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Ninja Nonsense Blu-ray.jpgNinja Nonsense

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any sillier along comes RightStuf!’s ‘Ninja Nonsense’ Blu-ray!

What do you do when your ninja master is a bright yellow, lecherous ball who wants you to go on a mission to steal local high school girls’ panties?

That’s the dilemma facing ninja in-training Shinobu-who just happens to be a knockout herself.

Despite her best efforts she fails and in the process comes face-to-face with hot-tempered Kaede who is one of the schoolgirls.

The two manage to hit it off and before they know it they team up to go on equally lecherous, dangerous, hilarious and downright bizarre adventures with Onsokumaru (Shinobu’s master) and his ninja clan.

Ninja Nonsense is Japanese Anime humor at its best with hilarious hi-jinx, a stellar cast of crazy characters and some serious ninja action.  Oh, and throw in a little romance and tears for good measure.

Extras include: Liner Notes, Clean Openings and Closing, TV Spots, Art Gallery, Kuru-Kuru Rin (Closing) Full Size.

‘The Complete Hogan’s Heroes Kommandant's Kollection’.jpgHogan’s Heroes

Back in the 1960s crooner Bing Crosby headed a film and TV show development company.  One of his TV series pitches involved Prisoners Of War in a Nazi POW camp.

Sounds reasonable-right?  After all the end of World War II ended barely 20 years previously and citizens and veterans who were alive during the war years still remembered the Nazi’s atrocities.

What better way to depict the horrors of war than with a TV series about the war? War TV series were popular at the time with series such as Combat and Twelve O-Clock High.

The only problem is, the TV series was a comedy set in a POW camp!

The immediate out roar over the series was deafening and even before the show aired it almost got canceled.

Fortunately the show never played down the war; it simply shied away from the atrocities since the story was in a POW camp-not a concentration camp.

Hogan’s Heroes went on to become a popular TV series.  Most WWII veterans liked it.

CBS/Paramount’s ‘The Complete Hogan’s Heroes Kommandant's Kollection’ contains all six seasons of the comedy series starring Bob Crane as Colonel Robert Hogan, the commander of an undercover, covert team of Allied spies stationed at a POW camp who thwarted the Nazis on every turn.

Commandeered by the incompetent Colonel Klink who was assisted by the bumbling Sergeant Schultz, unwittingly housed the spies in his camp that he boasted as never having been escaped from.

Hogan’s Heroes was one of my favorite comedy TV series.  I especially liked Sergeant Schultz whose catchphrases ‘I know nothing.’ and ‘Colonel Hogan!” never failed to bring a smile to my face.

The 27-disc collection contains all the TV series episodes and some very special extras including the original pilot, interviews, behind-the-scenes shenanigans, a MAD parody, several featurettes, home movies, bloopers, commercials, commentaries and so much more.

It’s the comedy that went to war…and won!

Horror, Fantasy and NYUKS

Say what you will but the gore-fest, blood and guts, gross-out horror films of today pale in comparison to the classic horror films of yesteryear. 

Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and horror actors and actresses that appeared on movie screen in years past were the best.

Sure there was some blood and gore-but it was at a minimum and was usually seen briefly.

What made classic horror films so good is what they didn’t show.  They left it up to the viewers’ imaginations-now that’s scary!

Mill Creek Entertainment presents its ‘Horror Hall OF Fame’ comprised of five disc collections containing 26 classic horror films.

The ‘Classic Horror Collection’ contains four frightening tales sure to chill your blood. From a nuclear holocaust to maniacs and mad doctors this collection covers the entire horror genre.

The ‘Hammer Film Collection Volume One and Two’ contains the best of the best of the British horror film catalog starring such notables as Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. 

Discover why Hammer Films became the preeminent horror film-making studio in the world for the better part of three decades.

Both Boris Karloff and Vincent Price have their own film collections.  Both actors live up to their reputations as masters of horror. 

It’s a bone-chilling joy to watch these masters of murder, mayhem and deeds most foul perform their cinematic classics.

Fantasy films have always been popular-more so even today. 

Five first-rate fantasy films are presented in Mill Creek Entertainment’s ‘Epic Fantasy Collection’.

The Wizard of Oz gets set on its literary ear with ‘Tin Man’ a modern retelling of the classic tale.

Fantasy, imagination and worlds of adventure await in ‘The Tenth Kingdom’ where nothing is impossible.

‘The Odyssey’ is a classic Greek tale of one man’s quest to save his kingdom, his family and himself.  Join Odysseus as he journeys home to his kingdom while he search for treasures and riches far more precious than gold.

Where would King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table be without ‘Merlin’? 

Sam Neill plays the crafty and clever wizard in a tale of Old Magic versus New Magic.  Which will he choose?

‘Gulliver’s Travel’s was one of my all-time favorite books growing up.  I loved the original film and animated feature.  And the new version starring Ted Danson is a worthy heir to the story.

Travel with Gulliver as he encounters some of the most wondrous and dangerous friends and foes imaginable.

When I was younger I used to rush home from school to catch the after school showing of the classic Three Stooges film shorts.  Curley was my favorite but I soon came to love ALL of the Three Stooges and their wacky, clap-in-the-face adventures.

The Three Stooges' roster changed over the years but their humor was timeless.

In ‘The Three Stooges Big Box OF NYUKS’ Three Stooges fans are in for a big treat.

Included in the10-Disc Set are classic shorts, cartoons, all of the Stooges’ films, a special featurette by Moe’s son, a slideshow, TV appearances and much more. 

It’s the ultimate Stooge-fest.  Will you like it?  ‘Certainly!”

The New Frontier and Batman Vs. Two-Face

One of my all-time DC Comics’ graphic novel mini-series was written and drawn by the late Darwyn Cooke.

Warner Bros. presents the ‘Justice League The New Frontier Commemorative Edition’ just in time for the new Justice league movie.

The Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack includes the previously released animated adaptation and a whole lot of new extras.

The story involves the introduction of the Justice League and its members in their first adventure straight out of the Silver Age of comic books.

