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Suicide Squad Hell-To-Pay.jpgSuicide Squad Hell-To-Pay

What has Harley Quinn and a batch of bad guys who have a lot of bad attitude?  Why, the Suicide Squad (Task Force X) of course.

DC Comics’ resident villains who are forced to do good deeds are back and they’re meaner, leaner and more violent and ruthless than ever.

This go around Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and Killer Frost are joined by newcomers Copperhead and Bronze Tiger in daring new assignment to steal a priceless and powerful mystical artifact that will test their nerves, ferocity and cunning like no other assignment before.

It’s cross, double-cross and triple-cross as the Squad encounters Vandal Savage, an alternate timeline bad guy, a free ticket out of Hell and seriously dysfunctional family cross-country RV road trip.

The puns, off-kilter humor and hilarious one-liners serve to lighten up the R-rated film that never lets up on the violence or its consequences.

Amanda Waller is around to make sure the Squad keeps on track during a raging road trip that means life of death.

Nobody even comes close to the action-packed, edge-of-your-seat, full-length animated adventures created by DC Comics and Warner Bros.

In my opinion some of the best DC Comics stories come from DC’s animated movies.  Suicide Squad Hell-To-Pay ranks up there as one of DC’s best.

The 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray/Digital Combo Pack contains lots of extras such featurettes, a special sneak peek and much more.  Don’t miss it!

paddington 2.jpgPaddington 2

He’s back!   That lovable, fuzzy ball of sweetness and charm: Paddington the bear is back.

Paddington returns in an all-new live action/computer animated film courtesy of Warner Bros., featuring most of the original first film’s cast.

Crank up the cuteness and family fun as Paddington sets his heart on buying a very special gift for his aunt’s 100th birthday.

He takes on a series of odd jobs (you know what happens) and is all set to buy his Aunt’s gift.

But tragedy strikes as the object is stolen.  That’s leaves it up to Paddington and human family and friends to find the culprit responsible.

There’s plenty of humor, heart-felt moments, action and adventure as only Paddington can deliver them. 

Don’t miss this family-friendly film that will touch your heart and make you wish you had a friend like Paddington.

Blu-ray/DVD/Digital extras include lots of featurettes, commentary and more.

justice league.jpegJustice League

I am super-excited!  Due to family and health problems I was not able to watch the Warner Bros./DC Comics Justice League movie when it came to theaters.

It was tough.  But, now that the
Justice League movie is out on a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack I’ve finally got to see my favorite group of super-heroes at their finest.

Where else can you see classic DC heroes joined together to fiht a common enemy?  Other than the DC Comics TV shows.

When dark forces (and Para-demons) start manifesting themselves on Earth Bruce Wayne (Batman) takes notice.  Wonder Woman joins him in an effort to muster up other ‘heroes’ to stop the threat.

At first the attempt is a little shaky but soon a coherent team is formed-minus the deceased Superman.  Don’t worry he shows up later.

Together the new Justice League takes on the movie’s bad guy: Steppenwolf and his Para-demons. 

Steppenwolf is attempting to obtain three Mother Boxes (sentient computers) from Atlantis, the Amazon island and mankind, to bring about the destruction of Earth and its transformation into a fiery new world for his master Darkseid.

DC fans should recognize the bad guys taken directly from artist/writer Jack Kirby’s Fourth World series which has become the foundation for the DC Comics Universe.

Watching Justice League is like witnessing the comic books come to life.  There’s humor, pathos, action, incredible fight scenes, spectacular visual and practical effects and so many DC Comics Easter Eggs fans will be talking about the film for years.

The Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack also includes lots of extras like featurettes and much, much more!  As a longtime DC Comics fan I absolutely love this movie. 

I can’t wait for the sequel, the Aquaman and Flash movies and the second Wonder Woman movie.  DC Comics is here and the movie world will never be the same!


Crossbow, 9 Lives and American Sniper

We’ve all heard or read of the legend of William Tell.  The story goes that William shot an apple off his son’s head.  Legend also tells of William’s heroism, integrity and love for his country: Switzerland.

So much so that he became its champion and fought for the rights and freedom of his people against Tyrannical governor Gessler who wanted nothing more than Tell’s death and control of Switzerland, its wealth and people.

Join William Tell, his son and members of the rebellion as they fight for their fatherland in Mill Creek Entertainment’s DVD/Digital Crossbow the Legend Of William Tell The Complete Series.

Discover the true legend of William Tell and join the resistance!

