pre-decaled and require no glue to assemble.

Hard to believe?Not so!Revell's SnapTite MAX series of model kits makes assembling terrific looking model kits a breeze.

Two such models features Ford Fusion racing cars as driven by #2 Brad Keselowski and #22 Joey Logano.

Both feature full interior and exterior details, 35 pieces and easy instructions for assembly.

Whether you choose Joey's Shell Pennzoil, red and yellow Fusion or Brad's white and black Fusion (or both) each 1:24 Scale racing car replica delivers on all accounts.

In no time at all you'll have a model kit on display any model-maker would be proud of.

Statue Of Liberty And Austrian Infantry

Italeri has just released two new plastic model kits: one born of war and the other of peace.

Never in the history of mankind has a single statue represented the best of man.

statue of libertyA symbol of freedom, opportunity and peace the Statue of Liberty has shown as a flame-bearing beacon to weary pilgrims traveling to the United States looking for a better life for themselves and their families.

The Statue of Liberty model kit recreates in miniature scale the neoclassical copper statue given to the United States in 1886 from the grateful people of France.

The robed Roman goddess Libertas bears a torch and a Tabula Ansata (evoking the law) inscribed July 4, 1776, the date of the American Declaration of Independence.

A broken chain at her feet symbolizes freedom:of speech, religion, race, gender and social status.

The Statue of Liberty model stands on a reproduction of its famous multi-tiered masonry base and ten-sided star-representing Liberty Island in New York City.

Included with the easy-to-assemble model is a full color Reference Leaflet filled with historical facts, features, instructions and color guide.Let freedom reign!

austrian InfantryWherever there is peace, war is not far behind-unfortunately.

Every nation has taken part in bloody battles and needless lose of life and property.

Austria is no exception. The Austrian Infantry clashed against Napoleon troops in Marnego and lost, but not for the lack of trying.

Resilient, courageous and brave the Austrian Infantry 1798-1805 fought valiantly.

Dressed in their customary white and black attire, resplendent in short leather caps and brass front plates bearing the Imperial Eagle, the Austrian Infantry was impressive.

Forty eight unpainted figures are included in the model kit along with full paint instruction on the back of the kit box. willyssleepr cab

Sleeper and Willys

Italeri presents two new vehicle models, one classic and one modern.

During WWII the U.S. military would have practically been at a standstill if it wasn't for the tough and tried and true Jeep.

This powerful little workhorse was small on comfort but big on delivery.

Built to withstand harsh conditions and easy to work on and maintain, the Willys Jeep 1/4 Ton 4X4 carried soldiers, hauled equipment and even saw combat when equipped with appropriate firepower.

Olive green, four-wheel drive and loaded down with field equipment such as spare gas containers, shovels and whatever else that might be needed in combat conditions the Jeep could be driven open air or with a canvas canopy that provided some protection during harsh weather conditions.

Italeri's two model Jeep Kit features two Jeeps that are easy to assemble at 11 parts each, allows modelers to select from six decal options and provides a full-color guide on the back of the twin models' box for proper paint application.

Take a moment to appreciate the historical accuracy of each model both inside and out.Set up your own diorama and pack on the details.The Willys are here!

For the ultimate in semi-truck design and streamlining the Volvo FH16 520 Sleeper Cab is the pick of the litter.Introduced in 1993, the Volvo Sleeper Cab has undergone vast upgrades and improvements from electronics to the transmission.

This monster of a truck has smooth lines, completely integrated grills, headlights, venting, mirrors, upper and side lights and reflectors, storage compartments, step-ups, set in front windshield and sloped upper wind sheer.

Emblazoned with a huge Volvo logo on each side, this Sleeper Cab is all class and more.

Compartmental lines signify various access points to the engine and cab with the Sleeper Cab tucked in discretely just behind the driver's cab.

Look for precise engine recreation, luxurious interior details, six tires and wheels, heavy undercarriage and everything you would expect from a high class Volvo Semi-Truck.

Even the trailer hitch adds to the overall design.

Scaled at 1:24, this puppy is large enough not to skimp on the details.

A little glue, paint and decals and before you know it you'll be hitting the road in style."Breaker!""Breaker!"

Gruppo and 318i

gruppoDespite Mussolini's bravado the Italians were not a major force in WWII.Allied with the Axis forces Italy soon succumbed to the Allied's superior forces and found itself a split country-both pro and for the Axis.

While the bravery of the Italians during the war cannot be disputed much of their military equipment was inferior to the Allied forces.

With the introduction of the Italian Air Force's Macchi c-205 Veltro fighter they hoped to compete with the Allied p-51 Mustangs.

Although the Macchi C.205 Veltro '155 Gruppo' boasts a powerful new engine, heavier armament, with two 20mm cannons, they simply couldn't get enough off the ground to make any worthwhile difference in the outcome of the war in the air.