Darwyn Cooke had the uncanny ability to embody the story with a nostalgic 1950s/1960s’ feel complemented by a contemporary story structure.  I encourage you to seek out the mini-series and give it a read and then watch the animated version. 

Both are wonderful examples of their respective genres.

Included with the Combo Pack are special commemorative extras such as a look at the career and life of Darwyn Cooke, a Justice League history featurette, an examination at the villains who fought the Justice League, an homage to The New Frontier, a commentary and a special sneak peek at an upcoming DC animated film.

“Holy nostalgia, Batman!”

Veteran Batman TV series actors lend their voices to the new ‘Batman Vs. Two-Face’ Blur-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack.

The late Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar and William Shatner, as the voice of Two-Face, deliver the “Biff! Bang! And Pows!” of the original Batman TV series in animated form.

It’s superhero kitsch magnified as the Batman and Robin witness the birth of Two-Face and in turn face-off with The Joker, The Penguin and The Riddler with the assist of Catwoman.

What is the notorious Two-Face up to and how do the arch nemesis of Batman figure into the game?

The Dynamic Duo faces one of their most baffling and dangerous cases to date.

 Tune in for the action, adventure, danger, fisticuffs and cornball crime-fighting in Warner Bros.’ latest DC Comics animated release.

‘Hole extras, Batman!  Look all the cool stuff you get with the movie!”

Several Burt Ward featurettes, a Julie Newmar lesson on inspiration and an Adam West tribute are also included.

 Utena-and-Gundam-10517.jpgThe Black Rose
Saga and Gundam Collection One

RightStuf! serves up two new Anime that are about as different from each other as you can possibly imagine.

In ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena: the Black Rose Saga 2’ Blu-ray, the adventures of Utena continues amidst love, loss, duels, deceit and political trappings.

As time passes Utena and Anthy become close-real close!

It comes as a surprise to Utena when Anthy mentions she has a brother.  Her first thought is, “What other things about Anthy that I don’t know?’

But questions must be put aside when a new group of duelists appear that wear black rose signets and talk of revolution.

Their goal is to kill Rose Bride not possess her. What are Utena and Anthy supposed to do?  What they decide might surprise viewers. 

The Blu-ray collection contains episodes 13-24 of Revolutionary Girl Utena directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara who also directed Sailor Moon, Penguindrum and Sweet Blue Flower).

Additional features include: an animated art gallery, a 1997 Utena promo and interviews with Director Kunihiko Ikuhara.

A classic returns!  The ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Collection One’ Blu-ray takes viewers back to the basics of what the Gundams are all about.

Having ravaged the Earth and overpopulated it, mankind has moved into space.  Thousands of people thrive on gigantic space colonies called Sides.

The corrupt and power-hungry Earth Government rules the colonies with an iron fist meting out unjust and cruel laws and punishments.

Having had enough of the Earth Government’s cruelty and corruption a band of Revolutionaries build five robot weapons called Gundams to use in their fight for independence.

Five young men pilot the Gundams and they hold the hopes and dreams in their hands. The fate of the colonies ride on their backs.

The first wave of attacks dubbed ‘Operation Meteor’ is set in motion.  Will it succeed or will the Earth Government crush all opposition? 

Discover the outcome in this new collection comprising episodes 1-25.  Will mankind survive or succeed in destroying itself?

man with a camera.pngMan With A Camera

Long before he became an internationally known actor Charles Bronson guest-starred in a series of TV shows in the 1950s and 1960s and bit parts in ‘B’ movies.

Decades ago Bronson was given his own starring role in a TV series.

‘Man With A Camera’ starred Bronson as a ex-military veteran cameraman whose new beat is as a New York City freelance photographer. 

If it were only that simple. 

He is determined to get capture photos of murder and crime scenes before anyone else.

Using his police contacts he manages to get himself enmeshed into many investigations, sometimes at the risk of his own life.

Both series seasons are included on a new DVD collection from Mill Creek Entertainment. 

It’s an old school TV crime drama starring an up-an-coming superstar.

Friday Night Lights, Coach and Vincent Price

As popular as professional and amateur sports (especially football) are in the United States, it should come as no surprise that TV shows about football would be popular.

Two of the classic TV shows about small town and college football are now available on DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment.

The entire five seasons of ‘Friday Night Lights’ on Blu-ray centers around the lives, loved ones, turmoil’s, victories and struggles of Dillon, Texas’s high school football team.

Experience the ups and downs of the residents of the small town as their football team mirrors the lives of small town folk of America.

It’s a true slice of Americana as presented by the Emmy wining TV series that takes viewers to the front row bleachers of the football team that represent the dreams and aspirations of common, down-home folk.

The series harkens back to times when family, friends, associates and the community pulled together despite their differences in the one thing they all had in common: football.

Get ready for powerful performances and experience true-life as it unfolds each and every episode.

For the lighter and funnier side of football be sure to pick up ‘Coach: The Complete Series’ DVD collection starring Emmy winner Craig T. Nelson.

Nelson plays Coach Hayden Fox who uses his experience and applies it to the Screaming Eagles football team of Minnesota State University.

Although a comedy the series tackles life head-on as the characters interact, squabble and ultimately play out as a family on and off the field.

Jerry Van Dyke and Shelley Fabares play Coach’s assistant and wife in this hilarious comedy that pokes fun at football while still loving the sport.

The complete nine seasons of the series are included in what some have called, ‘One of the greatest TV comedies ever!”

Considered one of forefathers of horror films, actor Vincent Price always managed to deliver a strong performance in every film he appeared in.

Famous for his horror films Vincent’s best films are included in the ‘Vincent Price Collection’ featuring five of his most horrific roles.

Join Vincent as he sends shivers up you spin in a terrifying new collection guaranteed to chill your blood.

Films include House On Haunted Hill, The Last Man On Earth, Shock, The Bat and The Jackals.