You know them by name: Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Samuel L, Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Bill Paxton, Rutger Hauer, Chuck Norris and Jan-Michael Vincent-the baddest of the bad good guys.

Join them in Mill Creek’s Blu-ray 9 Lives Movie Collection as they battle the bad guys, save the world and dish out their own form of justice-with a vengeance.

Here’s what you get: S.W.A.T., Stealth, Vertical Limit, Universal Soldier: The Return, Last Action Hero, Blind Fury, Silent Rage, White Line Fever and Into The Sun.

No matter how you serve it-justice and vengeance are cold, calculated and guaranteed if these guys have anything to say about it.

It’s all-out action, plenty of fists and feet flying, weapons fired and plenty of adrenalin charged mayhem!

Several years ago I met a young man who was the former student of a fellow teacher. 

Talking to the young man I discovered he was a U.S. Marine Sniper.  The stories he told me both frightened and fascinated me.

I grew to respect the young man and appreciated the sacrifice he made and danger he faced.

In the Legend Of The American Sniper Blu-ray/Digital collection viewers are taken on a time travel trip to the genesis of the American Sniper and travel through the centuries to today’s highly-trained, ultra-sophisticated and outstanding brotherhood of American Snipers.

Learn how these very special soldiers operate, the weapons they use and the intense training they are required to perform.  It’s a wonderful homage to unsung freedom fighting heroes. 

martin lewis.pngDean Martin & Jerry Lewis Collection

There have been some very successful movie/radio/TV comedy teams before but none so outrageous, unpredictable and funny as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Surprisingly the team almost did not come to fruition.

The legend goes that one night Dean Martin was performing in a nightclub.  Smooth, polished and sophisticated and a member of the burgeoning troupe of male vocalists fashioned after Frank Sinatra, Dean’s career was solid but not necessarily outstanding.

At that same club (or entertainment venue) Jerry Lewis was struggling to make it as a stand-up comedian.

Somehow the duo met, the chemistry worked and soon Jerry’s slapstick and over-the-top comedic shenanigans and Dean’s smooth-as-silk straight man persona meshed and...success!

The duo would soon go on to guest star on various variety shows, host their own TV program, perform all over the globe, dominate radio and star in a string of movies.

But, the magic would not last forever and after a stormy professional head-butting the duo split and went their separate ways.

Mill Creek Entertainment has compiled a six-disc collection of the best-of-the-best of Dean’s and Jerry’s movie hits along with a special celebration of their award-winning and hilarious ‘The Colgate Comedy Hour’ appearances guest-starring an all-star cast of performers among them Frank Sinatra, Jack Benny, Rosemary Clooney and many more.

They may be gone now but the Martin and Lewis comedy team will never be forgotten and never duplicated.

batman gaslight.jpgBatman Gotham By Gaslight

Adapted from the award-winning DC Comics’ Elseworld one-shot, Warner Bros.’ Batman Gotham By Gaslight full-length, animated film pits Batman against Jack The Ripper.

Imagine the Dark Knight existing during the dark and dingy Victorian Era.

Millionaire and industrialist Bruce Wayne sponsors a World’s Fair only to have the festivities haunted by the deaths of several women by the mysterious Jack The Ripper.

Bruce dons his alter ego garb as Batman to track down the killer.  Like his modern version Bruce’s parents were killed in front of his eyes when he was a young child and he has dedicated himself to fighting crime ever since.

Meanwhile actress Selina Kyle (better known as Catwoman) defends women in the seedier part of town.  She sets herself to be the bait for the killer only to be outwitted and almost overcome.  If not for the timely arrival of Batman, she would have been another Ripper victim.

Bruce Wayne/Batman forms an uneasy alliance with Selina and along the way they get assistance from Harvey Dent (Two-face) and Police Commissioner Gordon.

Other notable Batman supporting cast members make their appearances such as Alfred the butler, Hugo Strange and Barbara Gordon.  Arkham Asylum exists as does Blackgate Penitentiary.

Look for lots of Steampunk inventions, a truly unexpected twist and lots of dark and mysterious people and places.

Warner Bros. Animation has done an outstanding job of adapting the one-shot to an animated feature.  Excellent direction and voice acting, moody music and spectacular effects all combine to make Batman Gotham By gaslight an animated classic.

The 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray/Digital Combo Pack also includes commentaries, sneak peeks, bonus cartoons and more.