Hasegawa Hobby Kits' 1/48 Scale, Limited Edition model kit of 155 Gruppo is a splendid recreation in miniature of the aircraft.

With its tri-propeller, single pilot cockpit and all of its historically accurate details (right down to the landing gear) the 155 Gruppo model is miniature masterpiece.

Select from two decal configurations and by using the helpful enclosed instructions assembling, painting and decaling will turn out perfect.

318iThe 1/24 Scale JTCC Auto Tech BMW 318i Limited Edition model kit offers mucho horsepower of a different sort-in a race car.

Lay down some serious rubber and burn up the tracks with this miniaturized version of famous racecar from the 1980s and 1990s.

The German BMW 318i proved itself a winner when it took many of the races dominated by Japanese cars.

Take a look at this beauty with its perfectly scaled and accurate details starting with its low profile, custom wheels and tires, racing configuration and reinforcements for safety.

Parts detach easily from part trees and before you know it you'll be racing this baby straight to your favorite display area.

us infantry 6120_boxU.S. Infantry
World War II

From the 'Big Red One' comes Italeri's U.S. Infantry World War II collection of plastic figures.

Like all of Italeri's war figures this selection includes part trees holding highly detailed and sculpted human figures in full military gear with weapons and equipment.

The unpainted figures detach easily from the part trees with minimal flashing allowing very little trimming necessary-if any.

Forty figures are included along with nine standalone parts for ground-mounted machine guns.

Each soldier comes with weapons or accessories.All are sculpted in action poses with careful attention given to historical accuracy regarding uniforms and equipment.

Perfect for posing with other Italeri military transports or equipment the figures also make excellent game pieces for war gamers.

On the back of the model box are color-guide illustrations, with a color chart, for perfect WWII uniform and equipment color match ups.


Torino, 240Z, Stingray and Eclipse

Revell Models has just released four 1/25 Scale car models that are perfect for those over 10 years old to assemble.

Get ready for some high-speed action as four powerful racecars rev up their engines, hit the gas pedals and give you a run for your money

Each model features rubber tires, custom wheels, full engine, interior and exterior details and so much authenticity they look like they could drive off on their own!

Full instructions make assemble, decaling and painting a breeze and with their expertly crafted parts, that easily detach from part trees, cleanup and assemble are a breeze.

First up is the Ford Torino from the classic TV series Starsky and Hutch.

This two-tone red and white Muscle Machine is trimmed to the max in chrome.

Thereís a reason why bad guys feared this car.  Itís powerful dual carb 351 c.i. engine made it a bullet on wheels. Throw in its dome light, police radio and its powerful chassis and crooks give up the minute they spot it.

One of the cars I wished Iíd owned when I was young was a BRE Datsun 240Z.  Datsun was really coming into its own in the 1960s.  Long gone was the stigma of things made in Japan.

Japanese import cars were slowly taking over the car industry and for good reason.

Dependability, precise assemble, innovative designs and quality all combined to make Datsun cars a young manís dream.

The BRE Datsun 240Z was smaller than most American made cars at the time but it didnít lack in power.

Front and rear spoilers, a six-cylinder engine and a power packed engine coupled with impressive body trim, custom paint job and interior details that would make Detroit auto manufactures blush made the 240Z a hit.

Americaís dream sport car perfectly describes the 2014 Corvette Stingray.  Sleek, fast and all business make this sporty number one with car enthusiasts.

Chrome custom wheels, a powerful V-8 engine, wraparound low cut windows and aerodynamic body design along with its inset grill and uni-body bumpers all combine to make the stingray one fish other car owners will never catch.

Fast & Furious describe Brianís Eclipse to a tee.  Lime green with black and white accents, rear spoiler and a low ride chassis allows this beauty to huge the road and curves.

Custom wheels, a custom grill and itís performance-enhanced chassis and accessories make the exterior and interior super detailed Eclipse Fast & Furious.



Falcon, Hornet and Flanker

Measuring in a whooping 1/48 Scale, Skill Level 3 (Age 14+) and consisting of 140 pieces nicely packaged on part trees with little or no flashing and super-detailed Hasegawa Hobby Kits F-16IQ Iraqi Air Force Fighting Falcon Limited Edition fighter jet model kit is the bomb!

Designed to operate in hot and dry desert conditions the Fighting Falcon (initiated in 2010 with a partial shipment in 2014) is a lean, mean, streamline bullet of an aircraft that boasts some serious firepower.

A twin seat cockpitis powered by a GE F110 power plant.It's vastly superior aerial combat capabilities are enhanced by its radar jamming capability and radar guided missiles.

Extra fuel storage allows the aircraft to stay in the air longer to engage the enemy or perform air to ground attacks.Its larger dorsal fin and state-of-the-art electronics have increased the weight of the aircraft but have little effect on its firepower, flight and maneuverability. Additional weaponry includes superior strafing capabilities.