It’s Vincent Price at his spookiest in a fearful filmfest that demonstrates why he is considered one the masters of classic horror films.

wonder woman.jpgWonder Woman

Actress Gal Gadot dominates the screen as DC Comics’ Amazon princess warrior in the Warner Bros. film ‘Wonder Woman’.

World-wide receipts have topped the $800 million mark and the film has distinguished itself by being the most popular and record-breaking female director film and female action star outing.  Take heed Batman and Superman!

The film faithfully follows the Wonder Woman mythos with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

When WWI pilot Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) crash lands on the Amazon island, Princess Diana saves him from a watery fate and brings him to her mother the queen.

Most of the Amazons have never seen a man before and for good reason as mentioned in the film.

When Steve warns them that the war threatens their own island paradise the Amazons take action. Diana distinguishes herself with her warrior prowess and against her mother’s wishes travels to ‘man’s world’ to aid against the forces of darkness-especially those of a diabolical scientist.

Expertly film and acted the film is gorgeous in its scope with moody, often luscious and dismal backdrops, a compelling storyline, great characters (both good and bad), some incredible visual and practical effects and amazing stunt work.

This is the film DC Comic Book fans have dreamed about.  Kudos to Warner Bros.! 

Now you can enjoy the film in your own home watching the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack that also includes lots of fun extras: an epilogue, a director spotlight, extended scenes, a blooper reel and so much more.

Dare I say it!?  It’s a wonder!

Revolutionary Girl Utena Set 1.jpgRevolutionary Girl Utena Set 1

RightStuf!’s Revolutionary Girl Utena Set 1: The Student Council Saga Blu-ray contains episodes 1-12.

Deep in despair and troubled as a young child UTena thought that all hope was lost and her life was in shambles.

But, miraculously, a prince, smelling of rosebuds and with these words saved her from devastation, "Never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up."

Upon departure he gave her a ring and a promise that somehow, someday, the ring would lead her back to him when he is needed.

Inspired by the Prince’s compassion, kindness and presence Utena vowed right then and there to become like the Prince and help others in their times of need.

It seems her vow is about to be tested.

High-spirited and unafraid to speak her mind when the occasion warrants it, Utena finds herself in rather precarious situation as she attends the prestigious Ohtori Academy.

Her sense of honor and chivalry has placed her at odds, and in confrontation, with the rather snooty members of the school’s student council.

For reasons unbeknownst to her, her chivalry has thrust her into a series of mysterious, dangerous and puzzling duels against the council’s members.

Why the challenges and what of the other students of the Academy-one in particular?

Like many Japanese Anime Utena is not always what it appears to be on the screen.

 Subtle innuendos, references and images can lead to some rather unexpected conclusions.

Still, the series is much beloved for its stunning visual effects, strong character design and implementation and engrossing storyline that offer just enough unexpected twists and turns to keep the viewer hooked.

Included are TV promotional spots, a clean opening and closing and more.

Help get ARIA get dubbed and put out on Blu-ray via RightStuf!’s Thunderclap Kickstarter Campaign:

batmanharleyquinn.jpgBatman and Harley Quinn

Original ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ artist and producer Bruce Timm joins a few voice actor veterans of the original series, along with a few new voices, to present Warner Bros. Animation’s ‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ full-length animated movie on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital.

Reluctantly Batman and Nightwing must ask Harley Quinn to help them locate and stop her old buddy: Poison Ivey (and her new associate the Floronic Man), from taking over the planet for the plant empire.

Seems they’ve broken into S.T.A.R. Labs and stolen Doctor Alex Holland’s (Swampthing) formula and plan to use it on all animal life on Earth to turn them to plants.

It’s old home week as Batman, Nightwing and Harley Quinn team up in a wild and wacky and definitely slightly off-kilter adventure that is sure to surprise diehard Batman fans.

This ain’t your grandma’s ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ kid’s cartoon!

Get ready for plenty of laughs, surprises and unexpected twists as a ‘reformed’ Harley Quinn once more dons the tights and mask to save the day.

But knowing Harley, sanity and crime-fighting are the last things on her mind.  Once a super villain, always a super villain.

‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ is a great old-school animated film that hearkens back to the days when animation ruled late afternoon weekdays and Saturdays.  Don’t miss it.

Be sure to look for special surprise appearances.

Extras include:  featurettes, a cool Sneak Peek and classic cartoons.  A special classic Harley Quinn figure is also included in the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack.

gog2.jpgGuardians Of The
Galaxy Vol. 2

What comes in a 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray/Digital Combo Pack and packs in more fun, excitement, thrills and surprises that make your mind race, your pulse quicken and your senses overload?

That’s easy!  It’s Walt Disney’s/Marvel Studios’ blockbuster summer film starring Marvel Comics misfit band of heroes: The Guardians Of The Galaxy’ in their second film adventure.

This time around the Guardians unravel the mystery of Starlord’s father who just happens to be Ego, The Living Planet.  At first it seems like a happy reunion but like everything else the Guardians get involved with, things are not what they seem.

Follow the Guardians as they once again attempt to save the galaxy from disaster and along the way make foes allies, old friends foes, meet up with some unexpected characters that longtime Marvel Comics fans are sure to enjoy and unearth enough Easter Eggs to keep the most diehard comic book fans happy for days.

Filled with stunning digital and practical special effects, incredible live-action stunts, a killer soundtrack, interesting characters and locales and so much fun that it’s no wonder the movie was considered the number one film of the summer.

In Vol. 2 viewers get to know the Guardians a little bit better and witness the group’s dynamic change from a bunch of misfits into a true family.

Combo Pack extras include lots of cool featurettes, a gag reel, deleted scenes, a commentary, a director intro, scene and mission breakdowns and a special David Hasselhoff music video all in a special Cinematic Universe Edition.

Watch the post movie clips and discover some secrets and how the film will tie-in to the upcoming Avengers’ movies.


The Rockford Files and Miami Vice

Actor James Garner had a knack for playing likable rogues with a heart of gold and the talent for getting into trouble.

He proved it when he starred in Maverick and later in Nichols-both Westerns.