Lucille Ball, Sliders and King Tut’s Tomb

lucille ball.jpgThe first lady of comedy: Lucille Ball, is honored by Mill Creek Entertainment with her very own Hollywood Profiles DVD Collection.

The Lucille Ball Collection pays tribute to America’s redhead with four feature films starring Lucille Ball, 10 famous episodes of her TV show, two commentaries tracking the star’s career and several commercials she produced.

Anyway you look at it it is a Lucille Ball fun fest that showcases her incredible talent, comic-timing a talent for slapstick.

King Tut, we’ve all heard the name.  The child King of ancient Egypt has held the imagination of humanity ever since the discovery of his tomb in the early 20th Century.

But who was he?  How did he die?  Why of all the Pharaohs of Egypt did his tomb survive sacking by tomb robbers?

king tut.jpgJoin Archaeologists Danny Fremont and Morgan Sinclair as they unearth the secret behind the legend of King Tut in The Curse Of King Tut’s Tomb.

As they search for the legendary Emerald Eye of King Tut they stumble across a portal to another world and with that they discover something that can change the world forever or end mankind.

Join the adventure in this collection of the complete mini-series from the same creative team behind The Librarians.


sliders.pngImagine creating a device that lets you travel from one alternate universe to another.

Join an adventurous gang of explorers as they jump from one alternate Earth to the next in a desperate attempt to return home to their own reality.

All 87 episodes of the exciting Sliders TV series are included in this collection.

Relive the excitement of the ground-breaking series that fires the imagination and depicts alternate Earths where anything is possible.



The weather: unpredictable, ever-changing and sometimes deadly.  The Earth has seen its fair share of disastrous weather in the last 20 plus years. 

There are varying opinions why: natural climate changes, man-made climate changes, shifts in the Earth’s magnetic poles and an increase of Sun flares-the list is long and no one is quite sure what is happening.

What if mankind learned to harness the weather and control it.? Imagine being able to stop hurricanes, encourage rainfall, curb cold or hot climates and the like.

Just think of the possibilities: world-wide hunger would be wiped out, airborne and land-bound pollution could be monitored and controlled and the standard of living would increase dramatically for people from all over the world.

Warner Bros.' Geostorm Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack imagines a world where leaders around the globe pool their resources and create an intricate network of satellites to monitor and control the climate.

But, something goes wrong.  Suddenly the system meant to benefit mankind becomes its worst enemy.

The system spirals out of control and as a result the weather intensifies to a point where mankind itself it threatened to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Is it a glitch in the system or something more sinister?

Geostrom follows the attempt by a stalwart group of scientists, astronauts and government officials to stop the threat and save mankind.

Geostorm is eye-popping cornucopia of visual effects, spectacular stunts and amazing action.

Extras include featurettes about making the film and more.

Blade Runner 2049.jpgBlade Runner 2049

Finally!  After nearly four decades the long-awaited sequel to director Ridley Scott’s science fiction, cult classic Blade Runner film is continued in a brand new film: Blade Runner 2049.

The film stars Ryan Gosling as K, a Replicant LAPD Officer who unearths a secret involving the Replicants.  It seems one of the long-dead female Replicants was able to have a child.  Such knowledge jeopardizes the human/Replicant status quo and must be eliminated.

As part of his investigation he tracks down former Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford reprises his role from the original film) and together they unravel the hidden secret agenda that threatens mankind as they know it.

Along the way they encounter corporate greed, an assassin, a Replicant underground movement and more.

Filled with spectacular practical and special effects the film successfully follows the classic first film with a brilliant script, first-rate acting and a plethora of twists, turns and surprises that are guaranteed to satisfy sci-fi film fanatics and Blade Runner fans.

Beautifully filmed with eye-popping sets and effects Blade Runner 2049 is as good, if not better than the original film, courtesy of Warner Bros. Blu-ray/DVD/Digital extras include several featurettes about the film, prologues and much more.

The future is now and Blade Runner 2049 offers a chilling glimpse at technology gone wild.


IT, one mention of that word and Stephen King and horror fans suddenly experience shivers going up and down their spins.  Anyone who is scared of clowns had best not watch this movie, not unless they want to experience mental trauma.

Warner Bros. presents the big screen adaptation of one of Stephen King’s scariest novels.  IT is here and no one is safe!

The movie follows the escapades and slow descent into madness of a young group of kids who battle and ancient terror that has haunte4d their small town for years.

IT, disguised as Pennywise The Dancing Clown makes an appearance ever couple of decades or so and people start disappearing.