Like all Hasegawa hobby Kits the Falcon kit is easy to assemble, paint and decal if the enclosed instructions are followed.

The 1/72 Scale F/A-18E Super Hornet "VFA-27 Royal Maces CAG 2015" Limited Edition model kit is considered a 'heavy hitter' of Carrier Air Wing Five.

A descendant of over 50 years of Royal Maces service the Super Hornet performs double duty: air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.

With its 20mm cannons, wing armaments, twin cockpit, extra fuel capability and powerful engine the Super Hornet fairly buzzes about the enemy and delivers a sting few (if any) survive.

Display the aircraft model with wheels up or down, cockpit opened or closed and with or without weapons.

No matter how you serve it, its an impressive model kit fashioned after a equally impressive aircraft.Two decal configurations are include.

Another 1/48 Scale aircraft model from Hasegawa Hobby Kits is the Su-27 Flanker Ukrainian Air Force Digital Camouflage Limited Edition for ages 14 and up.

Considered one of the most maneuverable fighter aircraft in the sky the Flanker is one of only a few aircraft able to perform the "Pugachev's Cobra": where the nose of the aircraft rears up and back to vertical before lunging forward.

A cobra or rattlesnake have nothing on this aircraft!

Capable of speeds above Mach 2 the Flanker's superior armament makes this twin tail fin and engine monster of the sky a snake ready to strike!

Its long bowed fuselage allows the aircraft to perform maneuvers that shame other similar aircraft.Fast, agile and armed to the teeth the Flanker is impressive no matter how you stack it.

With its multi-blue paint scheme it makes it almost impossible to see until it's too late!


Drag Nut, Roadster, Speedwagon and Pickup

Are you ready for some four-wheel action?It's time to rev your engines, put the pedal to the metal and hit the road as Revell offers three custom cars and a truck for your model-making pleasure.

Here's the best part-you don't even need a driver's license!Three models are made for 10 years and up and one is for 12 years and up.

All you need are some glue, paint and patience and before you know it you'll have your very own rubber that meets the road, plenty of horse power and the freedom to take you wherever you imagination lets you.

Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth has always been know for his 'way-out' four wheel wonders and the Drag Nut is no exception.Decked out with loads of chrome, huge rear tires, a crazy helmeted driver and you've got a combination that sure to make any dragster take a second look.

Fashioned after Roth's imaginative drawing the Drag Nut is one customized dragster that's long on horsepower and short on patience.Watch out!†† This baby is ready to burn some serious rubber!

Revell's Special Edition '29 Model A Roadster 2 'n 1 model kit offers model makers two vehicles for the price of one.Blue or orange, customized wheels and rims, powerful V8s and 1950s nostalgia combine to make this 1:25 Scale model kit a sure hit.

With their twin seats, exposed engines, huge exhaust pipes, extended chrome bumpers and fully detail under-chassis and precisely detailed interior these twin speed demons give you plenty of power for your pesos.

Soak up the details, take in the custom trim and paint jobs and relive the past in style.Like all Revell's model kits parts detach easily from part trees, instructions guarantee perfect glue, paint and decal application and once completed each model will be a point of pride of any model makers' collection.

California Wheels has a new addition with its Dan Fink Metalworks Speedwagon. This customized, four-seater sedan looks like a melding of a truck and a car.

Custom designed and manufactured the Speedwagon consists of parts both cannibalized and custom-fitted to make a one-of-a-kind vehicle with wooden rear panels, narrow front, side and rear windows, a customized engine block and accessories, a unique interior and twin side panel/fenders that wrap up and over each wheel well.

Custom chrome wheels, trim, lights, grill and body accents and an extended front engine compartment gives this vehicle its unique and 'I gotta have it' profile.

For the more practical minded comes the TRUCKS Ford Ranger Pickup with its squared-off body style, heavy chassis, utilitarian chrome trim, grill, wheels and fenders and mirrors and no-nonsense interior and seats.

This truck is all business and its business is made for hauling and heavy work.

This ain't no frilly pickup, this is a man's truck and it has the payload and horsepower to prove it!

Take one look at its powerful no-frills engine, heavy frame construction, impressive under carriage and sturdy rear bed and you can understand why Ford trucks are 'Built Ford Tough!'

mecha1mecha 2††mech 3

3 MechartoWeGo and First Ship

Get ready for cute as Hasegawa Hobby Kits presents, straight from Japan, its latest 1:35 Scale model kits consisting of three in the series: the Chubu MechartoWeGo Mecharobots!

These adorable child-size robot transports are especially built for kids to transport them to school, soccer practice, after-school activities and carpooling.

Not only do they make great transports but super baby-sitters.No more chasing after your kids or worrying about them playing outside or getting in trouble.The Chubu MechartoWeGo Mecharobots take all the muss and fuss out of parenting.