Much like his TV persona his movie character portrayals tended to follow a similar template.

That’s not to say he wasn’t a fine actor and on more than one occasion he proved his impressive range.

In the 1970s Garner was offered the starring role in a new detective series about an ex-con who becomes a private investigator, lives in a trailer on the beach and shares his domicile with his rambunctious father.

As a P.I. Jim Rockford often used his knowledge of both within the law and without to solve cases.

What made the show so unique was that Rockford shied away from violence, often took the coward’s way out, abhorred being injured and didn’t always get the girl, the money or solve a case.

The show was played for fun, tongue-in-cheek and still managed to turn out episode after episode of solid detective/crime stories that still have and affect on TV cop and detective shows today.

Mill Creek Entertainment’s ‘The Rockford Files: The Complete Series’ Blu-ray collection contains each and every episode of the award-winning series spanning 122 episodes and six seasons.

The Rockford Files was and is a true TV classic that never seems to grow old.  The episodes are as entertaining and well-crafted as the day they were first broadcast.

I can remember it as if it were yesterday.

I was working as a graphic designer at an ad agency in Florida and one evening I went home, exhausted, plopped myself down in front of the TV and began flipping through the channels.

Suddenly I spotted the opening sequence to a new cop show unlike anything I had ever seen before.

The cinematography looked better suited to the large screen, pastel colors, gorgeous exterior shots, extreme close-ups and quick edits, aided by a heart-pounding theme, caught my attention immediately.

Intrigued I sat through the first episode and that’s all it took-I was hooked.

I am talking of course about ‘Miami Vice’ the ground-breaking and trend-setting cop show that redefined the genre.

Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs were the high-fashion, over-the-top, fast-car-driving, party kings, girl magnets detectives that fought crime in all of its various forms in Miami.

The show was a high octane, in-your-face, unconventional cop show that took America by storm and set the standard for other trend-setting shows to follow.

Excellent scripts, powerful acting, impressive directing, killer costume and set design and contemporary music soundtrack all combined to make Miami Vice a hit.

Al five seasons of the ground-breaking TV series (which includes lost episodes) come courtesy of Mill creek Entertainment on Blu-ray.  Pink, teal and pastels never looked so good!

kong bluray.jpgKong: Skull Island

Finally! A King Kong movie that does justice to the misunderstood simian giant!

Kong: Skull Island from Warner Bros. available on a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Combo Set is a non-stop adventure that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with your fists clenched and your teeth grinding.

When scientists, soldiers and adventurers join together to explore the mysterious Skull Island they get more than they bargained for.

While some are simply there to explore, others have more sinister, dubious and less than honorable reasons for exploring the island-mostly for plundering its resources.

Cut off from their civilization, the explorers enter the domain of the mythical King Kong.

But the island Eden is as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Everything comes in king-size and almost all of it dangerous to humans.

Filled with spectacular visual and special effects the movie features some of Kong’s greatest fights, incredible island vistas and a storyline that will not let go of your nerves until the last moments of the film.

The Combo Set also includes some cool featurettes about the film, its crew and cast and more.

Look for commentaries, deleted scenes and the magic of creating Kong.

Get ready for King Kong as you’ve never seen him before!

F8 The Fate Of The Furious.jpgF8: The Fate Of The Furious

OK, true confession time.  I am probably one of a few people who have not seen ALL of the Fast and Furious films from Universal Studios.

I sort of turned my nose up to what I considered little more than ‘fast car’ movies.

Several of my friends and acquaintances encouraged me to watch some of the movies-but I held off until my curiosity got the best of me and I watched clips on YouTube.

Wait a minute!  Sure there are car chases, explosions, fights and all the usual action movie clichés but I started to notice some interesting things beginning with F&F #6.

They are actually well acted and directed movies with interesting characters and killer storylines.

Instead of the movies primarily concentrating on action alone there is actual coherent storylines that lead into each other as the films progress.

F8 The Fate Of The Furious is the ultimate culmination of action, adventure, Intrigue, character conflict and resolution and so much more.

Things have calmed down in the F&F world. Dom and Letty are married and the rest of the crew have gone about their exonerated lives.

When a mysterious woman somehow convinces Dom to take on a criminal mission and betray his old crew red flags immediately pop up.

What exactly is going on and can Dom be stopped?  The F&F cast of characters have a mystery and a situation on their hands and they need to solve it in their own high-speed, over-the-top and amazing way.

The new Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HS Combo Pack also includes lots of bonus features including featurettes, extended scenes and commentary.

What makes the F&F franchise so appealing is that it has evolved over the series and manages brilliantly to keep things fresh.

the origin.jpgMobile Suit Gundam The Origin Chronicle of Char and Sayla

Containing episodes 1-4, the Blu-ray ‘Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin Chronicle Of Char And Sayla’ delves into what happens when orphans Casval and Artesia take on new identities in order to be hidden from unfriendly family rivals.

As the Munzo attempts to gain independence from the Earth Federation the Zabi family takes control of Side 3 and war looks inevitable.

As the two orphans take on new identities (Char and Sayla) they reluctantly find themselves drawn into the conflict despite their best efforts.

The war escalates and powerful forces come into play with the fate of humanity teetering in the balance amidst the carnage and bloodshed.

Be there for the beginning of the war, the creation of the Gundams and the Anime/Manga classic character the Red Comet courtesy of RightStuf!

Special features include: Promos, "Chronicle of the Loum Battlefield" Preview, "On the Other Side of Space" Music Video.

Junjo Romantica, MS Igloo and Thunderbolt

Diversity-it’s a word you hear bandied about a lot these days.

To diversify means to mix things up, to offer a variety of things or options.

RightStuf! Offers diversity when it comes to its Anime Blu-ray/DVD releases.

Everything from romance to hardcore science fiction-RightStuf! offers it all.  This makes for a good reason to purchase Blu-rays and DVD Anime from RightStuf!

This time around RightStuf! offers three new Anime.

Junjo Romanitca centers on six young men.