When one of their own suddenly turns up missing the intrepid troupe of youngsters sets out to discover what happened to him.

Before too long they wish they hadn’t as they come face-to-face with Pennywise who feeds on their fears and threatens to destroy them and their town.

The film slowly, painfully builds to a climatic horrifying conclusion-but is it really?

IT is guaranteed to scare, horrify and pull viewers in with its suspense, incredible visual effects and pulse-pounding soundtrack that feeds the feat.

The young actors are phenomenal as is Bill Scarsgard as Pennywise.

The Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo also includes some scary extras such as behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted scenes and much more horrific extras.

It’s never been so much fun to be scared.

America’s Treasures and The Durango Kid

americas treasures.pngI’ve had the good fortune over my 65 years to have traveled across our great United States of America.

From West Coast to East Coast, North to South, California to Maine and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Florida’s Key West, the United States is a beautiful country, filled with many wonders including our national treasures.

Mill Creek Entertainment invites viewers to come along as it travels the states and visits famous historical, natural and monumental sights from the Empire State Building to Mount Rushmore.

Along the way viewers see and experience some of the most stunning landscapes from mountains to ocean shores and everything in-between.

Travel along and enjoy this very special 12-part documentary series presented on DVD and Digital.  American truly is beautiful, as are its people.

durango.pngDo you hanker for the days when movie Westerns stood for something?  When morals and honesty were traits to be proud of and good guys wore white hats and bad guys black hats?

Are you ready to experience the good old days of Westerns when men were strong, women were beautiful, the wide open spaces beckoned and law and order inevitably won out over crime?

Well partner, then get ready for 10 Western Classics starring Charles Starrett as The Durango Kid, the gun-slinging cowboy who fought for truth, justice and honor.

Starrett reigned as the king of B-movie Westerns in over 130 films mostly as The Durango Kid.

Join Durango and his sidekick Smiley as they tangle with some looters, rustlers, claim-jumpers and other Old West undesirables.

It’s good, clean Western fun with plenty of fisticuffs, barroom brawls, horses, henchmen and fair-haired Western woman.  Yee-hah!

Both America’s Treasures and The Durango Kid Collection come on DVD.

ninjaco.jpgThe LEGO Ninjago Movie

I haven’t had this much fun watching martial arts since Jackie Chan burst onto the movie scene.

Who would have thought that kicking, jumping, fighting and brandishing weapons could be funny?

Well, they are, in Warner Bros.’ new computer animated film: The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

Get your ninja on as you join an all-star voice cast as Green Ninja, his secret warrior friends and his wise-cracking ninja master: Master Wo (voiced by Jackie Chan) take on the evil warlord Garmadon and his dastardly martial arts bad guys in one hilarious funfest based on the Ninjago line of LEGO figures and building sets.

The Warner Bros, Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack delivers a one-two punch of fun, fighting, fantasy and feats of fantastic foes and friends as they battle it out to save the city.

Get ready to giggle, laugh and guffaw as the puns fly as fast as the feet and fists.

Also included are featurettes, mini-movies, a sneak peek and a music video.


Writer/director Christopher Nolan (the Batman Trilogy, Interstellar, and Inception) delivers a tour de force with his new movie from Warner Bros.: Dunkirk.

The movie recounts a pivotal moment during WWII when British and Allied Troops are trapped by the AXIS forces with no way to escape.  Relentless bombed and strafed with enemy fire all seems lost until a flotilla, manned by British citizens and military brave the English Channel and rescue the soldiers.

The film realistically portrays the horrendous loss of life, remarkable courage and fortitude of military and civilian personnel who risked their own lives in a valiant attempt to save as many lives as possible.

The action and suspense are intense as the film methodically and relentlessly portrays the lives of both the soldier, civilians and the enemy forces as real people caught up in the heat of battle.

The Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo also features a number of extras including featurettes about the battle and the making of the film and much, much more.

Discover how 400,000 men couldn’t get home, so home came for them.

Ninja Nonsense Blu-ray.jpgNinja Nonsense

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any sillier along comes RightStuf!’s ‘Ninja Nonsense’ Blu-ray!

What do you do when your ninja master is a bright yellow, lecherous ball who wants you to go on a mission to steal local high school girls’ panties?

That’s the dilemma facing ninja in-training Shinobu-who just happens to be a knockout herself.

Despite her best efforts she fails and in the process comes face-to-face with hot-tempered Kaede who is one of the schoolgirls.