Just imagine more time to yourself and no more trudging to and fro to kids' events!Let the Chubu MechartoWeGo Mecharobots do all the work and still get the kids home in time for supper!

Kids and parents love them!Why before you know it your kids will be grown up and gone and you never had to lift a finger.Now that's convenience!Now what were your kids' names?

Three kits make up the set: No.01 Aka & Kiiro RD/YW (2 kits), MechartoWeGo No.02 Milk & CaCao (2 kits) and MechartoWeGo No.03 Mizuiro & Momorio (2 kits).

Pre-painted and easy to assemble, the Chubu MechartoWeGo Mecharobots make the perfect project for beginner model makers.

Parts detach easily from their part trees with little flashing or fuss and after a few minutes you'll have your very own Chubu MechartoWeGo Mecharobots complete with moving joins, heads that open and both girl and boy figures!

arcadiaThe Arcadia First Ship piloted by Captain Harlock is much more streamlined battleship than Harlock's later ships.But that doesn't make is less formidable.

Look for plenty of fire power with offensive and defensive weapons along with a propulsion system few ships (if any) can match.

Measuring in at a whopping 1:1500 Scale the Arcadia, once painted its battleship green/gray with its skull and crossbones bone white bow and side decorations, makes for a frightening sight in space.

Perched on its oversize stand the ship looks like it is in space flight.

Check out the massive deck artillery, powerful rear engines and lofty bridge with its various detection and communication devices.

silver griffinanti tankM3 75mm

Griffin, Anti Tank and GMC

Italeri travels back to WWII and hits the road "Good Buddy" in a semi.

WWII buffs are sure to love the two new WWII figure and vehicle kits Italeri just released: Anti Tank Teams and M3 75mm GMC.

Comprised of 12 unpainted figures in all, the Anti Tank Team of figures include Russian Infantry, German Infantry, English Paratroopers and U.S. Paratroopers.

At 1:72 Scale it's surprising how much detail Italeri craftsmen manage to sculpt each figure.Follow the simple color guides and before you know it you have accurate looking miniature figures that are perfect for military dioramas.

Speaking of dioramas. The two model 1:72 Scale M3 75mm Gun Motor Carriages looks as authentic as they come and make for great battle field dioramas.

Made of 15 parts each, the models assemble easily and with a little paint and decals you can modify them to look like two of four different U.S. and British vehicles.

'"Breaker, breaker, good buddy!Smokey is hot on my tail and I've got a load I need to delivered pronto.Ten four!"

Talk about trucking in style!The Silver Griffin Scania R730 V8 Streamline semi brings a whole new meaning to driving in style.

Take a look.

Its square driver's cabin is all chrome and silver.Five overhead lights perch on top of its cab.Twin high beam and low beam lights decorate its front six vent grill along with dual turning signals, side trim lights, side reflectors and a smooth chassis blended bumper.

Twin lights highlight the large flat windshield featuring seamless side windows.

Large griffin symbols decorate both sides and with its massive rear cab extension the wind fairly whips around the truck cutting down on drag.

Streamline is the perfect description of the R730 with its uni-body wraparound cowling, front engine access and flat panel side panels that flow effortlessly over its massive wheels and tires.

Feeling a little rambunctious?Sooth the beast with an alternate paint and decal scheme featuring a hawk raking its claws across the sides of the red semi-truck.

Whatever version you choose it's a breeze to put this 1:24 Scale beast together following the comprehensive assembly, decal and painting instructions.

Parts fit tightly together with near zero flashing.Decals are no fuss and painting is no mess when you follow Italeri's instructions.Interior and exterior details are right on the money.

"Keep on truckin'!"

waterloo-tankWaterloo and
World Of Tanks

Measuring in at 1/72 Scale Italeri's British Artillery and British and Prussian General Staff Waterloo figure collection model kits are as historically genuine as they come.

The British Artillery Set consist of 16 soldiers and four cannon.All parts are securely fastened to two part trees and easily detach with minimal or zero flashing.

Each piece is finely sculpted and accurate in detail.Quite a feat considering how small the figures and cannon are.Assembly is easy and with the paint guides on the back of the model box paint application is a snap.

The British and Prussian General Staff is similar to the British Artillery Set but it consists of two part trees with 16 horses and 18 figures.All are historically correct in their details and are easy to assemble and paint.

From the online video game phenomenon: World Of Tanks Roil Out comes Italeri's M24 Chaffee Tank model.

Parts come on four part trees (not including treads and chassis).Parts fit snuggly together, are easy to assemble and with a little paint and the included decals you'll have a miniature motorized weapon before you know it!

Beautifully sculpted with special attention given to details the M24 Chaffee Tank model also comes with Historical References and In-Game Tips, three Invite Codes and a Bonus Code.

Fuel up, load up and hit the road!