College student: Misaki, is about a straight-laced as they come-a very studious and serious young man who pushes himself to succeed.

He has very little time for social activities-instead he concentrates on his studies.

Much to his shock his tutor (Usami) hits on him-what to do?  Misaki has never faced such a dilemma.  His world is about to be turned inside out.

Kamijou and Nowaki are polar opposites.

Kamijou is moody, gloom and doom and tends to be pessimistic.

On the other hand Kamijou appears to be happy, content and spontaneous.  But is he really?  Do they have more in common than either one will admit?

Miyagi is carefree, impulsive and a joker.

Shinobu is attracted to him almost to the point of fanaticism.  What will the ultimate outcome be between the two?  Only time will tell.

Junjo Romantica is definitely not for everyone and it touches on a subject most feel uncomfortable with  ( I know I do).  Still such Anime are common in Japan and it must be taken for what it is.

Mobile Suit Gundam MS Igloo spotlights the futility of war as two warring factions seek to outclass each other with advanced weaponry.

Both the Principality of Zeon and The Earth Federation launch new prototype super-weapons in the hopes of ending the conflict between them and bringing an end to the way which has already cost many lives and the loss of whole communities.

Who will be the victor and what will be left for the winner to claim?

New, more powerful weapons also mean more loss of life and property.

Does anyone really win in a bloody war?

The war between Zeon and Earth has escalated and expanded into space.

So fierce and devastating is the war that whole regions of space have become littered with debris and wreckage from spacecraft and planets created electrified fields of energy called Thunderbolts.

One such region: Thunderbolt Sector is especially dangerous.

Zeon and Earth forces clash as the Moore Brotherhood of Earth attempts to reclaim its homeland within the Thunderbolt Sector.

Cybernetically enhanced soldiers from both sides clash and they soon come to realize both sides are destined to perish.

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt December Sky is a new Blu-ray release as are MS Igloo and Junjo Romanitca.

Discover why RightStuf! Is a leader in Anime for home entertainment: quality films, impressive ad and product support and a wide selection of titles.


The LEGO Batman Movie.jpgThe LEGO Batman Movie

How could something so wrong be so right!?  The Dark Knight with a sense of humor?

Warner Bros. and DC Comics present ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ that successfully and hilariously translates the Dark Knight into a LEGO defender of justice. 

Congratulations to both Warner Bros. and DC for keeping the spirit of the Batman while injecting humor.

After watching ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ you’ll never look at the Caped Crusader, Robin, Batgirl, Batman’s allies and his Rogue’s Gallery the same way again.

When the Joker sets in motion events that seriously changes Gotham City Batman is forced to put aside his lone vigilante persona and adopt a more gentile and team player attitude.

Can he abandon his dark and brooding crime fighter ways and lighten up?

Oh yeah!

For some downright hilarious moments, plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor and some way out and wacky LEGO versions of characters that populate the Batman Universe, be sure to check out this heartfelt and hilarious cinema slugfest.

The Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Pack packs quit a punch with its plethora of extras such as four original animated shorts, deleted scenes and six (count ‘em six!) featurettes.

It’s Batman like you’ve never seen him before: short, made of plastic, partially articulated and hilarious-it will drive you ‘bats’

beauty and beast.jpgBeauty And The Beast

Leave it to Disney Studios.

Only Disney could take a much-loved literary classic: The Beauty And The Beast, and transform it into an animated film to a Broadway play to a live-action film!

In ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Disney has outdone itself with this much-loved classic brought beautiful to 3D life in stunning new film that combines live-action, computer animation and effects, a spectacular music score and stellar acting.

It brings Belle and the Beast to life along with their friends and foes.

It’s a classic love story that will bring a tear to the most skeptical eye.

Filled with romance, danger, intrigue, magic and music the new Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Package also comes with loads of bonus features including featurettes, a music video, deleted scenes and much, much more!

It’s ‘a tale as old as time’ and ‘more magical than ever!’

You’ll be pleasantly surprised and delighted at the incredible choreography, music, songs and acting that bring a classic tale to a whole new generation of viewers.

Superhero Girls, Wonder Woman and Vixen

Warner Bros. presents three new Blu-ray/DVD releases starring the superwomen (girls) of the DC Universe.

The ladies get to strut their stuff in an exciting trio of adventures that disprove the assumption that women are the weaker sex.  Far from it!

The newest animated stars of DC Comics Universe are the ‘DC Super Hero Girls’ starring in their very own DVD movie: Intergalactic Games.

In this exciting adventure young Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgril face off against some friendly (and not so friendly) competition in the Intergalactic Games.

A number of their rivals are some of the baddest of the bad of the DC Universe.

Can the young super heroines overcome all obstacles and win the games?  Especially when there is a far more sinister plot at hand, one that threatens both the Super Hero Girls and those inside and outside the games.

It’s hard-hitting, super heroine action as only DC Comics can deliver.

DVD extras include seven featurettes spotlighting several of the Super Hero Girls and there’s even a music video.

Speaking of super women, Wonder Woman ranks at the top if the list and as a special commemorative of the upcoming relapse of the live action Wonder Woman movie, Warner Boras. And DC Comics have re-released the spectacular animated Wonder Woman movie on a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Pack

All new features include a commentary, featurettes about the Amazon Princess and a sneak peek at the next DC Universe animated movie.

It’s Wonder Woman versus Ares The God Of War in one of the most spectacular conflicts ever seen in an animated feature film.

Fan favorite: Vixen, the animal powered super heroine, gets her very own Blu-ray/Digital HD animated movie treatment with ‘Vixen The Movie’.

African native Mari McCabe, grew up in an orphanage when her parents were killed by greedy and corrupt individuals who place profit above human or animal life.

Inheriting her family’s Anansi Totem, Mari gains the power to take on the attributes and powers of animals as she fights for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Join Mari as she uncovers her past, her powers and her purpose.

It’s non-stop action and intrigue as Mari gains the powers of animals as Vixen.