The two manage to hit it off and before they know it they team up to go on equally lecherous, dangerous, hilarious and downright bizarre adventures with Onsokumaru (Shinobu’s master) and his ninja clan.

Ninja Nonsense is Japanese Anime humor at its best with hilarious hi-jinx, a stellar cast of crazy characters and some serious ninja action.  Oh, and throw in a little romance and tears for good measure.

Extras include: Liner Notes, Clean Openings and Closing, TV Spots, Art Gallery, Kuru-Kuru Rin (Closing) Full Size.

‘The Complete Hogan’s Heroes Kommandant's Kollection’.jpgHogan’s Heroes

Back in the 1960s crooner Bing Crosby headed a film and TV show development company.  One of his TV series pitches involved Prisoners Of War in a Nazi POW camp.

Sounds reasonable-right?  After all the end of World War II ended barely 20 years previously and citizens and veterans who were alive during the war years still remembered the Nazi’s atrocities.

What better way to depict the horrors of war than with a TV series about the war? War TV series were popular at the time with series such as Combat and Twelve O-Clock High.

The only problem is, the TV series was a comedy set in a POW camp!

The immediate out roar over the series was deafening and even before the show aired it almost got canceled.

Fortunately the show never played down the war; it simply shied away from the atrocities since the story was in a POW camp-not a concentration camp.

Hogan’s Heroes went on to become a popular TV series.  Most WWII veterans liked it.

CBS/Paramount’s ‘The Complete Hogan’s Heroes Kommandant's Kollection’ contains all six seasons of the comedy series starring Bob Crane as Colonel Robert Hogan, the commander of an undercover, covert team of Allied spies stationed at a POW camp who thwarted the Nazis on every turn.

Commandeered by the incompetent Colonel Klink who was assisted by the bumbling Sergeant Schultz, unwittingly housed the spies in his camp that he boasted as never having been escaped from.

Hogan’s Heroes was one of my favorite comedy TV series.  I especially liked Sergeant Schultz whose catchphrases ‘I know nothing.’ and ‘Colonel Hogan!” never failed to bring a smile to my face.

The 27-disc collection contains all the TV series episodes and some very special extras including the original pilot, interviews, behind-the-scenes shenanigans, a MAD parody, several featurettes, home movies, bloopers, commercials, commentaries and so much more.

It’s the comedy that went to war…and won!

Horror, Fantasy and NYUKS

Say what you will but the gore-fest, blood and guts, gross-out horror films of today pale in comparison to the classic horror films of yesteryear. 

Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and horror actors and actresses that appeared on movie screen in years past were the best.

Sure there was some blood and gore-but it was at a minimum and was usually seen briefly.

What made classic horror films so good is what they didn’t show.  They left it up to the viewers’ imaginations-now that’s scary!

Mill Creek Entertainment presents its ‘Horror Hall OF Fame’ comprised of five disc collections containing 26 classic horror films.

The ‘Classic Horror Collection’ contains four frightening tales sure to chill your blood. From a nuclear holocaust to maniacs and mad doctors this collection covers the entire horror genre.

The ‘Hammer Film Collection Volume One and Two’ contains the best of the best of the British horror film catalog starring such notables as Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. 

Discover why Hammer Films became the preeminent horror film-making studio in the world for the better part of three decades.

Both Boris Karloff and Vincent Price have their own film collections.  Both actors live up to their reputations as masters of horror. 

It’s a bone-chilling joy to watch these masters of murder, mayhem and deeds most foul perform their cinematic classics.

Fantasy films have always been popular-more so even today. 

Five first-rate fantasy films are presented in Mill Creek Entertainment’s ‘Epic Fantasy Collection’.

The Wizard of Oz gets set on its literary ear with ‘Tin Man’ a modern retelling of the classic tale.

Fantasy, imagination and worlds of adventure await in ‘The Tenth Kingdom’ where nothing is impossible.

‘The Odyssey’ is a classic Greek tale of one man’s quest to save his kingdom, his family and himself.  Join Odysseus as he journeys home to his kingdom while he search for treasures and riches far more precious than gold.

Where would King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table be without ‘Merlin’? 

Sam Neill plays the crafty and clever wizard in a tale of Old Magic versus New Magic.  Which will he choose?

‘Gulliver’s Travel’s was one of my all-time favorite books growing up.  I loved the original film and animated feature.  And the new version starring Ted Danson is a worthy heir to the story.