Special features explore her past and her powers and includes two episodes of her appearance in the Justice League animated series.

There are more than a few surprises, including some very special guest voice actors!


Mobile Suit Gundam and Sound Of The Sky

We all know the story.

The Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon are waging war in the Universal Century 0079.

Amuro Ray discovers a Mobile Suit (Mecha) Gundam and unwillingly becomes its pilot.

Together with his crew of the White Base he is forced to fight for their lives as the enemy masses an attack to destroy the new weapon he possesses.

Spectacular space and land battles endue, coupled with lots of inner turmoil between crew, factions and others as the heated battle between Earth and Zeon escalate with their fate cradled in the hands of NewType.

This is the Anime that started it all, complete in three movies.  Any Anime fan worth their Mecha knows the story and MUST own this Blu-ray collection compiled by RightStuf!

It’s a classic collection that personifies Japanese Anime that set the standard by which other similar Anime must aspire to.

Own it today!

The Sound Of The Sky Blu-ray collection contains all 12 episodes of series plus two bonus episodes and much, MUCH more!

The Clocktower Fortress lies on the edge of the world in No Man’s Land.

The Helvetian Army’s newest recruit: Kanata Sorami is the Platoon’s bugle player that is stationed there.

Saved as a child by a gorgeous soldier, Kanata was mesmerized by the sound of her trumpet and dedicated her life to music from that day forward.

While war and conflict rages around her she inspires her fellow soldiers to look for the beauty all about them and to strive for happiness.

Her unwavering optimism urges them on despite the ravages of war they encounter.

Sound Of The Sky is classical example of how Japanese Anime creators infuse much of their work with quiet, poignant moments, paying close attention to life’s small events taking place all about them.

Beautifully animated and directed, Sound Of The Sky is more than an Anime about war.  It is a celebration of life despite the many hurtles that are thrown in the way.


judas contractTeen Titans The Judas Contract

One of the most famous and far-reaching series within a series in DC Comics’ ‘The New Titans’ comic series, drawn by George Perez and written by Marv Wolfman was 'The Judas Contract.’

In it the New Teen Titans were betrayed by one of their won employed by Deathstroke The Destroyer.

DC Comic Book fans have clamored and begged for years for the intense mini-series to be adapted to a TV series, movie or animated feature.

Rejoice!  DC Comics and Warner Bros. have listened and they proudly present ‘Teen Titans The Judas Contract’ animated feature film via Warner Bros.’ ‘DC Universe Original Movie.’

Much has changed with The New Titans since the story was originally presented in the early 1980s.  The team’s roster has changed, the Titans have grown up and the DC Universe is much more convoluted and intertwined.

Taking some creative liberties, ‘The Judas Contract’ nonetheless follows the basic basis of the original storyline.

Many of the changes are simply cosmetic, while other changes introduce new elements to the story thus making it more relevant and coherent within the DC Universe.

That being said the heart of the story is intact and it is every bit as intense, surprising, shocking and earth-shattering as the original.

As with all DC Universe animated full-length movies ‘The Judas Contract’ in beautifully illustrated and animated and gorgeous to watch.

With its superior script, first-rate animation, killer soundtrack and state-of-the-art effects ‘The Judas Contract’ promises to be an instant classic just like its comic book namesake.

Extras included in the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Pack include several featurettes, two classic cartoons and a special Sneak Peek.

Also, a special Teen Titans three-inch figure is included with the Limited Edition Gift Set.

rogue-one-bd-combo-pack-globalStar Wars: Rogue One

It’s here!  It’s finally here!  Disney’s Star Wars: Rogue One Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Pack has arrived and it’s awesome!

‘Rogue One’ is my favorite Star Wars movie just after ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’

Unlike the previous twin trilogies, Rogue One does not feature iconic characters (albeit there are brief cameos) and takes place just before the events of ‘A New Hope.’

A ragtag group of misfits is sent to scout out the Death Star, find its weakness and return that information back to the rebels.  Sound familiar?

The film stars a ragtag bunch of rogues, among them a reprogrammed Imperial Droid, a traitor, two Jedi wannabes, a tough-as-nails pilot and a young girl whose father is the architect of the Death Star.

Together they unite to stop The Empire.  It’s a rough and tumble, gritty and realistic struggle where the thin line between the tactics of good and evil blur.

Filled with spectacular digital and physical effects, intriguing new characters, amazing ships and weapons, dastardly villains (both old and new) and a storyline that keeps you glued to your seat, Rogue One delivers on all accounts.

Included with the Combo Pack are a plethora of featurettes and much, much more.  It’s a killer of a combination that Star Wars fans will rave about.

Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS TeamMobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team

Misfits, rogues, castaways, outsiders-call them what you will but sometimes society’s outcasts may be the only hope society has to survive.

In the ‘Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team’ Blu-ray, containing episodes 1-12 of the popular Anime series, the Federation is just about to learn a valuable lesson when it sends out Commander Shiro Amada and his misfit MS Team out to stop the latest Zeon plot.

The Zeons have developed a secret project that may tip the tide of the war.

But can the MS Team arrive in time, defuse the situation and save The Federation?

Discover what happens in this brand new Anime from RightStuf!.  It’s high adventure and danger sprinkled in with a little off-kilter humor that makes for an explosive Anime classic.

Extras include promos, clips the Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team movie and much more!

fantastic beasts blurayFantastic Beasts And
Where To Find Them

Cheer up Harry Potter fans!  Harry may be gone but Warner Bros. and Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowlings are far from finished with the wizardly world of Harry Potter and his friends and foes.

Taking place several decades before the escapades of Harry and his friends, ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ takes place in the United States, specifically New York City in the 1920s.

Something is rampaging through the streets of New York causing destruction and threatening the existence of the non-magical community (No-Majs).

Whatever is causing the destruction must be stopped and the fanatical Second Salemers are hell-bent on stopping it at all costs.

To make matters worse a powerful dark wizard has disappeared in Europe at just about the same time the mysterious devastation takes place.

Unbeknownst to Newt Scamander of the current dire circumstance, Newt arrives in the United States to corral and rescue some magical creatures that have escaped from their alternate dimension, some through his nondescript suitcase.

But, when some of Newt’s creatures are accidentally(?) let loose its up to Newt and his newfound allies to gather them all up before they come to harm.  Simple, right?  Not so fast!

There are dark forces at work that threaten to upend the wizard/magic world and community resulting in war.  Will the unlikely band of heroes save the day?

Included in the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Pack from Warner Bros. are several featurettes about the making of the film, deleted scenes and more.

For a ‘magical’ tour of the pre-Harry Potter world of wizard and magic be sure to check out this visually stunning, engrossing and thrill-a-minute and imaginative film.


singSing Special Edition

When Buster Moon, a down on his luck koala, decides to put on a singing competition to drum up some business and save his old theater, he gets more than he bargained for.

This delightful computer animated film from Illumination and Universal Studios, stars a plethora of animal talent wannabees.

Five finalists belt out the tunes all voiced by famous actors and actresses.

Get ready to tap your feet, wave your arms and sing along as every genre of music is represented in this animal menagerie of talent gone wild.

Rock and Roll, Country Western, Rap-you name it, the talented troupe of animal kingdom Carusos are sure to delight you as they sing, swing and do their thing!

It’s a hilarious, hi-jinx filled, high-note hullabaloo that’s brimming with puns, fun and tons of slapstick humor.

If music fills your very soul, then Sing has a whole lot of soul to share.

Included with the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Pack are three additional Mini Movies, a music video, featurettes and much more!

collateral beauty blurayCollateral Beauty

Actor Will Smith continues to thrill and amaze moviegoers over the decades with amazing range of his acting.

One moment he can be hilariously funny and the next take on a dramatic role that will tear your heart out.

In Collateral Beauty, from Warner Bros., Will plays a despondent and devastated man who has suffered an incredible, tragic loss in his life.

His friends try to console him but he retreats and in his isolation he looks for answers. 

So distraught and shattered he begins to question life and is own existence and in a final act of despair he writes three letters to Love, Death and Time.

To his utter surprise and amazement, all three answer him!

Slowly, painfully, he begins to gather his life together and soon discovers, with the aid of Love, Death and Time that his life, and the lives of those around, him, are intermingled and ultimately lead to joy, contentment and purpose.

Collateral Beauty is a tour de force of a film helped along by the stellar cast.  Sure to be a tearjerker, the film is available on Blu-ray and includes a Special Feature: A Modern Fable.


nadesicogundamMobile Suit Gundam 0083 and Martian Successor Nadesco

Containing episodes 1-13 from the Stardust Memory storyline RightStuf!’s Blu-ray collection: Mobile Suit Gundam 0083, starts things off with a bang!

The Earth Federation has successfully triumphed in the One-Year War but has grown lazy, complacent and too sure of itself.

Complacency in time of war can be deadly; especially when your enemy is planning a new attack-in this case the Zeon forces are planning one final stand.

Zeon pilot Anavel Gato has been given the daunting task of stealing a new prototype Gundam from the Federation.  Miraculously he succeeds.

Shocked and furious that such a daring robbery occurred the Federation sends out its top Gundam ace pilot: rookie Kou Uraki and the Federation ship Albion to retrieve the stolen nuclear-equipped Gundam at all costs.

Be prepared for epic space battles, edge-of-your-seat excitement and nail-biting suspense.

Special Features include the animation shorts "the Mayfly of Space 1" and "The Mayfly of Space 2" along with Clean Openings and Japanese Promos.

In the Martian Successor Nadesico Blu-ray you’ll find all 26 episodes of the TV series and the Prince of Darkness movie across 4 Blu-rays plus an entire DVD of extras including the Gekigangar 3 OVA!

It’s bad enough that the Earth, the Moon and the Martian Colonies are under attack by a reptilian, Jovian, alien invasion, but the Earth military is woefully unprepared!

So incompetent is the Earth Military Forces that a private and independent arms manufacturer: Nergal, decides to build its own space battleship in order to launch a counter offensive against the warring aliens.

The only problem is there is a serious shortage of soldiers, especially those trained to run a space battleship, so the company resorts to using a most ‘unusual’ and ‘unorthodox’ crew of misfits.

Does the Earth, the Moon and the Martian Colonies stand a ghost of chance of surviving when this ragtag, slightly kooky and off-kilter crew of geeks, freaks, misfits and Anime fans are running the show?

It’s space opera like you’ve never seen it before: the inmates have escaped the asylum and are now running the place!  In space no one can hear you laugh!



Meet Moana-a high-spirited Polynesian teenage girl whose indomitable spirit sends her on a danger-filled and exciting adventure to save her people from starvation and extinction.

Determined to retrieve a sacred object from the demigod Maui, Moana manages to convince Maui to return it.  In return Moana agrees to help Maui retrieve his magic fishhook that he lost when he initially stole the sacred object.

Maui’s on-screen shenanigans are sure to make you laugh, gasp in astonishment and gasp in amazement.

Along the way the courageous duo meet some unusual friends and foes.  There’s plenty of magic, mystery, danger, intrigue, surprises and musical numbers to satisfy any Disney film fan.

Delightful characters, a well-thought out and orchestrated plot and absolutely stunning 3D animation, eye-popping vistas and a memorable soundtrack make Moana from Disney a sure-fire hit for the whole family.

Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Pack extras include a Maui mini-movie, a short animated film, deleted scenes, a music video, featurettes a about the making of the film and loads of other ‘extras’ are a real treat to watch.

Loads of fun, exciting and a real heart tugger, Moana is a classic.

doctor strange blurayDoctor Strange

Wow!  My head hurts—in a good way.  After watching Disney’s/Marvel Comics’ Doctor Strange movie I felt as if I stepped into an issue drawn by Doctor Strange co-creator Steve Ditko.

The visuals, character designs and overall look of the film reminded me of Ditko’s incredible work on the series back in the early 1960’s.