Travel with Gulliver as he encounters some of the most wondrous and dangerous friends and foes imaginable.

When I was younger I used to rush home from school to catch the after school showing of the classic Three Stooges film shorts.  Curley was my favorite but I soon came to love ALL of the Three Stooges and their wacky, clap-in-the-face adventures.

The Three Stooges' roster changed over the years but their humor was timeless.

In ‘The Three Stooges Big Box OF NYUKS’ Three Stooges fans are in for a big treat.

Included in the10-Disc Set are classic shorts, cartoons, all of the Stooges’ films, a special featurette by Moe’s son, a slideshow, TV appearances and much more. 

It’s the ultimate Stooge-fest.  Will you like it?  ‘Certainly!”

The New Frontier and Batman Vs. Two-Face

One of my all-time DC Comics’ graphic novel mini-series was written and drawn by the late Darwyn Cooke.

Warner Bros. presents the ‘Justice League The New Frontier Commemorative Edition’ just in time for the new Justice league movie.

The Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack includes the previously released animated adaptation and a whole lot of new extras.

The story involves the introduction of the Justice League and its members in their first adventure straight out of the Silver Age of comic books.

Darwyn Cooke had the uncanny ability to embody the story with a nostalgic 1950s/1960s’ feel complemented by a contemporary story structure.  I encourage you to seek out the mini-series and give it a read and then watch the animated version. 

Both are wonderful examples of their respective genres.

Included with the Combo Pack are special commemorative extras such as a look at the career and life of Darwyn Cooke, a Justice League history featurette, an examination at the villains who fought the Justice League, an homage to The New Frontier, a commentary and a special sneak peek at an upcoming DC animated film.

“Holy nostalgia, Batman!”

Veteran Batman TV series actors lend their voices to the new ‘Batman Vs. Two-Face’ Blur-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack.

The late Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar and William Shatner, as the voice of Two-Face, deliver the “Biff! Bang! And Pows!” of the original Batman TV series in animated form.

It’s superhero kitsch magnified as the Batman and Robin witness the birth of Two-Face and in turn face-off with The Joker, The Penguin and The Riddler with the assist of Catwoman.

What is the notorious Two-Face up to and how do the arch nemesis of Batman figure into the game?

The Dynamic Duo faces one of their most baffling and dangerous cases to date.

 Tune in for the action, adventure, danger, fisticuffs and cornball crime-fighting in Warner Bros.’ latest DC Comics animated release.

‘Hole extras, Batman!  Look all the cool stuff you get with the movie!”

Several Burt Ward featurettes, a Julie Newmar lesson on inspiration and an Adam West tribute are also included.

 Utena-and-Gundam-10517.jpgThe Black Rose
Saga and Gundam Collection One

RightStuf! serves up two new Anime that are about as different from each other as you can possibly imagine.

In ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena: the Black Rose Saga 2’ Blu-ray, the adventures of Utena continues amidst love, loss, duels, deceit and political trappings.

As time passes Utena and Anthy become close-real close!

It comes as a surprise to Utena when Anthy mentions she has a brother.  Her first thought is, “What other things about Anthy that I don’t know?’

But questions must be put aside when a new group of duelists appear that wear black rose signets and talk of revolution.

Their goal is to kill Rose Bride not possess her. What are Utena and Anthy supposed to do?  What they decide might surprise viewers. 

The Blu-ray collection contains episodes 13-24 of Revolutionary Girl Utena directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara who also directed Sailor Moon, Penguindrum and Sweet Blue Flower).

Additional features include: an animated art gallery, a 1997 Utena promo and interviews with Director Kunihiko Ikuhara.

A classic returns!  The ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Collection One’ Blu-ray takes viewers back to the basics of what the Gundams are all about.

Having ravaged the Earth and overpopulated it, mankind has moved into space.  Thousands of people thrive on gigantic space colonies called Sides.

The corrupt and power-hungry Earth Government rules the colonies with an iron fist meting out unjust and cruel laws and punishments.

Having had enough of the Earth Government’s cruelty and corruption a band of Revolutionaries build five robot weapons called Gundams to use in their fight for independence.

Five young men pilot the Gundams and they hold the hopes and dreams in their hands. The fate of the colonies ride on their backs.

The first wave of attacks dubbed ‘Operation Meteor’ is set in motion.  Will it succeed or will the Earth Government crush all opposition? 

Discover the outcome in this new collection comprising episodes 1-25.  Will mankind survive or succeed in destroying itself?