Throw in a little Gene Colan, Frank Brunner, Marshall Rodgers and Paul Smith art touches and you have the perfect cinematic realization of Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme in all of his psychedelic glory.

The movie follows the genesis of the character fairly faithfully with a few surprises sprinkled in for good measure.

Doctor Stephen Strange, a brilliant surgeon and egomaniac, suffers a debilitating car accident that renders his hands unable to perform surgery.

Distraught, distressed, depressed and desperate the Doctor seeks to find a cure for his hands.

Out of desperation he travels to the mystical realm of Kamar-Taj in hopes of a cure.

What he finds instead is his destiny.  After a shocking and eye-opening introduction to the realm of magic, Doctor Strange soon becomes the disciple of the Ancient One (now a woman) who tutors him in the ways of the supernatural arts.

Soon Strange finds himself in a time/dimensional altering conflict with dark forces that threaten to merge the world of magic and reality into one ruled by the dreaded (Aw, that would be telling!).

Doctor Strange the movie is tour de force of powerful acting (especially Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange), mind-altering visual effects, impressive sets, and spot-on costumes that combine to make a compelling story. 

Doctor Strange fires on all cylinders.  Diehard Doctor Strange fans are sure to love this movie as well as those who are fans of the Marvel cinematic universe.

The Bu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Pack extras include a plethora of featurettes about the making of the film, Marvel Studios Sneak Peeks and much, much more!

“By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!’  You’re sure to love this film.



The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., The Gallant Men,
Thundarr and Sugarfoot

The decades of the 1950 and 1960s hold a special place in my heart.  It was during these decades that I grew from a young boy to a young man.

While a number of people and events shaped my life TV provided a huge contribution to my maturing views on morality, honor and purpose.

While most early 1950’s TV shows tended to offer a somewhat sugarcoated, morally coherent and simple view of life along the vein of Leave It To Beaver and Father’s Knows Best, the late 1950s TV shows started to stir the pot.

Mature Westerns, Crime, Family, Medical and other shows sbegan to introduce societal problems and more ’real life’ situations.

Of course violence was relegated to innuendo, clever camera tricks and never, ever showed blood, as it would have actually appeared.  Cuts and bruises, the occasional slight bloodstain or dead body would appear, but nothing even remotely horrific.

Still the caliber of writing (for the most part) was superior and the acting (while a little over the top) was first-rate.

One TV Western that premiered at the tail end of the 1950s was Sugarfoot starring Will Hutchins as Tom Brewster (Sugarfoot) as a wandering frontier lawyer who sought after adventure and somehow always managed to find himself in the thick of things.

Possessing a real talent for being at the wrong place at the wrong time Sugarfoot managed to help the poor and defenseless, right wrongs and avoid gunplay as much as possible-all with a sense of humor.

Sugarfoot alternated every two weeks with another Warner Bros. TV Western: Cheyenne.

The entire First Season, along with the pilot episode, is included in a Warner Bros. Archive Collection.  Take a moment to see if you can spot future Western TV stars.

My friends and I were big fans of the G.I. Joe action figures and all their accessories.  We lived and breathed war and imagined ourselves as stoic WWII veterans battling the nasty Nazi and dirty Japs.

Barely 20 years after WWII various TV war series reminded everyone of the horrors of war-albeit in cleaned up versions.  There was plenty of gunplay and explosions but the true horrors of war were only alluded to and not really shown in gory detail.

The 1960s began to see a pivotal turn in American TV.  Censorship was relaxing and grittiness and realism were slowly being injected into TV series. 

While nothing like today’s plethora of violent, overly sexual and morally questionable TV fare, the 1960s TV drama series began to view life as it was, with doses of censorship.

I loved watching War TV series.  Among my favorites were Combat, Twelve O’clock High, The Rat Patrol and ABC’s The Gallant Men.

Set during WWII The Gallant Men offered a unique perspective of the war. Narrated by a war correspondent, the TV shown the war as seen through the eyes of combat, ground troops and the many dangers, trials and decisions they experienced everyday. 

Often depicting soldiers as weary, dirty, afraid, perplexed and homesick the series spotlighted ordinary Joes who only wanted to finish their mission and go home.

Centered on the war in Italy, The Gallant Men entire series only lasted one season at 26 episodes, but its groundbreaking story-telling technique would influence other TV series for decades to come.

Like Combat TV series I loved Spy series.  My favorites included The Blue Light, Mission: Impossible, I Spy, The Wild, Wild West and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

When the The Man From U.N.C.L.E. became popular it was only natural that a spin-off TV series would be created.

Lasting only one season The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. starred Stephanie Powers as April Dancer, the super-slick, sophisticated and sexy spy from U.N.C.L.E.  Along with her male partner Mark Slate (played by actor Rex Harrison’s son Noel Harrison) traveled the globe thwarting dastardly deeds mostly initiated by U.N.C.L.E.’s nemesis THRUSH.

Played as tongue-in-cheek, the series failed to garner the fan base of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. but as the years progressed it became a cult classic.

All 29 episodes are included in Part One and Two of The Complete Series.

The TV series is pure camp with heavy doses of sixties sensibilities including fashion, transport, hairstyles and the like.

When legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby became fed up with both Marvel and DC Comics he opted to return to animation, where he originally got his start at the Fleisher Studios.

At the time leather and fur clad barbarians with big swords were popular at the movies and in literature.

Capitalizing on that trend Kirby helped create the characters and concept behind the animated Saturday morning TV series: Thundarr The Barbarian.

Warner Bros. presents The Complete Series on 4 discs as part of its Hanna-Barbera Classic Collection.

Taking place almost a thousand years after the Earth and the Moon are nearly destroyed by a passing planet, the story finds Thundarr and his compatriots traveling the globe serving up justice via muscle, sword and sorcery.

Cutting edge at the time, Thundarr The Barbarian was a step above most Saturday morning cartoon fodder and is considered a classic by cartoon fans.

The Entire Series of 21 episodes is included on the DVD set that redefined what TV animation could aspire to.